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Assaulted And Harassed

Assaulted And Harassed

While at the grocery store earlier today, we ran into a guy who assaulted me a few years ago at a business we owned. We didn’t talk to him, but he yelled out to my husband like he does every time he sees us. It reflects the tendency amongst those men who view women as objects to do as they please. When it happened, my husband didn’t realize how much the guy hurt me. He thought he was just being overly rough when “patting me on the back”.

I disabused him of that notion after the guy left. I still had red marks on my back, and my husband couldn’t believe what he was seeing. He was in shock that the guy would have done this to me. He told the guy before he knew the extent of what he did that he needed to be careful with me because of my rheumatoid arthritis. But after the guy left, I told him in greater detail what happened, and he realized he made a huge mistake. We should have contacted the police. Simple as that. But neither of us could believe what the guy did, so I did nothing further.

My husband was unloading the guy’s bike from his pickup truck. He was focused on what he was doing and I was out there with the work order to take down mileage from the bike. The next thing I knew, I felt a hand smack me on the back, hard, pushing me forward, knocking me off-balance. When I regained my balance, I turned around to see the asshole looking at me as if defying me to say something. I know this man’s family. I’ve been to his home. My husband was the only other person who had ever ridden his bike. He had been his mechanic for nearly twenty years.

I immediately yelled at him, what are you doing? Why did you do that? That hurt! Oh my god! Don’t ever do that again!

I turned to look at my husband to see if he heard what was going on, but he was still unloading the bike from the truck. The second I turned to my husband, I felt another hit to my back. He had struck me a second time. I began to cry and said, oh my god. I ran into the building to wait for my husband and to get away from this man who I had known for years, confused and in tears.

When Jerry spoke to him about what he did, he said he didn’t feel that he did anything wrong. But the look on his face after the second time he hit me told the entire story. He assaulted me. I don’t know why he did this. Maybe it was the comments I had made to him on another occasion about young biker girls who wear Property of on their leather vests or coats. He didn’t like what I said about it so maybe he was trying to get me in line.

He clearly doesn’t know me as well as he thinks he does and we never worked for him again.

You’re in a weird place when you own a business. You don’t want to do things that upset your customers, but when someone assaults you, you really owe it to yourself to follow through with something more than a glorified, no no irrespective of the fallout. Then maybe you can go to the grocery store without having a panic attack or in fear of another assault. He forced a hug on my husband at the same store during Christmas a couple of years ago. He looked over at me while he did it, again as if defying or challenging me to do or say something. And every time he tries to talk to us it only brings up the memory of that experience.

At some point, my husband is going to have to take him aside and tell him to leave us alone and to not speak to us anymore, or we’re going to have to change when we go grocery shopping. It’s sad that the guy forces the issue because it means that I’m as expendable today as I was the day he assaulted me in our parking lot.

We’re retired now. And he’s one of the reasons.


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In Gratitude For Jerry

In Gratitude For Jerry

It began with the pressure dropping on March 27th and ultimately we found out that our water association’s well pump was failing. We have black sand underground in our area and sometimes that sand moves and wells that did fine before suddenly begin plugging up. We believe that’s what happened to our well. The perforations in the pipe probably became plugged up and the pump began pumping fine sand. So we put a new pump in the well in hopes that this would solve the problem. My husband Jerry, who has been our system operator for the last thirty years, didn’t believe that it would, but he kept a good thought anyway. This was about 5 weeks into the process and after the new pump went in, the well began pumping even less water, at times only 7 gallons per minute, other times at 25 gallons per minute, so it’s never been consistent since the pressure began dropping.

Jerry found that if the water in our 25,000-gallon cistern fell below half, then it would be difficult to get it to recover so he decided to imitate a process called developing the well which is essentially what drillers to do get the water flowing. Every half hour he would turn the pump off and then a half hour later back on to try to stimulate the water to flow. Amazingly enough, it worked although not consistently. So for the last two of the three months he’s been dealing with all of this, he’s been out at the well every half hour on most days. Occasionally he’s been able to go an hour or two if the cistern is relatively full, but then the flow unexpectedly changes and he’s back to his every half hour adjustment. But it did seem as if he got that sand to move a bit so that it wasn’t moving through the pump anymore.

Last Thursday, the drillers finally came and began drilling our well, finishing up on Friday. We have more paperwork to submit to the state and then the pump can be transferred over to the new well, but in the meantime, the drilling disturbed the area enough that the old well is plugging again and at times, the water flow is little more than a dribble. So, we’re on water restrictions again. We each have five acres with some of it lawns and gardens, but the rest is pasture. Although we each have flood irrigation for our pastures, horses and the like still need fresh water and they drink a ton of it. So to be on water restrictions is difficult for all of us.

And then last night Jerry had to shut the water off to the homes until this morning. The water was down to about a third of the cistern and that’s not enough to get us safely through the day. We can’t have water hauled in until Monday and we need time for the cistern to try to recover without anything going out to the homes. And after filling all night long, it was only up to half this morning. So we’ll continue to conserve until this is done.

We’ll be begging the state on Monday to expedite our paperwork so that we can get the pump transferred over. We didn’t know about this additional paperwork or we would have had it submitted long before now. With luck, they’ll sympathize with our plight and let us install the pump sooner than later. This has been so expensive as it is and our funds aren’t endless and $350 only buys us 16,000 gallons of water, not enough to even fill the cistern and if Jerry can get the water to stabilize today the way he did before the drillers disturbed the ground, then we may not need other water hauled in, but at this point, it’s not looking promising.

The gratitude I feel for my husband is endless. I know what he’s done for us over the last thirty years to keep our costs down and the water flowing because I was secretary of our association for seventeen years so I know the money he’s saved us. When we moved here in 1981, we were told of our responsibilities on the second day we were here. He was to help with maintenance and repairs. The only people who weren’t expected to help were seniors, disabled people and women living alone, except the women were expected to go to town to retrieve things. What those things were, I never knew. But we all helped out. Work parties would locate leaks on the mainline as well as on the various properties and together we would make repairs. Jerry and the guys would get together and rotate the external pumps to take in for service. It saved us a ton of money over the years and it fostered a sense of community among the owners in the water association. We were in this together.

And then we weren’t. And we haven’t been together in this for a very long time.

It’s been a difficult three months. He’s had zero help and he’s tired and feels more used now than he’s ever felt in his life. We’re about to become grandparents for the very first time. It can happen any day now. We’d like to be focusing on that and all the things we need to do around our property. Some of the pressure is off because the new well is completed and the guy who drilled it happens to be the best driller around. In fact, this is the same driller who drilled our community well some forty years ago. Jerry worked with him when we first moved to the area as his drilling assistant and learned so much from him so it was like old home week when his former co-worker showed up to drill our well. It was the first day I’ve really seen Jerry smile since all of this began.

The good news is that our well is now at 288 feet instead of at 230, and no black sand came through when they drilled. We have 40 feet of perforated pipe at the bottom and 82 feet of water to place the pump in. And the best part? When we start getting water from the new well, it will be pumping anywhere from 60 to 100 gallons per minute, more than enough to sustain 14 homes. The drilling couldn’t have gone better and Jerry is so pleased.

I know everyone appreciates what he’s doing. And their gratitude is appreciated, always. But it cannot be in lieu of someone’s presence when that’s what’s needed and when they’re more than capable of helping. He’s asked for help for years to no avail. But still, he continues to take responsibility for this well and cistern because he’s qualified to do so and takes his commitment seriously. We both do. It used to be when the water went off or had problems, owners came over with their shovels and wearing irrigation boots to see what was up. Now they stay in their homes and wait for a guy named Jerry to do something. And I’m so thankful that he does so.

It drives home the notion that we’re all in this life together whether we want to be or not. It’s better when we work together on things instead of standing back or getting in the way of it all. The shared sacrifice is worth it in the end, when we can all feel gratitude for one another.

Blessed Be




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Dark Moon Rune and Tarot ~ 23 June 2017

Dark Moon Rune and Tarot ~ 23 June 2017

Some people begin the new month at the beginning of each month; I begin mine on the New or Dark Moon. Magicks of decrease, banishing, intuition, and dark power are worked at this time. I also like to do a full rune and tarot reading to see what I should pay attention to during the coming month. Two cards from the Major Arcana, The Lovers and The Star, along with the 4 of Wands comprise the tarot portion of the reading while Tiwaz, Raidho, and Othala are the runes. The numerology of the cards is 9 and for the runes the overall numerology is 1. Together, they both reduce to 1 or wholeness and new beginnings. So there’s some synchronicity between the numerology and the fact that it’s a new moon. The moon happens to be in Cancer, so home and health issues are favored.

I created a bindrune from the runes for soul journeying allowing for an unfettered experience. We become too focused and stuck in our experiences believing in their reality instead of the illusion that they are. Ours is not a journey to salvation, but one of remembrance. Tiwaz deals with justice and sacrifice along with an expression of higher ideals. Raidho represents our soul’s journey through life, stressing the process over the goal. It also directs energy for a specific purpose and helps us attune to Higher Self presence. Finally, Othala represents our Akash and is known as the rune of sacred space. The remembrance we seek is of who we are as the Creator personified, with sacred space existing anywhere that we are. The bindrune can be carried as a talisman or placed on the altar during ritual in remembrance of who we are. We are beings of light and should live in unfettered joy. It’s our Othala, our sacred space as well as our birthright.

Looking at the cards, The Lovers describes the balance between our receptive and projective aspects of self, represented by two geese flying in harmony while the sun’s rays radiate around them, the rays reflecting balanced elemental energies. The 4 of Wands also reflects balance as well as respite. Behind the crude wands in a balanced pattern, energies expand in all directions, contained by the angled lines that frame the scene. Much is happening while we find our focus. Lastly, The Star extends its blessings downward into creation indicating positive experiences are in store. A new day is dawning, one replacing all illusion with complete clarity and vision. Our perspective is changing and we’re less likely now to accept a life out of balance.

With all the chaos that’s going on our government, we need to stay focused on our own creative presence. It’s fine to keep one eye on the nonsense because the fallout is severe if we don’t. But at the end of the day, we have to go on with our lives. The fear created by this guy will only interfere with our soul’s journey and that’s the last thing any of us needs.

It’s only a matter of time until he’s gone. Until then, breathe.

Blessed Be

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No Means No

Folks on the internet are talking about a law in North Carolina that apparently gives an asshole who doesn’t understand the meaning of the word, no, the legal right to continue the sex act if the woman takes back consent. In other words, she has no right to say no after the act has begun. Everything could have been going swell and all but then he gets rough and hurts her, maybe even slaps her face a bit in the process to get her under control, and she has no right in North Carolina to stop the act or to report rape if he forces her to continue.

What the fucking hell?!?

Guys who can’t take no for an answer are such gems, aren’t they? My husband and I have owned two businesses during our marriage and I remember talking to one guy on the phone in our last business who couldn’t take no for an answer. Every time I answered him, he would ask again, all told, six times I had to tell him, no. It was one of those rapid-fire conversations that was odd and stupid and I told him no because what he wanted would have created a risk that we refused to take on.

In the same business, we were being taken advantage of by a guy and I put a stop to it. He then came into our business, went to my husband, and lied through his teeth about what I said to him. Unfortunately for the liar, my husband was standing next to me while I was telling the guy no on the phone, and his lies went nowhere and he alienated himself from my husband doing any further work for him.

I told one little moron to stay out in front of the counter while I went into the parts room to get a part he needed and the next thing I knew, he was in the parts room blocking my way out. Christ. I have a black belt in Kenpo as does my husband who is a higher rank. I could have drop-kicked the little fucker into next week while my husband skidded his nose across the parking lot. I mean, the environmental weapons alone in that parts room could have sliced and diced him into oblivion if my hands, elbows, knees, and feet didn’t do it first. Idiot.

But back to no during the sex act. Why on earth would a state want to codify something this abusive into law? For those of us who have experienced sexual assault, no matter how minor it may seem, it changes a woman forever. A guy in high school bolted over a bus bench in an effort to grab my breast during my sophomore year. He may have viewed it as nothing, but to me, it was sexual assault. Which it was. It might not have been rape, but so what?

Not all men take. But enough do and it seems to be the norm with them. It influences everything they do. I had guys at my last business who thought nothing of sexually harassing me while my husband was in the next room. One fuckwad decided to bring a friend with him the last time he did it and his friend stood there and watched, grinning from ear to ear, while he harassed me.

As the owner of the business, I was in a no-win situation. Do I call these fools out on their harassment and risk losing a ton of business when they tell everyone what I said? Or do I shut the fuck up and take it?

I was happy when we closed our business a few years ago, retiring early.

Women are sick of being placed in no-win situations where men rule the day. And the state of North Carolina should be ashamed.

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I no sooner get my bee journal updated and my husband comes in the house and tells me he thinks one of the hives is swarming. So I went out to the apiary and before I even got there I could see a swarm had begun clumping in a tree just above the new hives. I was pretty sure which hive was swarming and I was right. That hive seemed rowdier than the other one when we initially installed the two new nucs as well as during the first hive check. Plus they had built a huge line of comb under one of the frames but it didn’t look like any swarm cells were developing there. Besides, we’d only had them a couple of weeks when we did that hive check. Odd that they’d swarm like this but I suppose it happens.

The coolest part was scooping up a bunch of nurse bees from the ground with my hands. They can’t really fly well when they’re young, and I put a board up for them to climb up to the hive. They’re so sweet and adorable and it’s an honor to help them up to the hive.

We started with existing comb so they could begin right away increasing the colony and then had to add new empty frames within a couple of weeks, so it’s not surprising that the hive got a little crazy. But this is a sign of a really healthy hive, so the new one should be excellent. When we dumped them in the nuc, we had frames with existing comb along with a frame of honey from last year. We’ll keep them away from the apiary for a while and then transfer them to our original horizontal hive. But we may move that one farther away from where it is now, possibly into the backyard. We have a nice place right next to the pond and it would be perfect for them. I posted some video on my YouTube channel, but I’m posting them here as well.

We have swarm boxes up, in fact, the nuc box we put the swarm in is actually a swarm box and it’s cool when you get some free bees. That’s not what happened here technically because the swarm is from one of our own hives, but at least they didn’t go flying away to someone else’s property.

I posted some video on my YouTube channel, but I’m posting them here as well. Swarms are so cool!





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Some Thoughts on Using Magick Squares and Seals

Some Thoughts on Using Magick Squares and Seals

Witches and magicians utilize gods and goddesses along with other entities in their magickal workings, rituals, and ceremonial magick. Enochian magick is one such example where angels are summoned for this or that purpose. The entities called by King Solomon were not actually demons but in my opinion interdimensional beings. Still, witches and magicians down through the ages include these entities in their magickal workings for one reason or another and I’m no different. We also use sigils in our magickal workings including magick squares and seals as well as other forms of sigil magick using various runic or angelic scripts.

Using magick squares in ritual sets things in motion and aligning with the various Mansions of the Moon as well as planetary hours creates a vortex of sorts from which to cast one’s intention. Planetary seals, on the other hand, created from the squares bring situations to an end. I use planetary seals during a magickal working to reduce problematic behavior or situations. But if a witch really wants to effect change, a planet’s magick square or one associated with angelic presence helps influence change from a proactive standpoint instead of always reacting to an existing situation. In other words, create the space for a new perspective to emerge from that person. Using a planetary magick square, a connection of influence can be established in the nonphysical realm with the respective planetary influences providing a supportive foundation for change to occur.

When teaching Kenpo, we had a saying that action beats reaction. It wasn’t a saying solely attributed to Kenpo, but it’s relevant to this discussion nonetheless. While we certainly want to halt unwanted forces, at some point we may find in necessary to influence in such a way that the unwanted forces no longer occur. That’s where acting before something happens makes more sense, a sort of getting out in front of the situation, and using a magick square associated with a planetary or angelic influence adds strength and power to the working.

Planetary Seal of the Sun

So if we were going to try to influence say leadership skills in someone in whom they are sorely lacking, we could draw the square of the Sun and its numbers during ritual, focusing on the influence we wish to have. Or conversely, if someone’s ego had run amok, we could incorporate the planetary seal of the Sun to stop that runaway train. Mars could also be used, but I prefer a more enlightened approach and Mars feels somewhat controlling which may not be what the individual needs.

Corresponding influences in support of the magick square can include invoking during the 10th or 13th Mansions of the Moon involving the strengthening of buildings, love, and benevolence, and protection of enemies along with gain, voyages, harvests, and the freeing of captives respectively. The 3rd Mansion can also be used if applying to sailors, hunters, or alchemists.

Several hours of the day or evening can be appropriate for the ritual but 8 pm is designated to improve or increase basic leadership skills. 2 am can also be used if the primary issue is negativity; 7 am if insights and an improved perspective are in order. 8 am is useful if a conscious change is needed, but if all else fails, 11 am can be used if the changed needed seems completely impossible. Add whatever candles and crystals or other corresponding altar items that seem appropriate if you use those sorts of things.

Anyway, while drawing out the square, we focus our intention for improved leadership skills as each number is written, and if it’s a tyrant’s behavior we seek to subdue, we would place the planetary seal of the Sun over the square, speak our words, possibly in the form of a binding spell, and cast our intention to the collective consciousness.

Needless to say, squares and seals can be worn or carried as talismans or simply used during ritual. I tend to use runes for that purpose in the form of a bindrune, but squares and seals are appropriate as well. I love using sigil magick but magick doesn’t have to be all that involved unless we want it to be. Truly, sometimes I simply center, gather and focus my intention, and then cast it to the universe. But in my opinion, using correspondences and sigils add some extra power to magickal workings and besides, it’s fun. We add a little bit of this and a little more of that and before we know it, we’ve summoned a demon or an angel or Goddess knows who. I’m aware of one entity who reportedly appears only when he feels like it and one we can’t call more than three times or he gets really upset and although performing rituals like that are interesting, sigil magick is much simpler.

Especially if someone forgets to chant the license to depart. Then I have a houseguest.

Blessed Be




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Strength From Unified Presence ~ Rune and Tarot for 15 June 2017

Strength From Unified Presence ~ Rune and Tarot for 15 June 2017

Strength from unifed presence is what comes to mind as I look at today’s tarot and runecasting. 13 represents the numerology for the tarot cards. I can also reduce that to 4 but I prefer to consider 13 as a Master Witch number. The numerology of the runes reduces to 3, or unification and wholeness and together with the tarot numerology, the overall numerology for the combined reading is 7, or divinity and intuition. 7 also happens to be a number that represents magick.

Two cards from the Major Arcana along with one from the suit of Cups comprise the tarot portion of the reading. The Empress, the 6 of Cups, and The Emperor create a lovely balance with the result of their union represented by the 6 of Cups in the center with its multicolored roots extending in an as above so below manner. Cups represents Elemental Water and our emotional presence, our intuition, and relationships with others. Its direction is West and is represented by the chalice or cauldron signifying receptivity and fertility, as it transmutes Air and Fire into form.

Mannaz, Raidho, and Perthro are today’s runes representing Earth, Air, and Water elements respectively and support the interplay between The Empress and her consort, The Emperor. Take notice of their order in the deck. She appears first and from her flows the entirety of creation signifying her greater importance, the current patriarchy having no place in the equation.

Looking at The Empress and Mannaz first, we see a beautiful white pink-tipped tree with a crescent moon in the night sky above. The Empress represents love, beauty, abundance, and happiness. She is the Goddess in her Mother Aspect, receptive and fertile, and the essence of feminine creativity and the subconscious realm. Mannaz brings into the reading the influence of mankind’s fragility. In disunity, our partnership is threatened, with Mannaz encouraging us to seek assistance from others, understanding that we are part of a greater consciousness with harmony our fundamental goal.

Raidho and the 6 of Cups both discuss the journey we take in form, Raidho signifying harmony and right purpose, the 6 of Cups denoting family and fulfillment. The Wild Unknown Tarot uses animals and trees in its depictions and in the 6 of Cups we see an as above so below expression with the tree above and its massive root system below. Positioned between The Empress and The Emperor, the card reflects all that they create together in balanced unified presence. Raidho indicates rhythmic motion in partnership with others, attuned to a higher purpose.


Finally, The Emperor stands tall representing structure and leadership. Fatherhood and the conscious realm along with benevolence and stability are among this card’s influences. He provides a certain kind of balance to The Empress although without her he would not exist. Boundaries, protection, and order are felt with The Emperor as he assists The Empress in providing the structure for success. Perthro represents the mystery of fate and is thought of as the childbirth rune. Perthro points to correct action, something The Emperor needs to stay in balance. Healing and understanding are among Perthro’s influences and provide The Emperor with a window into the unknown.

Our strength is found in unified presence with the collective consciousness. We are not the bodies we inhabit but in fact, the Creator personified into form. While we understand the idea that our bodies have to work in harmony in order that we continue to live, we miss that application to humanity as a whole. In harmonious union with each other, our roots run deep and provide all the strength we need for an abundant experience.

While the future is unwritten, we instinctively know that in unity, our success is far more assured than when we’re at each others’ throats. It was nice to see both sides of the aisle come together after the shooting yesterday of a Republican Congressman, two Capitol Police officers, and a Lobbyist who were practicing for today’s game. Irrespective of our differences, it’s clear that the only thing to do now is to come together.

The insanity of this moment requires that we pause and remember that we’re one family, no matter how things have been between us of late. It’s time to remember who we are and let the strength of our love guide us forward.

Blessings to all!


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Have We Had Enough Yet? ~ Tarot for 13/14 June 2017

Have We Had Enough Yet? ~ Tarot for 13/14 June 2017

Have we had enough of this crap yet? I drew some cards yesterday prior to the Sessions hearing but I didn’t get around to writing anything up until today, so I’ll interpret the reading as the influences surrounding that event. The overall numerology is 2 or balance, but given the reason for the hearing, it feels more like a decision between honesty and deception. Too much has happened and too many lies have been told and now it’s time for clarity, no matter what that is.

Beginning with the 4 of Pentacles, a balanced structure is represented assuring wealth and material gain. Our legacy of abundance and success is depicted by the lemniscate shapes joining each pentacle to the next, created by balanced effort. The negative side of the 4 of Pentacles arises when we hold on too tightly to our possessions or are unable to let go of what no longer serves.

The Empress is the only card from the Major Arcana that’s present in today’s reading. A beautiful card, the Wild Unknown Tarot depicts The Empress as a white tree with brilliant pink tips while a crescent moon rises in the night sky. The Empress represents the Goddess in her Mother aspect in all her elegance and grace, the essence of fertility and femininity. Both a receptive and creative presence, all life flows from the Great Mother.

Power and protection are depicted in the Mother of Wands by a snake coiled around her eggs, a crude stick ready to defend her brood. She alone stands ready to do whatever is necessary to protect her young with honor and integrity. She is determined and successful, adapting to situations as necessary to assure a successful outcome.

Three swords are bound by a red cord, blood dripping from their tips emerging from what appears like a black hole against a white background. The 3 of Swords often depicts a drama triangle or sorrow. This card, in the position of hidden influence, seems to suggest that we may be either bound by our own competing thoughts, or by the intentional distractions of others. Either way, clarity is available but somehow interfered with by self or others.

The 10 or Swords depicts ten black swords piercing and killing a bull. Ruin, betrayal, and the end of illusion are this card’s primary interpretations. We’ve gone as far as we can and a new approach is necessary. It’s the end of the road, and we’ve hit rock bottom.

Perfect love and perfect trust is an idea observed amongst witches. We perform rituals and spells that invoke perfect love and perfect trust as our foundation. With all the evidence that’s coming forward surrounding the truth of the last election, it’d be nice if we could all have that as our common goal. We need answers from the new guy and his minions, yet only dodges are forthcoming. They think they’re crafty, but as the rest of us watch and are affected by their continued deception, their time is coming to an end.

Mother of Wands is such a powerful card as it illustrates the power of women to guard our future. At least some of the senators interviewing Sessions sounded as fed up as the rest of us are with the endless dodging and weaving by people working in the current information who couldn’t answer a question in a straightforward manner to save their souls. Of course, the best one was Huckabee who believes the Attorney General is the President’s personal lawyer. He ran for President too. I guess these guys think they can write their own laws while they’re in office.

We evidently no longer share the same foundation in this country. The United States of America has become so divided that our future together is in doubt. The numerology of 2 not only indicates change but choice as well. We have a choice to make in this country to either come together and put an end to the deception surrounding our last election or we can continue as we are, at each others’ throats.

We must guard what we’ve built together and refuse to accept the continued deception by the new regime. The expressions of fealty from his cabinet the other day were sickening to watch. What’s wrong with these people? How could any of them choke out the words? This is not normal. This is not what happens in a democracy. We used to be able to depend on that, but now everything is upside down.

For whatever reason, the new guy is providing a catalyst for change. But the change he seeks will make us all the poorer while enrichening a few of his friends. They view him as someone they can use at the expense of the rest of us. We’ve gone as far as we can now. It’s time to put up or shut up and I’m not shutting up anytime soon.

What we’re experiencing is the last vestiges of patriarchy in all its ugliness and oppression. Mr. Sessions sat in his chair and refused to answer anything of substance, offering some sort of ridiculous notion that his boss might at some point claim executive privilege so he’s not saying a word and even giggled when Senator Kamala Harris was shut down during her questioning of him. Besides, to hear him tell it, how could anyone think he’d do anything treasonous to our country? Well, Mr. Sessions, you apparently lied during your confirmation hearing and now you want to blame Senator Franken for that lie. So while you think you’re a patriot, the jury is still out on that.

Blessed Be



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In Peace Amid The Chaos ~ Tarot for 11 June 2017

I ordered a new Thoth Tarot deck, this one larger than the first one I bought. I typically use a magnifying glass when looking at the cards anyway, but the larger cards provide a better look at Lady Frieda Harris’s interpretations of Crowley’s work. From the colors used to the flow of the cards, her impressions bring forth an emotional resonance unlike any other deck I own.

Swords and Cups comprise today’s reading along with two cards from the Major Arcana as well as one Court card. The overall numerology is 5 or change. Elemental Air and Water are represented signifying our intellectual and emotional presence. The two cards from the suit of Swords involve the astrological sign of Libra, beginning with the 2 representing the Moon in Libra, and ending with the 3 representing Saturn in Libra, moving from peace to sorrow with a Knight and two Majors in between, a change of some kind possibly in awareness taking place.

I like the suit of Swords given that my astrological sign is Libra and because it represents balanced intellect and clarity. The 2 of Swords in the Thoth deck depicts two swords piercing a blue rose as they cross in balance. Two daggers appear above and below, one piercing an upward turned crescent moon, and the other the glyph for Libra. Four geometric symbols appear behind the sword suggesting an evolving intellectual process while angels in prayer adorn both swords’ hilts. The card’s title is Peace illustrated by the swords in balance. A decision has been made and peace and calm have returned.

A winged Knight bursts forth on a white steed holding a golden chalice with a crab balancing on its rim. A peacock appears on the right-hand corner of the card, its tail feathers extending out fully behind it. The Knight of Cups represents an individual who is both self-disciplined and a thrill-seeker. He can be loving and wise as well as insensitive and shallow. Somewhat passive-aggressive, the Knight’s vacillates between a focus on self and others, wishing to do the right thing, but at times becoming caught up in the drama of the moment finding it difficult to let go of what no longer serves.

Card nine from the Major Arcana, The Hermit represents Thoth, Hecate, and the Creator within. He stands on the mountain top in retreat from the world, receiving wisdom from the divinity we all possess within. In alignment, his light of wisdom extends to all.

In the position of hidden influence, The Fool stands ready to take the leap of faith into his journey through form. The Fool represents our infinite potential and the development of the individual through life. He has no expectations as he lives in the present moment, eagerly embracing the diversity of new experiences.

And then we come to the outcome card, the 3 of Swords. Crowley titles this card Sorrow as we see three swords tearing apart a rose, piercing its center. A serpent coils around the handle of the largest sword, offering the possibility of rebirth and renewal, yet the dark colors suggest a lack of clarity or confusion exists. A drama triangle may be represented but the chance of rebirth suggests an opportunity for clarity exists if we balance our intellect with our emotions. As the geometric shapes appear to break around the main sword, the scene suggests that in alignment, the deceptive agendas around us will fall away, replaced by understanding and substantially more dignity than when we began.

We each make a choice when incarnating to either live in service to self or in awareness of our greater unified presence. We make every attempt at living peacefully but occasionally others enter our lives providing a catalyst for something more interesting and at times, confounding and upsetting. Truth is like that. It may not always be pleasant, but it’s far better to live in truth than to continually be drawn into lies and deception.

If ego drives the human experience then the drama becomes real instead of something to merely observe and experience for the lessons it has to teach. The Hermit teaches us to see the world through a higher perspective, experiencing life without judgment. Remaining aligned amid the chaos of the world allows us to experience the world as observers instead of reactors.

We begin in peace and balance, but as time goes on, our innocence is threatened by the drama around us. Alignment in higher self-awareness assures peace amid the chaos as we calmly navigate our experiences irrespective of how emotionally charged they may be. Although the outcome of these experiences can certainly be sorrow, in alignment sorrow falls away, replaced by clarity and vision.

Blessed Be