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Where We Find Our Peace ~ Tarot for 9 May 2017

Where We Find Our Peace ~ Tarot for 9 May 2017

Wow. Lots happening today culminating with the new guy firing the Director of the FBI, James Comey. Although firing someone who is investigating him seems to be a trend with this impulse-challenged overgrown child pretending to be our president, the timing seems odd as well as its roll out. It doesn’t appear the new guy thought firing the guy who was investigating him was important enough to do so in person. Instead, Director Comey learned of his dismissal while giving a speech.

We’re circling the drain in this country. Our shared values are being annihilated before our very eyes replaced by a pull it out of his ass mentality, our integrity be damned.

Like many witches, when a situation is unclear, I use divination tools such as runes and tarot cards to gain insight.  The Moon, The Star, and the 8 of Cups comprise today’s tarot reading. Aleister Crowley’s Thoth tarot deck is my favorite tarot deck to use. It’s not conventional, but then neither am I. Lady Frieda Harris’s depiction of each card is so beautiful that it’s easy to become lost in the flowing symbolism of each card, particularly those of the Major Arcana.

Regarding The Moon, from Crowley’s The Book of Thoth as referenced in Duquette’s Understanding Aleister Crowley’s Thoth Tarot:

Let the Illusion of the World pass over thee unheeded, as thou goest from the Midnight to the Morning.¹

Isn’t that amazing? Let the Illusion of the World pass over thee unheeded is the key to navigating life in this odd, chaotic experience we’re creating together. Even if we believe we’re victims, ours is a participatory experience. Harris depicts the traditional symbolism of The Moon somewhat differently, including Anubis in dual form, each aligning with a darkened tower. The Moon appears to be spilling into the horizon below as if pouring its secrets into our consciousness. A scarab, an Egyptian symbol for eternity, appears below, its antennae enclosing a golden orb, a gift of clarity and rebirth from The Moon above reminding us that we are indeed an eternal unified presence and we should allow the illusion of the world to pass over…unheeded. In other words, observe what’s happening without becoming caught up in illusion itself.

Preceding The Moon in the Major Arcana, The Star represents our visions and dreams becoming reality. She is the Goddess, the Blessed Conduit between physical and nonphysical aspects of self. Lady Harris illustrates the Goddess pouring blessings from above, her back turned to the world. The star above spirals around her, our energy vortex into form. The Star’s blue, rose, and golden hues suggest peace and calm are possible when our focus is in alignment with our unified presence.

Finally, we come to the most blasé card of the Thoth tarot, the 8 of Cups. Water rather dribbles from lotus blossoms to four cups below. Four of the cups appear to be empty, and the others sparse at best. Indolence is this card’s title suggesting emotional stagnation and a feeling of nothing left to give, a sense of exhaustion dominating the card. We’re counseled to let go of what no longers serves when this card appears in a reading.

Major Arcana cards are considered soul archetypes and when they appear in a reading we’re to take special notice, particularly when more than one present. Given that The Star and The Moon appear consecutively in the Major Arcana, the 17th and 18th cards respectively, together their numerology reduces to the Saturnian number of 8 or structure, manifestation, protection, and discipline.

The overall numerology of the reading is 7 or divinity, intuition, and wholeness. When ill-dignified, 7 can reflect our shadow side of self. Seven reflects the balance we strike between self and other awareness or the choice we make between a self-centered focus or one that embraces and includes others. Together with the 8, do we navigate this life alone or do we manifest our lives in full awareness of our unified presence with all?

Both The Moon and The Star rely on inner vision born from alignment with our Source Presence and suggest that we find our peace in that awareness. Those who choose a self-oriented focus will do anything to continue that choice undisturbed and undeterred. The hidden influence of The Moon may be suggesting that much is happening behind the scenes, the new guy’s recent actions appearing as a response to that activity.

They’ve truly gone as far as they can go with their deception and avarice. Their brazenness will be their undoing in the end, our ultimate peace a welcome relief from the chaos.



  1. DuQuette, Lon Milo. Understanding Aleister Crowley’s Thoth Tarot (p. 146). Red Wheel Weiser. Kindle Edition.
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When Life Becomes A Preexisting Condition

Life As A Preexisting Condition

In the new guy’s version of life in this country, preexisting conditions should be allowed only for those who can pay for them. And one foolish congressman even went so far as to suggest that the sickest among us should be paying more than people who have remained healthy as if chronic illness or cancer, for example, are due to someone’s irresponsibility or negligence. He probably didn’t like it when the smart girl blew the curve in school either.

But here’s the thing. We live in a country where income inequality is the norm and that translates into not enough money to eat well. Most people don’t grow their own food anymore so they have no control over the pesticides used on the crops or whether or not the seeds used were genetically modified into something our bodies don’t recognize.

Instead, we’re put on the treadmill of chronic disease, beholden to the medical community, although well-meaning, who focus on symptom treatment in lieu of actually figuring out how we became sick in the first place. Other than doctors in functional medicine or herbalists and naturopaths, most don’t consider diet, mindset, emotional issues, or environmental factors that could be at the root of chronic illness preferring instead to prescribe this pill or that injection.

I suffered from rheumatoid arthritis for over thirteen years, but it was for that length of time that it was severe. Nothing the doctors did relieved any of the pain, inflammation, fatigue, swelling, or fluid retention that I experienced. Instead, I seemed to stay in one place, severe. When a commercial came on television selling a medication for RA they would always say it treated moderate to severe rheumatoid arthritis. I would look at my husband and remark that someday I hoped my RA would be moderate. It was one of those moments of dark humor that got us through those years.

And now that I’ve been in clinical remission for the last six years and off the last of the prescribed drugs since September 2015, my doctor did some blood work and lo and behold, the daily coffees my husband makes that would make a barista blush have affected my glucose level. I got a call from her nurse and she told me that my doctor wants to schedule an A1C test to screen for diabetes. No discussion, or even the glucose number, just go have a test.

Perhaps they didn’t notice in my chart that my primary care doctor when I was so ill had prescribed Metformin after doing a glucose tolerance test and endless A1C tests, diagnosing insulin resistance when my glucose numbers stayed elevated. After becoming a cannabis patient in June 2010 and making my own concentrated medicines at the end of that year, two and one-half months later I was in clinical remission. I began discontinuing several of the prescribed drugs on my own that I could safely do, but when discontinuing the Metformin the same primary care doctor who initially prescribed it helped with that. A change in diet has always been the way to get my glucose number to come down but instead of having that conversation first, it’s test time.

Now with the republicans in the process of destroying health care in this country, the last thing anyone needs is to have a diagnosis of something that’s situational in nature that can then become a preexisting condition. You’d think if Congress wants to go this route of endangering the citizenry so that the wealthiest among us become even more wealthy, they’d legalize cannabis. The tax revenue alone would be staggering. Prescription drug costs would be considerably lower, our collective health likely improving overall, but then the drug companies who line lawmakers’ election coffers might not be so generous at the next election. So the struggle for truth and dignity continues.

Apparently, rape is now a preexisting condition if this monstrosity is signed into law. Does this also apply to children who are raped by their fathers? Will they be punished with a preexisting condition if they report the abuse? The congresspeople who voted for it, my own congressman included, exhibit an astonishing level of moral bankruptcy and have clearly lost their fundamental compassion for humanity. One wonders how they sleep at night, but after today’s kegger at the white house in celebration of their victory, I’m sure they’ll sleep like babies.

If this passes the senate, then women like my daughter-in-law won’t have their pregnancies covered. Medicaid will be trashed and Medicare is next. They’ll leave everyone hanging and people will die as a result. There has never been a clearer example of us versus them ideology than what we’re seeing now. It’s destructive and unsustainable, but it’s full steam ahead anyway.

Even if this doesn’t pass the senate, as members are signaling that it will not, today’s vote gives us a window into the mindset of the people who believe the death of our citizens is an acceptable outcome. But when we finally have health insurance that we can depend on and republicans want to either take that away or make it completely unaffordable, something tells me that our response will be greater than the republicans can imagine let alone survive.

The republicans shouldn’t have targeted women and children in this bill. They shouldn’t have targeted veterans, seniors, or the chronically ill. Because when a mother finds that her child with asthma or cancer can no longer get the care she so desperately needs, trust me the ground will open up around them and shit will get real. Women, mothers or not, are sick of the government’s interference in our lives and as republicans continue their destructive behavior, we’ll pay close attention and then we’ll vote their sorry asses out of office.

I sat by the new hives out in the apiary today watching the new bees become acclimated to their new homes. They exist in unified presence with each other, each one valued and necessary. They work together to feed the brood and to protect their queen. Everything is about the survival of the colony, a notion of family that escapes republicans now in control. None of this surprises me, however, now that the fascist floodgates have been flung open. The cruelty present within the republican mindset is breathtaking. It’s nasty and to think they celebrated with a beer after it was done.

So now we await the Senate’s response. I won’t be holding my breath. Besides, in the process, I’d probably develop another preexisting condition, irresponsible person that I am.

Just ask Mo.

Update: got my blood test results and after Jerry’s insane coffees it was only 114. Now I see why she neglected to mention the number. I wouldn’t have mentioned it either lest I be laughed off the phone. Now ADA recommends <100 even though the test range is 74-106 for fasting 12 hours except that I probably only fasted for 7 or 8. Why does the number keep going down? My theory: it puts more money in the pocket of Big Pharma as more prescriptions are written. Still not drinking anymore of that coffee even though it’s yummilicious. 

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Party Solidarity?

Party Solidarity?

Full confession: I was a registered no party affiliation voter until the 2008 election and never thought I would ever be concerned with party solidarity of any kind. At that point, I wanted to vote in the Oregon primary and I registered as a Democrat so that I would automatically get a ballot in the mail. I had typically voted for Democrats anyway and given the magnitude of the 2008 election I wanted to put my full support behind the Democratic Party.

I watched the Democratic National Convention as Hillary and the New York delegation made their way down to a microphone to pledge their full support behind then-Senator Barack Obama. I was in tears, the keynote speech given by that young Senator from Illinois four years earlier at the 2004 Democratic National Convention the only other moment that compared at all.

I felt aligned with the Democratic Party that day when Hillary and the New York delegation put personal views aside in support of our democratic process. And when Barack Obama won, I wanted to believe we had turned a corner, even if it was only a nudge. Even the smallest ripple can achieve the greatest impact so I was encouraged. I had no idea the obstruction that would ensue.

And then eight years later, the worst possible thing happened. After what should have been a given, Hillary Clinton did not become our President. And now we’re watching a nightmare unfold before our very eyes.

Political parties elect people to run them. The Democrats elected Tom Perez and Keith Ellison to share that responsibility and both are more than qualified to do that job. When Hillary was named the Democratic nominee for President, Bernie Sanders appeared to grudgingly endorse her. Grudgingly because he never seemed fully invested in the endorsement. He had joined the Democratic Party when he was running for President, I assume to reap the benefits of their fundraising work which made sense given that he caucused with the Democrats in the Senate.

Senator Sanders and at least some of his supporters rightly want a voice in determining the platform of the Democratic Party. Progressive agendas should make every attempt to align as one voice and I support anyone’s desire for inclusion. But I’m not sure what Senator Sanders’ position really is now that he’s identifying once again as an Independent and seems unwilling to return to the Democratic Party. Why are he and Tom Perez traveling around the country together promoting party solidarity if he’s not going to be a Democrat?

I guess this is where I part company with Senator Sanders. As much as I like Hillary, I have Democratic Socialist leanings and had Bernie been the nominee I would have been thrilled to vote for him. But watching everything unfold over the campaign, both during the primary and after, I was very uncomfortable with his silence regarding the behavior of some of his supporters. I’ve never liked cheap shots and vitriol and I think they have no place in a Presidential election. But it was a constant during the last election, particularly on the opposing side, and those who behaved this way did nothing to elevate the conversation in my humble opinion.

So again, I wonder what Senator Sanders’s purpose really is in joining with Tom Perez. Is he there to bring his supporters on board? Or is he there to undermine the process? Because as we saw during the campaign, Senator Sanders’s silences speak volumes. Will his involvement really result in a joining of forces or will it result in something else? In other words, can the Democratic Party ever be liberal enough for Senator Sanders or is his involvement giving him endless opportunities to suggest that it’s not?

And what will the Democratic Party look like when all is said and done? Do we need a new name that reflects a more realistic view of who we are now? Some of this feels like stagecraft to me and maybe that’s not fair but if that’s what’s going on it’s going to backfire. And frankly, that’s the last thing we need.

Party solidarity is essential if we’re to undo the damage the current regime is causing. Progressives of all stripes need a seat at the table. Let’s just make sure that while the conversation continues and all voices are respected and heard we’re at least going in the same direction.

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What Does It Take To Hate?

What Does It Take To Hate?

What does it take for someone to hate another? I mean, really hate another. I’ve said on more than one occasion that I hated one thing or another but it was meant as hyperbole, not that I actually hated anything or anyone. Because to hate someone or a group of someones I believe it takes the ability to see them as less than otherwise how could it happen? Moreover, what does this level of hate cost them in the end?

It appears that the so-called new guy and his regime are hell-bent on turning our country into a rich white nation. It involves culling the herd made possible by removing significant portions of the social safety net that some in our country depend upon for their very survival. The guy from the OMB, who probably should have called in sick that day, was foolish enough to suggest that certain social programs which didn’t yield results such as higher grades in school, for example, should be eliminated. And for that, we should be grateful, that defunding these programs is the most compassionate thing we can do.

Apparently not dying from lack of food doesn’t count as results in his book.

The Speaker of the House reportedly said that destroying Medicaid was a goal from back in his college kegger days. I can just see him sitting around with his Ayn Rand support group, drunk on his ass, boasting how he would one day take Medicaid away from the most vulnerable among us, dancing on their graves as he does so. Except not all poor people can afford normal burial costs so who knows what will happen to them.

The middle class is gone, never to return if these people have their way. People finally have health insurance, and while I’m certain the real answer will be single-payer, the ACA is a welcome relief for those who couldn’t afford insurance. Removing the threat of pre-existing conditions as a disqualifier for coverage enabled families to survive intact instead of losing everything if a life-threatening illness occurred.

Republicans are positively salivating over destroying the lives of Americans. The election of the so-called new guy (no, I still can’t call him president) has given these people the cover they’ve needed. No longer are blatantly racist comments and policies off-limits. Instead, they’re to be embraced, disseminated, and signed into law while those who actually care about people watch in horror.

This is not the country I grew up in and while change is inevitable, how we got here is beyond me. We have been manipulated and divided by the machinations of others and are in the process of being conquered by people who have only their own financial interests at heart. The so-called new guy cares nothing for the plight of the American people and if his policies are allowed to proceed unchecked, in this almost sixty-year-old woman’s opinion, he will do irreparable harm to our country and quite possibly the world.

Republicans in Congress lack the self-control to impose any checks and balances on their arrogance and right now they’re the equivalent of a runaway freight train in their attempt to destroy as much as possible before the 2018 midterms. The only real control we have now is to keep the pressure on and convince them that they will lose their jobs if they continue down this destructive path.

I promise that the best feeling ever is when you care about another. No strings attached, just honest compassion for another human being. I would rather see my tax dollars go for programs that reflect compassion than to build a wall of hate that keeps people out. With all the wealth in our country, our focus could be on elevating everyone so that each one of us can pursue our dreams, a focus based on benevolence and community instead of oppression and hate.

We all matter. I’m sorry the current version of the Republican party doesn’t understand this simple truth.

We All Matter.

Blessings to all

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So In Today’s News ~ Happy F*cking Valentine’s Day Edition

So In Today's News ~ Happy F*cking Valentine's Day Edition

So in today’s news, I see that we now have classified briefings at golf course banquet rooms with the flashlights from cellphones ¹ lighting the briefing materials. Never mind the potential hacking problem this brings up. And rumor has it that the so-called new guy is spending a third straight weekend at said golf course at the end of the week. He hasn’t even been in office a whole month and his national security advisor has already resigned after only twenty-four days in the position over his ties to Russia that everyone has known and been up in arms about for some time. And now a creepy little man named Miller has reared his white nationalist head and seems to be the so-called new guy’s spokesperson. The press and social media are having a field day with all of this while the world watches in both amusement and horror at this clown show run amok.

Irrespective of who was in office, there always seemed to be at least some level of decorum. Our president could be counted on to show up to lay a wreath now and again at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, for example. Japan’s Prime Minister visited the Tomb the other day where he graciously laid his own wreath in honor, but evidently, the so-called new guy decided flying off to his golf course was more important than accompanying the Prime Minister.

But back to that Flynn guy. reports the so-called new guy is concerned about all the leaks that seem to be occurring. Of course, he could put away his unsecured android phone and stop tweeting continually like an attention-starved adolescent, but evidently, that’s just too much for him. From Dylan Matthews at Vox:


The core problem was that Donald Trump chose to hire Michael Flynn

Take Michael Flynn, who at 24 days has set the record for shortest tenure as national security adviser in the history of the office. It should have been extremely obvious well before Trump won the presidency that Flynn was not an acceptable choice for a senior national security job. He was forced out of his last major job, as head of the Defense Intelligence Agency, in 2014, after alienating officials in the Pentagon, CIA, and Director of National Intelligence’s office alike.

According to the Washington Post’s Dana Priest and Greg Miller, “Former subordinates at the DIA said Flynn was so prone to dubious pronouncements that senior aides coined a term — ‘Flynn facts’ — for assertions that seemed questionable or inaccurate.” Priest and Miller spoke to Flynn about that departure, and he asserted that it was “a political purge orchestrated by an (Obama) administration unwilling to heed the warnings he was sounding about militant Islam. Asked for evidence, he said, ‘I just know!’”

After being forced out, Flynn leaned hard into right-wing, anti-Muslim crankery. “I asked why Flynn got fired,” Colin Powell, the former secretary of state and national security adviser, wrote in an email to his son that has since been leaked. “Abusive with staff, didn’t listen, worked against policy, bad management, etc. He has been and was right-wing nutty every [sic] since.”

As Flynn became a more vocal conservative activist — leading chants of “lock her up” at the Republican National Convention, tweeting, “Fear of Muslims is RATIONAL” — former colleagues like retired Gen. Stanley McChrystal (who worked with Flynn in Iraq and Afghanistan) and retired admiral and former Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Michael Mullen contacted him and urged him to cut it out. Two other retired officers told Vox’s Yochi Dreazen that they viewed Flynn as “unhinged.”

Flynn also showed a remarkable willingness to cozy up to dictatorial regimes — especially when they’re paying. On Election Day, he wrote an op-ed calling on the US to extradite Fethullah Gülen, an exiled Turkish cleric whom the current regime in Turkey blames for a July coup attempt; Flynn compared the coup to 9/11 and asked what the US would do if Osama bin Laden were living peacefully in Turkey. But when the coup actually happened, Flynn called it something “worth clapping for” and attacked the Turkish government. What happened in between is that a Turkish government–aligned firm hired Flynn’s private intelligence firm.

Most revealing of all, Flynn repeatedly took a sympathetic line with regards to Russia, appearing regularly on its propaganda network RT and accepting payment for a speech at a 2015 anniversary party for the channel — a party at which he was seated next to Vladimir Putin. “People went crazy,” retired Brig. Gen. Peter Zwack told the Post’s Priest and Miller. “They thought it was so out of bounds, so unusual.”

Then, after all of this, Trump hired this person as national security adviser. If the White House didn’t have all this information, it should have — it was all public knowledge. The Priest and Miller story came out in August. Trump hired Flynn anyway. That was his first mistake.

His second was keeping Flynn as long as he did.²


Of course, the so-called new guy’s swamp is still filled with all sorts of nefarious people. From the blonde spokeswraith to the various and sundry white nationalists that slank about the halls of the people’s house, fascism seems to be alive and well in the white house. And now the so-called new guy and his spokespeople are sending Saturday Night Live’s ratings into overdrive while his own plummet. Rightly so when you think about it. He lied his way into office and it’s only appropriate to skewer him on his way out.

Apparently, the Office of Government Ethics wants the spokeswraith to be disciplined over hawking ³ the so-called new guy’s daughter’s jewelry from the white house. And then I read this from R Muse at Politicus USA:

Even the most ardent conservative who believes the government exists solely to prevent them from becoming a billionaire and drive them into dire poverty likely rests comfortably at night knowing that government is protecting the nation’s security. Chief among the agencies protecting the nation is the expansive intelligence community (IC) consisting of, that we know, 16 separate agencies. Although it’s true the military is tasked with physically defending the nation’s interests at home and abroad, they are as dependent on data and information from the intelligence community as the White House that orders the military into action.

It is beyond comprehension that the intelligence community would ever distrust the White House to the extent that it withheld critical intelligence from the current occupant, but that is precisely what is happening and it signals that this nation is in a state of distress. When the intelligence community, all 16 entities, cannot trust the man serving as president or his trusted advisors to protect national secrets every American alive should be terrified and demand corrective action immediately, no matter what that action entails or no matter who is “corrected” out of their unwarranted positions of power.(4)

Well now. Our intelligence community distrusts the so-called new guy. How about that. And according to Shannon Argueta at The Daily Banter quoting portions of an interview with Matt Lauer, Ms. Conway fumbled a bit and made it look as if the so-called new guy knew all along who Flynn was and didn’t care. Inae Oh from Mother Jones reports that Spicer said his boss knew for weeks. No wonder our intelligence community is concerned, as we all should be.

Why do I think this is just the tip of a very large iceberg that his supporters have gifted us with? Are they all Putin supporters? Or were they conned by the biggest con artist of all? But then who is that person? Is it Putin, Bannon, that Miller guy, the blonde spokeswraith? Or is it the so-called new guy? Who is really pulling the strings now in this country?

According to other reports I’ve read, republicans in Congress are physically running away from their constituents and town halls are apparently full of people who actually like having health insurance. One fool was shouted down after bringing up death panels. Fascinating when you finally understand that it’s republican ideology behind those death panels. They all appear happy to control the room now. Never mind there won’t be one when they’re through.

I don’t watch cable news anymore. I have a news reader, Feedly, that I like and I use it as a news source. I was able only last Saturday to watch Saturday Night Live and that’s only because of Melissa McCarthy. The news is far too disturbing to laugh at most days and although I try to take a dispassionate view, it’s just too difficult at times.

Even when we had a president that I didn’t vote for there was at least some level of decorum in our government. We lost much of that from a Congress who just couldn’t get past our electing a black president. And now we have this embarrassment. And as far as I can tell, he’s only going to get worse. None of them appear to have any clue how to govern and at the rate they’re going, they might as well have Putin or one of his minions at every meeting.

Without any other proof of election tampering, the responsibility falls squarely on the shoulders of his supporters who believed in a conman. How we go forward together to fix all of this is going to be interesting to watch but we’ll have to if we’re to survive this fool.

Forgiveness can be tough. But we’re tougher.

Blessed Be



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The Perilous Silencing of Women

The Perilous Silencing of Women

The silencing of women has begun in earnest on the floor of the Senate.

Be seen and not heard. That’s what I was told by my parents while growing up. I was precocious in their view and my truthful comments weren’t welcome. An empath, my awareness made them uncomfortable. Sorta like the republicans in the Senate last night who prevented Elizabeth Warren from reading a letter from Coretta Scott King regarding Jeff Session’s suitability to become a judge. In this case, the position is the Attorney General, and Session’s record of racism precludes him from such a position. At least in the minds of sensible people.

When McConnell shut Senator Warren down from reading Mrs. King’s letter, she went outside the chamber and read it before a camera just outside the door. Two additional male Senators continued to read Mrs. King’s letter concerning Sessions, Jeff Merkley one of them. He’s one of my Senators and I couldn’t be happier that he did so. Sessions will be a nightmare for justice in this country and as a cannabis patient, his past attitudes have me concerned.

The truth seems to be a rare commodity in this new administration. It’s not a new thing for republicans in Congress to have trouble with the truth, but the so-called new guy seems to have unleashed a new level of lies. And it doesn’t seem to matter how many facts are presented, they willfully ignore them moving full steam ahead to gut established and needed programs and laws that actually help people.

Women marched the day after the inauguration and will continue to do so while this fool is in office. His immigration order has spawned not only judicial decisions against him but an outpouring of support for immigrants arriving at airports around the country. Sanctuary cities are popping up as well in defiance of the threats of no funding from the so-called new guy. Or is the real president the white nationalist at his side who managed to get his boss to sign off on an executive order placing him on the National Security Council supposedly after not even reading it first. Or at least that’s what he now says happened. But with the problem he has with the truth, how can we really ever know?

Silencing Senator Warren will not end well for these men. Silencing women will never work in the end. We’ll wait, observe, and plan. And then we’ll act. It’s what we do. We’re so much better than men at this. You see, women have had to work around and in spite of men all of our lives. So this is nothing.

Women have a wonderful way of seeing the larger picture. We have to. It’s how we make ends meet on the crappy wages we earn. It’s how we put food on the table and have clothes for our children when there isn’t enough. We go without so everyone else has an equal chance at happiness.

It’s what we do.

Somehow men became confused as to their role in life. It was never to lord over anyone but to live in equality with all. We can debate the origins of this destructive thinking, but at this point, the real issue is the ultimate effect on the security of our people. Removing a law that prevents health insurance companies from overcharging or not covering health issues is cruel. They believe that healthcare isn’t a right in this country. Survival of the fittest when the very people who need it the most don’t make a living wage enabling them to become anything close to the fittest because it takes money to be healthy in this country.

But lest we think it’s only republican men who are the problem, it’s women as well. Take the new Education Secretary. The outcry over this woman was massive, yet she was still confirmed. Time will tell how much of our public school system she’ll be able to defund. But she’s clear on what it takes to defend children from grizzly bears.

And just to be clear, you don’t have to be religious to homeschool. It can be a wonderful experience for you and your children. You can use an unschooling approach and let your children follow their own interests. I was more of a facilitator than a teacher when our boys finished their education at home. Now they’re college graduates and are working in their chosen fields. Homeschooling is an option that works. Kids naturally want to learn and before you know it, they’ll be devising their own curriculum. Mine intended to go to college so some of their curricula centered on that end. And I have to say that it was the best thing ever and to have that time with my boys was priceless.

When I both trained in and later taught karate, it always struck me how female students in our karate school had such a quiet intensity about them. I could see it in their eyes in the dojo during class. They were already fighting a perception by some of the male students in class who struggled with their own sexist views of women. Never mind they could defend themselves against any guy there, but it was hard for some of the younger guys when a young girl won a sparring match against one of them.

Although I was the only woman in the school to earn a Black Belt, I watched other women from other schools as they advanced in rank, their quiet strength and resolve pushing them on. The survival of the species is contained within us. Women are the defenders of all. We clean up the messes brought about by narrow-minded thinking. We press on irrespective of the struggle. And we will not be silenced by misogynistic, racist, and sexist people, men and women alike, who wish to further the agenda of a few at the expense of the rest.

What Senator Warren experienced last evening is disgraceful and beneath the dignity of the Senate. McConnell should be censured for his actions if not removed entirely as Senate Majority Leader. And it goes without saying that Jeff Sessions should never have the chance to be our Attorney General.

It may be morning in the so-called new guy’s America. But we’re still here.

Blessings to all as we unite as one family, secure in the knowing that love will always trump hate.

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The New Guy Isn’t Smart At All

Respect Seniors: Increase Funding For Meals On Wheels

Although it’s apparently difficult for the new guy to understand this, the American people actually care about human rights. Not mentioning Jews in his Holocaust Remembrance comments because other people died too is shameful and insensitive at minimum. Holding up every stinking executive order he signs undoing our country is childish. And putting a white nationalist on the National Security Council should get him impeached. And then he issued a ban on Muslims from certain countries. Certain countries and not all because he does business in some of these places, so we’ll let those people in. Can’t affect his bottom line, after all.

And then the most amazing thing happened. Scores of people went to airports across the country in protest of the Muslim ban. Attorneys from the ACLU went to court and overturned part of it at least. Members of Congress went to various airports and spoke with immigrants, making every attempt to help them enter the country. On social media, soldiers who served with Muslim interpreters, etc. posted pictures and comments telling the new guy that he’s only making things worse. That he’s actually causing more harm to this country. He wants ISIS contained and stupidly believes this is the way to do it.

Yes there are terrorists that want to hurt us, but evidently this ban won’t affect them, hurting instead people who are here legally. It’s unbelievable really. I’ve never understood the distorted thinking of people like the new guy. It’s the throw the baby out with the bathwater approach to problem solving. Get us involved in two wars and then refuse to fund the Veteran’s Administration because a black guy was our President. Then say because veterans aren’t getting appointments in a timely fashion it’s time to throw the baby out with the bathwater and privatize veterans’ health care. Never mind what this will do to veterans.

The Muslim ban illustrates the same sort of distorted thinking reflecting not truth but an agenda of Islamaphobia. We’re looking like the rise of Hitler and Nazi Germany, with government scientists forbidden from speaking to the American people without running everything through people like the unkempt white nationalist on the National Security Council who is regarded by some as the real president, the new guy more of a tyrannical emcee or game show host. The media has been all but shut out with lies becoming the norm, alternative facts now, which honestly may be their just desserts given their behavior in the run up to the election. Still, we need them to do their jobs and now they’ll actually have to go out and gather facts and such instead of relying on pressers and the like. The new UN Ambassador is already threatening people telling them to get on board or she’s taking names. For what, exactly? Does she want mine?

A mosque in Texas was set on fire and hate crimes are happening all over the country which is awful, but people turned out tonight to welcome immigrants to the United States. People turned out.

You see..we turn out for family. We turn out for justice and truth. We turn out and stand up particularly when oppression comes from the highest office in the country.

We turn out. We stand up. We will send the new guy and his minions packing and we will be victorious!

Blessings to all!

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Republicans Continue to Fail Our Veterans

Republicans Continue to Fail Our Veterans

Republicans continue to fail our veterans. Now the new guy is giving the Republicans one of their bigger prizes: he’s signed off on a federal hiring freeze. What the assholes have done by this less than noble effort is to prevent the Veteran’s Administration from hiring any more staff to take care of the thousands of veterans waiting for a fucking appointment. Because after’s not about hiring more people but in fact hiring the right people. These people are so foolish.

To drive all of this home, while on our walk this morning, we received a call from the dental office at the Veteran’s Administration in Portland telling my husband that they were pushing his dental appointment back by 20 more days. He had his upper teeth pulled September 1st and is still waiting for his denture and he’s not even sure that he’s getting it on his next appointment. Without staff, they can’t get through the backlog. Without funding they cannot hire staff. So of course the obvious answer is to freeze any hiring with the ultimate agenda to privatize the VA. Right. We live far enough away from Portland that my husband can seek dental care locally, but rare is the dentist who will accept their fee schedule without endless bullshit. So my husband stays in the system.

When we read an article from USA Today talking about the federal hiring freeze and its impact on veterans, here was his loud response: and he wants to privatize it too? Fuck this guy. It went on from there but it was mostly vulgarity.

I’ve read that veterans have died while awaiting care, while all they want is what was promised them. We send them off to war and give them nothing but crap when they return. They protect us and we let them suffer.

The life of disabled veterans can be challenging enough without Congress interfering with and jeopardizing the health care they’ve been promised. The people who staff VA facilities are compassionate folks who do a great job with what they have but there’s only so much they can do when funding is lacking. And if the Republicans in Congress want to sell a hiring freeze as anything other than a death sentence for veterans then they’re mistaken.

Veterans and their families understand perfectly what this means. For any veteran to have voted for this guy..well, I don’t even know what to say to any of you. I really don’t.

It will be six months since his teeth were pulled by the time my husband sees the dentist again. The care he receives when there is excellent and he appreciates the care they provide. But what he and other veterans contend with falls at the feet of Congress and any administration that disrespects the very people we ask to protect us. When things go sideways, we promise to be there for them. And that’s a forever thing. How is it that these people don’t understand this?

Any business needs income to successfully operate. Governmental agencies are no different. Without adequate funding, they can’t do their jobs. It’s a simple concept really. One that you would think someone qualified to serve in Congress would understand completely. Instead it appears that intelligence and common sense aren’t part of the job requirement.

But we’re gettin’ that wall..

Blessed Be


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I Can’t Even Look At Him

I Can't Look At Him

I can’t even look at him, this man-child. I can’t listen to his voice, or any of his minions. I can’t watch the news and I barely read anything past an article’s headline. I’ve added subscriptions to Hulu and Gaia to my Netflix and Amazon video options because I can barely watch television anymore. Comedy shows, forget it. I can’t possibly watch any of them make fun of this man because at some point, they will begin normalizing all of this. It can’t be that bad because after all, we’re laughing.

No. Not doing it.

Cable news programs were pathetic. Any possible respect I may have had for any of them flew right out the window on election night, never to return. And now one guy doesn’t care for the new guy’s belittling. As much as I agree with his position, my response to him is to do his job. Go out in a flak jacket and helmet to his press conferences, assuming he has any, just to make a point. Not that it will have any effect because he couldn’t care less what anyone thinks. He will be whomever he wishes to be.

He behaves like an entitled child.

It’s not that I believe that our country has no problems because we clearly do. I’ve heard some say that the Democrats are too focused on identity politics and that’s what caused the more qualified candidate’s defeat. I’m not so sure about that, however. When oppression exists, so-called identity politics will as well. Some of us don’t happen to like it when people’s lives are affected due to policies based on any of the isms. So we tend to vote as Democrats and express that concern, voting for candidates that consider the worth of all over the worth of a few.

And instead of continuing the idea of unity, we are the United States of Ameria after all, for some reason it became a power grab, creating a different sort of identity politics, one that further separates and divides. All based on promises the man-child who some elected has already begun walking away from. He’s like a bull in a very expensive china shop caring nothing for the damage he creates.

He’s like a game show host, and if the video can be believed, a lecherous one at that.

We don’t yet know how all of this will shake out, but with the people he’s selected for his cabinet, the concern is real. How anyone supported the idea of oppression of our rights is beyond my comprehension. How anyone could vote for any man with the sort of sexual assault allegations that he has had is also beyond my comprehension. You’ve told every survivor out there that our safety and dignity do not matter..that we don’t matter.

And now a report has been released about his involvement with the Russian government. Although it’s not so easy to tell the good guys from the bad guys anymore, I’m fairly certain with all the oppression that still exists there, it’s a safe bet that they’re still the bad guys. But if it’s true that the Russian government influenced our election then shame on the man-child’s supporters for being just that stupid. Because it’s not like this was a revelation. We knew this before the election.

So, thanks for that.

Thanks for not thinking of the greater good. Thanks for the sexual assault allegations not mattering. Thanks for making it that much more difficult for people to have decent health care. Thanks for electing people who will destroy our voting rights. Thanks for doing our disabled veterans dirty because of the ridiculous need to privatize the Veteran’s Administration. All they needed was funding, something the people you support can’t seem to understand.

No funding, no care. It’s simple really.

He stirred up all the isms in people during his campaign rallies, continuing that fervor after his election with more rallies. He’s addicted to the lime light and to center stage. If anyone speaks out, he takes to tweeting endlessly about how wrong they are, how sad they are, how weak they are, the First Amendment be damned.

And now the flood gates have opened and programs designed to elevate the citizenry are at risk of ending, leaving people who need this assistance wondering about their future. What will happen to the people of Flint, Michigan as a result of this change in focus? How will they contend with the long term effect of lead poisoning, manifested by the racist beliefs of the powers that be?

Do the American people even matter anymore?

Time will tell if we do, but it’s looking as dicey as the weather report. And as the icicles form, we have no choice but to wait in anticipation of what will unfold.

At least I have a Roku box.

Blessed be

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And So It Begins

The Politics Of Baby-Proofing The World Against A Leader Lacking Basic Impulse Control

The Electoral College did what many of us wished they hadn’t. They formally elected the lowest common denominator as our president. I’m not going to list all of the harm he’s caused others because we’ve all heard it before. Unfortunately, enough people listened to his craven bullshit and because of the idiotic way we elect presidents in this country, the woman who was more qualified and received nearly three million more votes didn’t win.

I haven’t watched any news programs since before the election was called on November 8th. As an empath, I feel the collective grief we’re experiencing and I just can’t take that much. It’s like watching everything you know and love drive right off a cliff, powerless to stop any of it. I’ve posted headlines on Facebook and Twitter but I rarely read much of what I post. I’m not sure any of us needs the details of what this guy and his social circle will do to this country and in turn the world with their elitist attitudes. The rich won and the rest of us will have to make do with whatever they deign to give us.

To his supporters, is this what you thought would happen? That he’d fill the swamp instead of draining it like he promised? Could you not see that it was your own party’s policies and obstruction that brought us to the brink in the first place? And you think this guy is the answer? I suppose we’ll see, but so far, it’s beginning to look a little like Nazi Germany, what with the thug security force in lieu of Secret Service as his personal guards. I hope the taxpayers aren’t paying for them, but I’m sure we are.

It’s hard to believe he’ll settle down after the inauguration and actually govern like a real president does. I think we’ve seen the last of such things for a while. He’ll be too busy offending people and apparently corporations on Twitter. He can’t help himself, evidently having no off switch.

Bad news always seems to arrive at the holidays. Maybe we can end the Electoral College before this time next year. It’d be a bright spot, a reason to celebrate, amid whatever other crap we’re dealing with.

And so it begins, our new and uncertain future. But until this is over, I’ll pay attention while avoiding much of the details. And really, like the name of my blog, sometimes the best thing to do is to step aside and let others be exactly who and what they are, on display for all to see. The rest of us will be here to pick up the pieces after they’re done.

Blessings to all.