Witch Notes: October 13th ~ A Day Of Reckoning

Witch Notes: October 13th ~ A Day Of Reckoning

I turn sixty today. I plan to observe it by joining with other women who are boycotting Twitter today protesting the suspension of Rose McGowan and other issues experienced by women on that site. So, I’ll wait to post this after midnight on Twitter in solidarity with the sisterhood. Social media is an interesting place. […]

Normalizing Sexual Harassment

Normalizing Sexual Harassment

Like many women, I’ve experienced sexual harassment during my life. I’ve also experienced sexual assault, so I’m in no mood to hear people pretend they didn’t know or are somehow shocked by allegations about someone who is a powerful individual in their line of work and known by all of them. I have no idea […]

No Means No

Folks on the internet are talking about a law in North Carolina that apparently gives an asshole who doesn’t understand the meaning of the word, no, the legal right to continue the sex act if the woman takes back consent. In other words, she has no right to say no after the act has begun. Everything […]

Off With His Head Already: Valor Of A Queen ~ Tarot for 19 April 2017

Off With His Head Already: Valor Of A Queen ~ Tarot for 19 April 2017

The Queen has clearly had enough. She reclines on her throne in the clouds, her sword in her right hand, a severed head in her left. She’s exhausted, having taken matters into her own hands, from the drama and illusion surrounding her. She is the unknown presence, watching everything unfold around her, waiting for the […]

Hear My Voice: No, Judge Low, Great Men DO NOT Rape

Attributing this to the Trump effect is too easy because it’s gone on far longer than the so-called new guy has been alive. And yet as evidenced by the videotape about kissing we’ve all seen, his behavior seems to give men cover for their own behavior,¹ as they assume all females appreciate their pathetic advances. But […]

A Graceful Presence

A Graceful Presence ~ Tarot for 7 Feb 2017

It’s difficult to retain a graceful presence when the so-called new guy is running amok, potentially sending us all off the cliff while he vacations on a golf course after only two weeks in office. Calming our emotions can be difficult during these unsettling times, but as much as we all need to stay calm, […]

I Can't Look At Him

I Can’t Even Look At Him

I can’t even look at him, this man-child. I can’t listen to his voice, or any of his minions. I can’t watch the news and I barely read anything past an article’s headline. I’ve added subscriptions to Hulu and Gaia to my Netflix and Amazon video options because I can barely watch television anymore. Comedy […]

misogyny blog post

The Destructive Fallacy of Entitlement

I’ll preface this by saying that if you’re uncomfortable with vulgarity, stop reading now. Misogyny begins with entitlement. Men believe they’re entitled to speak in any manner they wish to women. And when we object, they accuse us of not being grateful. After all, can’t we take a compliment? Our next president believes he can kiss […]

Regaining Inner Balance

Regaining Inner Balance ~ Tarot for 5 Nov 2016

I’d like to believe that we’ll all regain our inner balance after Tuesday, that we’d put country and family over politics, but I just don’t know. The vitriol will no doubt continue because of momentum it’s gained brought on by the biggest case of diarrhea of the mouth ever to run for President. A line […]

passive aggression

The Effects Of Passive Aggression

I’ve really come to the conclusion that passive aggression is rampant amongst humans. It can take many forms, sometimes focusing upon the passive side and sometimes the aggressive. Passive aggression is not easily dealt with, by anyone. It tends to be self-reinforcing so it’s difficult for those who behave this way to experience life any […]