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The Nonresistance Found Between Initiation and Retreat ~ Tarot for 22 Feb 2017

The Fool, The Hermit, and the Princess of Wands comprise today’s tarot reading dealing with initiation, retreat, and nonresistance. The Fool represents our creative potential, infinite and without expectation. Androgynous and innocent, The Fool as initiate begins the great work of life in physical form. From Lon Milo DuQuette:

In essence, there are not really twenty-two trumps, there is only one— the Fool. Al the other trumps live inside (and issue from) the Fool. Of all seventy-eight tarot cards, none is more revered and misunderstood.¹

In the Thoth deck, Lady Frieda Harris draws The Fool quite differently than in traditional decks giving voice to Kabbalistic symbology. Three rings surround The Fool depicting the three veils of negativity. A dove of peace, a butterfly, and a caduceus appear to flow along the center ring before him. The sun covers his groin, with a flowery phallic symbol hanging in mid-air above two entwined bodies.

A tiger appears to chew on The Fool’s leg while a crocodile lies below, an upturned crescent moon barely visible above the crocodile’s body. Astrological symbols appear to the right on a bluish cloth. He is smiling and wide-eyed as he takes the leap into physical form and into conscious awareness.

The Hermit is flowing and enigmatic. He looks out at a field of flowing grain, an egg with a snake coiled around it in his view suggesting fertility. This notion is reinforced by the appearance of a single sperm below. The Hermit carries a sunlit lantern with the three-headed dog Cerberus at his feet. His light of divine wisdom shines bright illuminating his path. He is in retreat, in meditation, withdrawing from the world to align in Source Presence.

She has a tiger by the tail, our Princess of Wands. She flows in nonresistance, riding the wave of passion and creative desire. A card of elemental Fire, the Princess of Wands radiates flowing energy and complete joy as she lives in the now using opportunities to her advantage.

The overall numerology is nine with only The Hermit considered. Initiation and completion are part of nine’s influences as well as inner work. We begin our lives as The Fool, an initiate into life’s possibilities. As our creativity flows in nonresistance, we soar ever higher in command of our experiences. We find our balance in meditation and alignment, taking time for inner work and rejuvenation.

The Hermit’s lantern represents the Source Presence within each one of us. We see the same brilliant energy with both The Fool and the Princess of Wands suggesting that while we take this journey in form, we remain the Creator personified. Alignment in Source Presence is our natural vibration and state and mindfully doing so allows us to step away from the world and see with greater clarity.

Like The Fool, we begin our journey in joyful nonresistance, eagerly experiencing all that life has to offer. Taking time for retreat allows us to rebalance and seek inner guidance. We learn the value of retreat from The Hermit so that we allow the light of divine wisdom to illuminate self and others. And from our natural state of alignment, we soar like the Princess unrestrained in present moment awareness.

Depending on one’s worldview, some may be feeling the need for retreat and self-care these days. I highly recommend taking it, and frequently. The so-called new guy is redundant enough that no one will miss much and we’ll gain far more from that inner experience than following this guy’s antics. So take the time and enjoy the quiet respite.

Our initiation into life begins in joy and along the way we realize the blessings found retreat and alignment. Through wisdom gained through our alignment with Source Presence, we know that our greatest strength lies in our nonresistant flow through and around our challenges and experiences. Met with resistance, we remain attached to challenges instead of moving effortlessly beyond them.

We are the Creator personified, here to experience life in love and joy instead of as an endless struggle. Like the Princess, as we stay present in the moment, we allow nothing to get in our way, choosing our experiences in happiness and joy. We’re stronger than the so-called new guy and together we are unstoppable.

Blessed Be



  1. DuQuette, Lon Milo. Understanding Aleister Crowley’s Thoth Tarot (p. 97). Red Wheel Weiser. Kindle Edition.
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Illumination’s Growing Momentum ~ Runecasting for 21 Feb 2017

Illumination's Growing Momentum ~ Runecasting for 21 Feb 2017

It’s fun watching revelations unfold, creating their own momentum. The so-called new guy’s regime should have never underestimated the American people. We’re a spunky bunch. He may indeed prove to be the catalyst we all need to pull our heads out of our asses and begin working together instead of at cross-purposes. If social media is any indication, those in control have convinced at least some of us that we are the enemy when it’s been them all along. But the more he speaks, the more we resist and we’re only getting started.

I’ve always been a fan of stepping out of the way and letting the other person’s momentum be his or her own undoing. I’m sure it’s a martial artist thing. But sometimes we don’t have time for that when the stakes are high and giving things a little push may be in order. The so-called new guy’s staggering lack of impulse control will create untold headaches for his regime as well as the country and should respond well to simple nudges or suggestions. He’s really that pliable. Regardless of what we choose to do a bindrune is perfect for that endeavor.

I began drawing runes from my bag and felt compelled to stop at four. Nauthiz, Isa, Inguz, and Ehwaz comprise the runecasting and the bindrune. Fire, Earth, and Water are represented and the numerology is 10, 11, 19, and 22. Two Master numbers (11 and 22) will stand on their own as the Master numbers for illumination and cosmic law. 10 and 19 reduce to 11 as well, again reinforcing the idea of illumination. But even with that influence, there’s a feeling of can we please get this over with sooner than later among the growing masses raising their collective voices in resistance to his destructive buffoonery.

Given that he blames anyone and everyone for his missteps, there’s no reason to interfere other than to continue to demand unity over division, and love over hate. Instead of building a wall between the US and Mexico, we can build a wall of energetic containment around the so-called new guy and his minions. Keep him in place giving him just enough rope as they say.

So beginning at the top with Nauthiz, we have a rune of elemental Fire that links the forces of destiny, in this case, our awakening collective consciousness. Nauthiz assists us in achieving our goals and is useful when circumstances seem hopeless. And it will provide the structure for the eventual bindrune.

Moving deocil, or clockwise, to the next rune in the runecasting, Ehwaz overcomes obstacles by creating partnerships with others. We enter the astral realm through its center transporting our nonphysical aspect of self into unity with all. Together the numerology of Nauthiz and Ehwaz reduces to eleven or illumination.

Continuing on, Isa gives us an inner focus, prevents forward momentum, and stops unwanted behavior. But more importantly than all of that, Isa allows us to focus and concentrate our will. As the eleventh rune of the Elder Futhark, illumination is inherent in Isa’s influence as we seek enlightenment from within. Isa supports our standing firm on our shared values.

Inguz is our desire within, providing the sudden, catalytic release of energy giving us the impetus to achieve our goals. Where we place our focus is the influence of Inguz and as the number for cosmic law, twenty-two is also considered the Master Builder. Our dreams are manifested into reality when this rune appears in a casting.

Speaking truth to power seems to be at an all-time high these days. Our world is at risk of becoming something we never thought possible now that the lunatics are running the asylum. If we surround them with a collective resonance that is loving and based on ideals higher than they’re capable of embracing at this point, their destructive nonsense will reveal itself even faster giving us all a front row seat as we watch their hate-filled paradigm become a thing of the past.

bindrune to create unified momentum
Unified Momentum

Combining runic energies into a sigil assists in our focus when casting our intention, and in this case, it’s to provide an energetic container that will allow his shortsightedness and idiotic behavior to run its course while the investigations continue. We simply need to step back in unison, preventing the new regime from achieving its destructive goals. His behavior and the behavior of his minions and puppeteers will provide all the illumination we can probably stomach until the perp walks begin.

So let’s hang in there. It won’t be long now.

Blessed Be


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Synthesis and Reawakening ~ Tarot for 20 Feb 2017

Synthesis and Reawakening ~ Tarot for 20 Feb 2017

Synthesis of hearts and minds cannot be imposed but instead achieved through quiet reflection. Negative thoughts can have a destructive effect upon our emotions. Channels we create by repeatedly visiting past issues become our present reality affecting our peace of mind which we inevitably visit upon others. Finding harmony within extends the same without and stepping aside from the drama in quiet reflection brings a clarity that escapes us when we remain engaged in all of it.

In today’s reading two cards from the suit of Cups along with one from Swords and one from the Major Arcana describe how awakening results when we bring our intellect and emotions into balance and align in Source Presence. The numerology of the cards is 10, 21, and 8 reducing to a final numerology of 3 or a catalyst for unification and wholeness.

The 10 of Swords from Aleister Crowley’s Thoth tarot depicts five swords coming together in the top half of the card with four swords positioned over a small red heart in the lower half of the card. The tenth is in the middle, pierced and broken into pieces by the four swords below. Its title is Ruin and suggests a betrayal of some kind or perhaps one’s own faulty reasoning. Our thoughts are in disarray but the scales on the hilt of the center top sword suggest a need for balance. Our thinking has become destructive with our emotions taking a back seat to our intellect.

From DuQuette:

Sol in Mercury-ruled Gemini brings a complete identification with the mind and the intellect, which, in this card, are in the very process of being destroyed. “It is the ruin of the Intellect,” Crowley intones, “and even of all mental and moral qualities.”¹

The excess continues as the 8 of Cups with eight cups giving a sloppy, indolent feel hence its title Indolence. It feels listless and without energy. We feel bereft and abandoned, the dark clouds suggesting a lack of clarity or confusion derived from lost focus.

The Queen of Cups is loving and dreamy. Intuitive, she is a natural witch and empath. Like her reflection in the pool below she aligns in Source Presence invoking the vibration of as above so below into her awareness. Her heart and intuition guide her choices as she casts loving intention to all.

The numerology of The Universe card aligns with the overall numerology of 3 or the catalyst for unification and wholeness. When we incarnate into form, we experience a forgetting of sorts and over time our attention becomes focused on our immediate environment in lieu of our true nature. In other words, we forget we’re the Creator and begin reacting in judgment to everything we experience. We believe the separateness that we see and find justification for that belief. In short, we move further and further away from others as well as from a healthy balance within.

I have the sense that we’re tired of the conflict. Our hearts really cannot take much more. All attempts to reason our way find no purchase given the heightened emotions that many are experiencing. Like the Queen, we find benefit in going within considering our options with grace and compassion. The Universe card marks the end of the Major Arcana where awakening is ours.

The All-Seeing Eye looks down upon the Goddess, her foot resting on the head of a serpent that appears to emerge from the Eye itself. Rebirth and renewal, understanding embraced, her journey of awakening complete. Her unfettered joy is felt as she spirals through consciousness both in ending and beginning in unification and wholeness.

As we go within we reawaken and remember that our hearts and minds were once in synthesis and harmony and with certainty can be again. We are one as the Creator, not a mere cliché but a reality. In quiet reflection we know this to be true. As we balance reason with compassion our response to others is softened, extending forgiveness and love to others as we receive the same in gratitude and joy.

Besides, it’ll keep our minds off all those terrorist attacks happening in Sweden right now.





  1. DuQuette, Lon Milo. Understanding Aleister Crowley’s Thoth Tarot (p. 254). Red Wheel Weiser. Kindle Edition.
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As The Tower Crumbles ~ Tarot for 18 Feb 2017

As The Tower Crumbles ~ Tarot for 18 Feb 2017

Swords, Cups, a crumbling Tower and an expansive and brilliant Sun comprise today’s tarot reading from my Thoth deck. Our intellect as well as our emotions are in play today. The overall numerology of the reading is 16, 9, and 19 reducing to either the Master Number 44 or 8. If left as a Master Number, 44 is viewed in a variety of ways by numerologists including as a master healer, divine inspiration, and it suggests that we carefully consider our approach to challenges in our life. Structure, organization, and self-discipline are felt with 44. Strength of character is included as well. Twice the Master Builder number of 22, 44 reinforces how we manifest our material foundation.

Taking an overall look at the cards The Tower jumps right out with its chaotic and vibrant colors. The All Seeing Eye looks on as fire explodes from a mouth wide open, tearing asunder the castle’s tower. Geometric figures fall from the tower as it crumbles to the ground. A card of Mars, The Tower’s destruction is catalytic and final. A dove carrying a branch flies in the sky promising a new day is in store when the rubble clears away, a coiled snake signifying rebirth and renewal.

The Prince of Cups in the Thoth deck is beautiful. The shades of blue utilized by Lady Frieda Harris appear cold and somewhat frigid. The Prince sits on his chariot at water’s edge, his eagle pausing to drink. He carries a chalice with a snake coiling upwards in one hand and a flower in the other. Although the Prince can be passionate, he can also be vampiric in nature, preferring a secretive approach to actual honesty. Crowley views the Prince of Cups as:

“completely without conscience in the ordinary sense of the word, and is therefore usually distrusted by his neighbors.”¹

The 9 of Swords reflects cruelty in the Thoth tarot. Typical interpretations of Swords, particularly the odd numbered cards, reflect negativity of some kind. In this card, we’re bound by our perceptions and are now experiencing despair and sorrow. It’s another long night of the soul card that suggests we’re experiencing a difficult period in our lives. Sometimes it reflects the actions of others but primarily the 9 of Swords signifies our own descent into illusion. It reflects self-imposed fear and negative self-talk.

The last card of the reading is The Sun, another card from the Major Arcana suggesting humanity’s rebirth or awakening. A beautiful and enigmatic card, The Sun’s rays extend throughout, two cherubs suspended below, arms raised in celebration and supplication. The light of The Sun has returned providing success, clarity, and revelation.

It seems counterproductive to tear everything asunder in order that we bring change. But sometimes that’s what happens, particularly when we can do nothing to repair the current situation. However, it’s not required that we always take a destroy everything approach to try something new when in truth sometimes all that’s needed is a change of perspective.

The Tower illustrates that everything is crashing down around us, signifying the disruption of the material side of our lives or it can signify a release of old thinking so that a better approach can be used. Although it can seem like everything is out of control, in reality, it illustrates a willingness to take back our control from those who, like the Prince of Cups, may not have our best interests at heart, preferring to use and manipulate us for their own end.

However, the most important aspect of this reading is the 9 of Swords which is telling us to control our thoughts instead of allowing our thoughts to control us. Where we place our focus matters. In light of recent events, many of us are watching the horror show that is unfolding with the so-called new guy. His ratings have gone down and he’s at risk of cancellation so he’s in Florida this weekend getting his ego stroked by his supporters, the first of no doubt many campaign rallies he apparently needs to feel better about himself. He hasn’t even been in office a month and he’s already costing us more than President Obama did in his first year in office. And it doesn’t even address the lives lost in the botched raid he was goaded into approving, or the lives of immigrants now threatened by this overgrown man-child.

This particular expression of The Tower actually reminds me of his bloviating and arrogant bullshit, all orange and screaming at all his perceived enemies. But as he spins out of control, we need to control our thoughts and focus our intention on doing everything in our power to disturb his process at every turn.

The guy who he tapped to replace Flynn apparently referred to his regime as a shit sandwich and declined the offer to serve. I’d say that someone with integrity finally said no to his orangeness, but then that would be ignoring Sally Yates who was fired for telling this nutjob the truth and she deserves that position. And it’s lovely that people are posting on social media pictures of journalists who were killed doing their jobs after our bloviator in chief went after journalists with integrity for telling the truth about him.

However, The Sun tells us that this nightmare will end and the chaos will give way to our awakening and success, free from oppression and hate, united in our true purpose. It’s easy for the general public to be manipulated by those in positions of authority in our government. So much is kept from us that in turn keeps us at odds with each other. Those in power tend to want it that way so that we never see the truth of what they’re doing. Instead of focusing on the proverbial man behind the curtain, we turn on each other, assuring that the powers that be will remain in control.

As The Tower crumbles, separation and hate fall away allowing us to build our lives on a foundation of love and unity. If today’s reading tells us anything it’s that we have to be alert to the hidden machinations of others and to control our negative thinking. Separation and hate are our true enemies. The so-called new guy is just a shiny set of keys designed to distract us from the real threat we face.  But we’ll get through this as we always do. And with any luck, we’ll find our way back to each other in the process.

Blessed be



  1. DuQuette, Lon Milo. Understanding Aleister Crowley’s Thoth Tarot (p. 186). Red Wheel Weiser. Kindle Edition.
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Invoking Spirit and the Pentagram of Protection ~ Tarot for 17 Feb 2017

Invoking Spirit and the Pentagram of Protection ~ Tarot for 17 Feb 2017

Pentagrams can be used as sigils for protection. A pentagram is placed in the middle of today’s five-card pentagram spread. The pentagram signifies the four elements as well as Spirit. When pointed upward, its focus is on Spirit. Pointed downward, its focus is on matter or physical concerns. Encircled, a magickal container for ritual or spellcrafting is created such as when casting a circle. Various protection rituals exist which invoke the pentagram by drawing it in the air at each quarter while invoking Goddess protection.

The four quarters or directions correspond to the four suits of the tarot. The twenty-two cards of the Major Arcana are archetypal in nature and while they also involve elemental influences, I interpret them as influences of our Spirit side of self. East corresponds with Air and Swords; South with Fire and Wands; West with Water and Cups; and, North with Earth and Pentacles. The elemental layout of the pentagram is a little different given its five points and then sometimes tarot readers reverse Wands and Air. I thought it was a witch thing at first but apparently, it’s not. For this witch and tarot reader, however, Swords will always be Air and Wands will always be Fire.

Three cards from the Major Arcana along with two cards from the suits of Pentacles and Cups comprise today’s tarot reading from my Morgan Greer tarot deck. Earth and Water are its elemental influences and the numerology of each card is 17, 14, 18, 4, and 10 reducing to a final numerology of 9 or completion for the reading.

Temperance begins the pentagram spread in the position of Spirit balancing elemental Fire with Water, the angel purifying our Spirit by blending our creative passions with our emotional presence. Moderation and self-control are depicted by the angel as one foot dips into the water as the other remains on dry land. The irises remind us of the fragile balance we strike between passion and emotion, their yellow color suggesting vitality and joy. The extended wings of the angel suggesting freedom found in harmony and balance.

In the position of Water aptly sits The Moon. Two dogs bark at the large moon as she rises between the two watchtowers. A lobster appears to be arising from the water signifying the cyclical nature as well as the hidden aspects of our lives. The moon itself reflects our intuition and the feminine aspect of self. It asks us to look within to find our answers and alerts us to the possibility that not everything is as it appears. Reflecting the Crone aspect of the Goddess, The Moon gives us the impetus to confront our fears and cut through deception and illusion.

Instead of continuing deocil around the pentagram, I wanted to discuss The Star first because of its Major Arcana status. In the position of Elemental Air or our intellectual aspect of self, The Star is the Blessed Conduit between physical and nonphysical aspects of self, our as above, so below that manifests dreams into reality. Like The Moon, The Star reinforces our intuition and insight, bringing vision and clarity. We wish upon a star when this card appears in a reading feeling its inspiration and promise.

Archetypal influences keep us on track. The Creator or Source projects itself outward, manifesting all with love. The Major Arcana describes not only the progression that occurs with life in form but also reminds us of who we are as expressions of the Creator. The Moon, Temperance, and The Star suggest an informed perspective, one that balances retreat and hope. Inspiration can drive our passions forward, but taking time for reflection along the way can provide clarity that’s missing if we become overly focused on the outcome.

This idea is reinforced by the 4 of Pentacles as we see the King sitting before a stone wall, three pentacles on his lap and one above his head. Wealth which provides structure and foundation is depicted in this card of elemental Earth. The King can be viewed as hanging onto his wealth in a miserly fashion, but in this reading, I see it as planning for the future and taking stock of what he currently has at his disposal.

Moving to the final card in the position of Fire, the 10 of Cups illustrates a rainbow emerging from a golden chalice held in unison by a loving couple. Respect and happiness are felt with this card along with a successful outcome. Love and fulfillment spring forth from the golden chalice and provide completion for the spread.

The number ten signifies both endings and beginnings and the reading essentially gives us our blueprint for success. As we align our inner and outer aspects of self in harmony, we see the wisdom of inner reflection as it provides the clarity we need for that success. What we don’t see is what’s at the end of the rainbow suggesting that anything is possible.

Whenever a tarot spread has multiples of anything it suggests that we need to pay attention. The fact that The Moon follows The Star in the Major Arcana suggests that the qualities of one flow into and reinforce the next. Three archetypal cards in a row tell us that our awareness as the Creator personified should inform our choices and behavior.

Many are now questioning the world around them. Nothing makes sense and has become so contradictory that people are beginning to question everything about their lives. Instead of a focus that results in reaction to what we see around us, this reading is asking us to reevaluate our lives from the aspect of Spirit within, understanding that our real success happens when we unite as one.

If the statement, God (Creator) is All That Is, is true, then there is only the Creator. Everything we see and experience, everything we are, is the Creator manifesting to know more. The reading suggests that we shift our awareness to the Creator within as we consider our lives, seeing all as the Law of One suggests as our other-selves, perfect and loving, instead of viewing everyone as simply the other.

It will take a collective shift in awareness to come together when all of the nonsense we’re experiencing is over, nevertheless, doing so provides any real protection. We’ll have to let go of the anger and blame and realize that this experience propelled us into a better world and leave the drama and confusion in the past. Not everyone is on the so-called right side of things. Some are here to be a catalyst and take one for the team as it were. And as hard as it is, we really should love them for that.

Blessings to all



Law of One. L/L Research

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Dear So-Called New Guy ~ 16 Feb 2017 Entry

Dear So-Called New Guy

Dear So-Called New Guy:

I’ve wanted to write for some time but I typically can’t stop screaming long enough to do so. A little background on myself, I’m a witch in my Crone years. You can read my bio on the right of the blog if you want to know more, but honestly, this is all you really need.

I can’t bring myself to call you president. That will never happen. I voted for Hillary and if she were sitting in the Oval Office right now our country would be running smoothly. I initially titled this post, Dear (your first name), but I couldn’t do it. Although your last name is used as another name for the Major Arcana in tarot, I can’t bring myself to use it when I write up my tarot readings for this blog. Calling you disgusting names doesn’t feel right, however, so I began referring to you as the so-called new guy so that I don’t reduce myself to the level of your own rhetoric that we all had to put up with during campaign season. This may end up becoming a series and I thought given that your behavior at today’s news conference was bizarre and beneath the dignity of the office you now so unprofessionally hold, today was as good as any so far to begin.

So here are some suggestions you might want to take to heart:

  • don’t talk about uranium
  • the media has its own share of problems but your problems outweigh all of them put together so there’s that
  • for fuck’s sake, you simply cannot have classified briefings during dinner at your golf course
  • you can’t bitch about President Obama playing golf when you do the same
  • don’t lie about the Congressional Black Caucus or any of its members
  • Flynn will likely be your undoing or the beginning of it
  • Hillary Clinton won the popular vote by such a huge margin that you really need to just shut up about it now
  • your ratings, sorry, poll numbers are the lowest ever
  • you did NOT inherit a mess from President Obama
  • Russia influenced the outcome of our election and you know it and you belong in jail if you participated in it
  • no president has evidently accomplished as little as you have in the less than one month you’ve been there yet you’re going golfing again
  • your administration is NOT running like a fine-tuned machine
  • the blonde lady needs to go
  • President Bannon needs to go
  • that Miller dude needs to go
  • you all need to go
  • and for the love of all that is holy, DO NOT EVER ask a black reporter to set up a meeting with the Congressional Black Caucus because you foolishly believe her blackness gives her an in with the group. It’s racist and skeevy, particularly when you’ve ignored the Caucus’s efforts to meet with you. Jesus, man. What’s wrong with you?
  • again, can you all just please go now?
  • stop blaming everyone for your own issues. You shouldn’t be there in the first place so shut up already.
  • the ban on Muslims should be a ban on you
  • Mexico is NOT paying for any wall and to have one is just nuts in the first place
  • cannabis should be legal and not controlled by anyone and your choice of Sessions tells me everything I need to know about you
  • you fired Sally Yates but supported Flynn. Dude. You’re an idiot.

I could go on but I want to leave something for future entries, but I think you get the idea. At least I hope you do. You could turn all of this around by choosing to become a decent person, but maybe at your age, the dog in you might prevent you from learning anything new.

Time will tell how you actually won the election because I don’t believe for one minute it was a legitimate outcome. You’ve surrounded yourself by what look like Nazis, as vile as they come, all making you look even more foolish assuming that’s even possible.

And now you’re holding a campaign rally this weekend? You haven’t even been there a month and you need another weekend away? What? Are you not feeling enough love in the Oval? Do you need another campaign rally to stroke your fragile ego? Are you that pathetic? Although DC no doubts breathes a sigh of relief when you leave, it’s at the taxpayer’s expense.

Are you fucking kidding me?

I’d say hand this off to Pence but he’s even worse than you. And the thought of Ryan..oh it’s just too much to even think about.

At some point, even you’re going to see that you don’t belong in the People’s House. How about making that happen now? It’s painfully obvious that you’re simply not competent enough to do the job. It takes a calm, rational, intelligent approach that you cannot seem to muster. And that’s fine. But you need to step aside and let us try to figure out how to untangle ourselves from your Russian pals. And any other nefarious people you seem to climb into bed with.

Just make sure you take all your reprehensible spokespeople with you. Please.


The Crone in Residence

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Countdown To Illumination ~ Tarot for 15 Feb 2017

Countdown to Illumination

Lots happening with the cards today. I initially drew three cards but given their drama I decided to draw a fourth in case it might be significant. Other than Temperance, the fourth card drawn and from the Major Arcana, all three Minor Arcana cards are odd numbered and move in a descending order from 7 to 5 to 3 giving a counting down feeling. Swords and Wands are represented, Air and Fire the elemental influences. Temperance includes the influence of Water as the angel blends Fire with Water, our creative passion in balance with our emotional presence. The numerology of the small cards is six representing the sacred within, harmony, and balance. The numerology of Temperance is 14 reducing to 5 or change and if added to the six results in eleven, or the Master Builder number for illumination.

The 7 of Swords shows a smiling thief as he runs away carrying five swords. A group of warriors meets in the distance, perhaps planning future battles, their colorful tents arranged about the staging area. The thief’s head is turned to look back at the two remaining swords but his eyes appear closed suggesting deception. His choice of clothing may be a deliberate disguise, appearing as the laughing fool. Clearly, he’s quite amused with himself, believing he’s gained an advantage over the others. So instead of a thief, he may actually be a spy from an adversary, stealing armaments to affect the warriors’ success in battle. Swords is an Air suit and focuses on our intellectual presence. The 7 of Swords ultimately is about a strategy that gives an advantage to one side while reducing that advantage for another.

Playful struggle is the theme of the 5 of Wands as four friends playfully battle each other. Another friend appears to join the group, his staff held high, sounding a warrior’s call. Too young yet for battle, they practice their skills in preparation for the future. Friendly competition is felt between the boys.

The 3 of Swords depicts three swords piercing through a red heart, rain falling from grayish clouds. Three suggests catalytic energy and triple aspects. Typically this card denotes a drama triangle of some sort that has resulted in a broken heart. The falling rain suggests that grief will come and it’s best to allow that process to flow unhindered, accepting reality for what it is. The heart at the center of the card almost radiates irrespective of the swords piercing its center suggesting the heart will survive the drama and illusion created by the intellect or ego. Transformation arises from pain and just like the rain, the drama and pain will pass.

Tarot practitioners will draw additional cards in an effort to clarify anything from an individual card to the whole spread if necessary. After getting the progression I drew, Temperance provides the answer if you will to the smaller cards. To review, Temperance balances our creative passions with our emotional presence facilitating self-control and cooperation with others. We can engage in self-defeating behavior that gets us nowhere or we can plan and create a strategy for success.

The collective heart of our nation is currently experiencing drama the likes of which we’ve not seen before. I have no doubt that the Russian people are lovely, but their government is dangerous and now they appear to be infiltrating our government as well as influencing the outcome of the recent catastrophic election. If the rumors are true and they own the so-called new guy then we’re in for a bumpy ride for a while until this gets resolved which may take until the republicans are out of office because they’ve indicated they’re not interested in investigating other republicans. How convenient.

We can strike out in anger or we can strategize a more appropriate response to the chaos occurring in our government. If the commercials during the Super Bowl are any indication corporations are lending a voice to resistance efforts and will no doubt play an important role in countering his destructive policies. The wolf is not just at the door, but he’s taken up residence in a house he should have been barred from entering. His National Security Advisor has resigned. His Labor Secretary nominee has been pulled as well. He’s heading to Mar a Lago for the third weekend in a row because why stay at the White House when it’s more fun to talk about and brag about classified information within earshot of his wealthy friends. I think we learned from one of them that Rick carries the nuclear football. Nicely done, you orange, clueless, and dangerous douchebag.

But here’s the thing to remember. The so-called new guy’s strategy here might just be to behave as outrageously as possible to distract all of us from what’s really going on. We cannot forget that Russia influenced our election and that Mike Flynn had conversations with Russia while sanctions were in effect. He can’t do that and with any luck will do some prison time for this one. Maybe his former boss can join him.

Today’s reading is encouraging us to strategize but to not become so carried away that we ignore what’s hidden from view. The overall numerology is eleven or illumination, telling us to bring truth to power. The so-called new guy hides behind continual lies, both from his own mouth as well as from the mouths of the nutters he has as spokespeople. Journalists including those from Mother Jones, Daily Kos, and the New York Times, among many others, are doing great work bringing clarity to the situation at hand. We need more of that sort of illumination now.

The counting down feeling I get from the reading suggests his time is running out. The entire world sees this regime for the sham that it is as more and more information is revealed. When faced with the truth he fires the very people tasked with giving it to him, preferring distorted loyalty over integrity.

I mean, if he can’t understand that classified information needs to be viewed in a more secure location than a banquet room dinner table at a golf course…seriously… how did he get elected?

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So In Today’s News ~ Happy F*cking Valentine’s Day Edition

So In Today's News ~ Happy F*cking Valentine's Day Edition

So in today’s news, I see that we now have classified briefings at golf course banquet rooms with the flashlights from cellphones ¹ lighting the briefing materials. Never mind the potential hacking problem this brings up. And rumor has it that the so-called new guy is spending a third straight weekend at said golf course at the end of the week. He hasn’t even been in office a whole month and his national security advisor has already resigned after only twenty-four days in the position over his ties to Russia that everyone has known and been up in arms about for some time. And now a creepy little man named Miller has reared his white nationalist head and seems to be the so-called new guy’s spokesperson. The press and social media are having a field day with all of this while the world watches in both amusement and horror at this clown show run amok.

Irrespective of who was in office, there always seemed to be at least some level of decorum. Our president could be counted on to show up to lay a wreath now and again at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, for example. Japan’s Prime Minister visited the Tomb the other day where he graciously laid his own wreath in honor, but evidently, the so-called new guy decided flying off to his golf course was more important than accompanying the Prime Minister.

But back to that Flynn guy. reports the so-called new guy is concerned about all the leaks that seem to be occurring. Of course, he could put away his unsecured android phone and stop tweeting continually like an attention-starved adolescent, but evidently, that’s just too much for him. From Dylan Matthews at Vox:


The core problem was that Donald Trump chose to hire Michael Flynn

Take Michael Flynn, who at 24 days has set the record for shortest tenure as national security adviser in the history of the office. It should have been extremely obvious well before Trump won the presidency that Flynn was not an acceptable choice for a senior national security job. He was forced out of his last major job, as head of the Defense Intelligence Agency, in 2014, after alienating officials in the Pentagon, CIA, and Director of National Intelligence’s office alike.

According to the Washington Post’s Dana Priest and Greg Miller, “Former subordinates at the DIA said Flynn was so prone to dubious pronouncements that senior aides coined a term — ‘Flynn facts’ — for assertions that seemed questionable or inaccurate.” Priest and Miller spoke to Flynn about that departure, and he asserted that it was “a political purge orchestrated by an (Obama) administration unwilling to heed the warnings he was sounding about militant Islam. Asked for evidence, he said, ‘I just know!’”

After being forced out, Flynn leaned hard into right-wing, anti-Muslim crankery. “I asked why Flynn got fired,” Colin Powell, the former secretary of state and national security adviser, wrote in an email to his son that has since been leaked. “Abusive with staff, didn’t listen, worked against policy, bad management, etc. He has been and was right-wing nutty every [sic] since.”

As Flynn became a more vocal conservative activist — leading chants of “lock her up” at the Republican National Convention, tweeting, “Fear of Muslims is RATIONAL” — former colleagues like retired Gen. Stanley McChrystal (who worked with Flynn in Iraq and Afghanistan) and retired admiral and former Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Michael Mullen contacted him and urged him to cut it out. Two other retired officers told Vox’s Yochi Dreazen that they viewed Flynn as “unhinged.”

Flynn also showed a remarkable willingness to cozy up to dictatorial regimes — especially when they’re paying. On Election Day, he wrote an op-ed calling on the US to extradite Fethullah Gülen, an exiled Turkish cleric whom the current regime in Turkey blames for a July coup attempt; Flynn compared the coup to 9/11 and asked what the US would do if Osama bin Laden were living peacefully in Turkey. But when the coup actually happened, Flynn called it something “worth clapping for” and attacked the Turkish government. What happened in between is that a Turkish government–aligned firm hired Flynn’s private intelligence firm.

Most revealing of all, Flynn repeatedly took a sympathetic line with regards to Russia, appearing regularly on its propaganda network RT and accepting payment for a speech at a 2015 anniversary party for the channel — a party at which he was seated next to Vladimir Putin. “People went crazy,” retired Brig. Gen. Peter Zwack told the Post’s Priest and Miller. “They thought it was so out of bounds, so unusual.”

Then, after all of this, Trump hired this person as national security adviser. If the White House didn’t have all this information, it should have — it was all public knowledge. The Priest and Miller story came out in August. Trump hired Flynn anyway. That was his first mistake.

His second was keeping Flynn as long as he did.²


Of course, the so-called new guy’s swamp is still filled with all sorts of nefarious people. From the blonde spokeswraith to the various and sundry white nationalists that slank about the halls of the people’s house, fascism seems to be alive and well in the white house. And now the so-called new guy and his spokespeople are sending Saturday Night Live’s ratings into overdrive while his own plummet. Rightly so when you think about it. He lied his way into office and it’s only appropriate to skewer him on his way out.

Apparently, the Office of Government Ethics wants the spokeswraith to be disciplined over hawking ³ the so-called new guy’s daughter’s jewelry from the white house. And then I read this from R Muse at Politicus USA:

Even the most ardent conservative who believes the government exists solely to prevent them from becoming a billionaire and drive them into dire poverty likely rests comfortably at night knowing that government is protecting the nation’s security. Chief among the agencies protecting the nation is the expansive intelligence community (IC) consisting of, that we know, 16 separate agencies. Although it’s true the military is tasked with physically defending the nation’s interests at home and abroad, they are as dependent on data and information from the intelligence community as the White House that orders the military into action.

It is beyond comprehension that the intelligence community would ever distrust the White House to the extent that it withheld critical intelligence from the current occupant, but that is precisely what is happening and it signals that this nation is in a state of distress. When the intelligence community, all 16 entities, cannot trust the man serving as president or his trusted advisors to protect national secrets every American alive should be terrified and demand corrective action immediately, no matter what that action entails or no matter who is “corrected” out of their unwarranted positions of power.(4)

Well now. Our intelligence community distrusts the so-called new guy. How about that. And according to Shannon Argueta at The Daily Banter quoting portions of an interview with Matt Lauer, Ms. Conway fumbled a bit and made it look as if the so-called new guy knew all along who Flynn was and didn’t care. Inae Oh from Mother Jones reports that Spicer said his boss knew for weeks. No wonder our intelligence community is concerned, as we all should be.

Why do I think this is just the tip of a very large iceberg that his supporters have gifted us with? Are they all Putin supporters? Or were they conned by the biggest con artist of all? But then who is that person? Is it Putin, Bannon, that Miller guy, the blonde spokeswraith? Or is it the so-called new guy? Who is really pulling the strings now in this country?

According to other reports I’ve read, republicans in Congress are physically running away from their constituents and town halls are apparently full of people who actually like having health insurance. One fool was shouted down after bringing up death panels. Fascinating when you finally understand that it’s republican ideology behind those death panels. They all appear happy to control the room now. Never mind there won’t be one when they’re through.

I don’t watch cable news anymore. I have a news reader, Feedly, that I like and I use it as a news source. I was able only last Saturday to watch Saturday Night Live and that’s only because of Melissa McCarthy. The news is far too disturbing to laugh at most days and although I try to take a dispassionate view, it’s just too difficult at times.

Even when we had a president that I didn’t vote for there was at least some level of decorum in our government. We lost much of that from a Congress who just couldn’t get past our electing a black president. And now we have this embarrassment. And as far as I can tell, he’s only going to get worse. None of them appear to have any clue how to govern and at the rate they’re going, they might as well have Putin or one of his minions at every meeting.

Without any other proof of election tampering, the responsibility falls squarely on the shoulders of his supporters who believed in a conman. How we go forward together to fix all of this is going to be interesting to watch but we’ll have to if we’re to survive this fool.

Forgiveness can be tough. But we’re tougher.

Blessed Be



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Protection Rune Magick

Rune Magick for Protection

Our brothers and sisters in the Oroville, California area have evacuated their homes due to a break in a spillway at the Oroville dam, so I thought some protection rune magick might be in order. My husband and I spent the first part of December in Clearlake and although it’s closer to the coast than Oroville, driving through California was so lovely and our hearts go out to everyone affected by this disaster.

Bindrunes are a form of rune magick whereby runes cast are arranged in a meaningful fashion. After aligning in Source Presence, I pose a question or think about a situation or individual and then reach into my rune bag and begin moving my hand through the runes, allowing them to fall through my fingers. Eventually, only one rune remains in my hand and I place it on the altar. I repeat the process until I feel I have enough runes, typically no more than five are used.

As I cast the runes a pattern emerges for the bindrune and today’s runecasting was no different. The first rune cast was Laguz. A rune of Elemental Water, Laguz sets the reason for the bindrune, in this case, excess water. With this rune, we cast our intention for additional protection and increased magickal energy and will.

Moving deocil, the next rune in the runecasting is Gebo, another Water rune. Again, as with LaguzGebo increases magickal power and creates balance. Gebo also indicates partnership and generous exchange with others, bringing equilibrium to the situation.

Next is Othala or the rune of sacred spaced and homeland. It represents peace, security, and protection of hearth and home. The greater community at large is felt with this rune and given the extreme nature of this disaster, the sacred space of the community is threatened.

In the final position, Wunjo as the wish rune brings success and fulfillment to the bindrune. Joyful contact with others is influenced by this rune suggesting that this tragedy will bring people together in unity of purpose to renew and restore not just the land but relationships as well.

It’s said that Othala contains all runes within. Some runecasters place Othala at the end of the Elder Futhark, but I prefer that Dagaz occupy that position. Complete enlightenment seems more fitting than the rune of the Akash, although the argument could be made for either viewpoint. In creating the bindrune, I used Othala as the foundation and then drew Laguz so that Wunjo was also created. Gebo is contained within Othala, so I left that alone. The completed bindrune appears in the center of the other runes.

The numerology of the bindrune is 5 suggesting change which is definitely in store for the Oroville area. And with the bindrune created, I cast the intention of protection for all as well as for the sacred space in which they live.

Blessings to all during this difficult time.



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Focus On Present Moment Awareness ~ Tarot for 12 Feb 2017

Focus On The Present ~ Tarot for 12 Feb 2017

Present moment awareness is all there is. We can choose to focus that awareness on past issues or future concerns, but either way, where we place our focus is everything. The Hierophant in today’s tarot reading depicts divine wisdom gained from aligning mind, body, and Spirit. He represents the mastery of tradition, structure, and knowledge and suggests spirituality provides the solutions we’re looking for.

The Hierophant sits looking out at the world, his staff in one hand, with two fingers of his other hand pointing toward Spirit. He wears a golden robe with a red cape, a dark orange hat adorning his head. He wears a crescent moon as a talisman supported by two crossed keys signifying both inner awareness and hidden potential. The pillars rising on either side suggest living in balance. In the past, this card referenced the Pope, but now it represents a spiritual teacher, or spiritual alignment and awareness.

Looking at the two surrounding cards, one man is looking to the past while one looks to the future. The 7 of Wands depicts a man holding a staff in a defensive posture while six more staffs appear to attack from below. He is standing his ground with courage to meet whatever obstacles are in his path. Conflict or competition of some kind is occurring and standing firm may be his only option at this point. We’re asked to follow our own goals and to avoid the negative influences of others when this card appears in a reading.

Now the Knight of Cups, the only Court card in the reading, illustrates a Knight dressed for battle looking toward the right holding a golden chalice in his right hand. The suit of Cups is a suit of Elemental Water and indicates emotions and intuition are in play. Our Knight is chivalrous and romantic, passionate as well as ruthless. His attention appears to be on something unseen, perhaps a memory or on future plans. This card can also indicate movement or travel of some sort.

It’s easy to become caught up in either the past or the future. But when we allow our focus to take us there, we interfere with finding creative solutions in the present moment. Our present moment awareness is used to either relive the past in all its subjectivity or view the future with worry and concern. It could be used to create something extraordinary, but all too often we make a different choice.

With The Hierophant in the center and the men in the other two cards looking in opposite directions, the reading gives the feeling of past, present, and future focus. When focused on the past, as the man in the 7 of Wands, we become stuck in conflict or drama, unable to move forward. Conversely, we see with our dreamy Knight of Cups that when our attention is diverted from the present moment, our mind can potentially wander into all sorts of places, but with his focus to the right of The Hierophant, it feels like this is about future events.

Where we place our focus matters. It can determine whether we remain aligned and centered or whether we spend time reacting to everything around us. The Hierophant counsels that for any of us to be of the most service to others we need to align and seek spiritual counsel from within. Our experiences in life can be challenging, but if we align in Source Presence, decisions made from that perspective will reflect a balance that doesn’t happen when fueled by reaction or imagination.

We can convince ourselves of all sorts of things, particularly when the concerns we have are well-founded. Today’s reading tells us to stay aligned, allowing our inner spiritual awareness to guide our decisions. I suppose it’s the spiritual version of keeping your head while others are losing their’s approach. But we’re collectively experiencing a mess right now, born of lies and deception at the highest levels. And it makes sense that we’ll get caught up in debates and no doubt full-scale arguments with people who don’t see things the way we might. All the more reason stay as aligned as possible during all of this chaos.

It’s a balance we must strike between the rage and fear we feel at the systematic undoing of our country. Otherwise, we can have no real positive effect. With all of the nonsense we hear about on a daily basis, we really have to ask ourselves if these media stories are preventing us from seeing the real damage that’s being done. Although I certainly believe everything should be reported, everytime I read something new I immediately ask if there’s something else I should be focusing on.

I know this is an understatement, but something is off here. Russian interference, fascist advisors, and now an odd little man named Miller, the latest to make the rounds on the cable shows. When did we become a fascist country? When did the GOP decide that the Constitution was overrated? That the American people would sit tight while fascists in their party throw our rights up in the air like clay targets to blow away for sport?

No. Now it’s time for the distractions to go away and for our focus to be intense and aligned. We cannot ignore the man behind the curtain, whomever that ends up being because I think that answer still eludes us. Is it Putin or Bannon? Or is it now that Miller character? Or someone else?

The overall numerology of today’s tarot reading is 3 or the alignment of triple aspects. While awareness of the past can and should inform the present, we cannot let it overshadow our focus or we relinquish any control over how the future unfolds. It’s time to keep our focus in the present moment. Our values are at stake. We are the United States of America. The so-called new guy’s regime is going to tear us apart. We cannot let that happen.

Blessed Be.