Worksheet For Tincturing Using Grain Alcohol

Worksheet For Tincturing Using Grain Alcohol

Grain alcohol is a favorite among herbalists for tincturing both fresh and dried herbs. However, the way in which we utilize grain alcohol is different for each type. Below is a worksheet with formulas you can copy into a spreadsheet of your own and if you name each cell referenced with the same names that […]

New Book! Hedgewitch of the Village!

New Book! Hedgewitch of the Village!

It started out as a witch’s book on herbal teas and then one day I wondered what it might look like as a novel. It was at that point that I began thinking about a new title and finally settled on Hedgewitch of the Village. Never having written a novel before, I thought about saving […]

As Wildfire Smoke Hangs Heavily About, I Created An Herbal Infusion So That I Can Breathe

As Wildfire Smoke Hangs Heavily About, I Created An Herbal Infusion So That I Can Breathe

Oregon is still burning and the smoke was so thick this morning when I was outside watering that I frantically ran around gathering what I could from the yard to take back in the house for this morning’s tea. Given the dense smoke I was experiencing I gathered as many respiratory herbs I could find […]

Just Don't Start?

Just Don’t Start?

Here we go again. Donald, you’re channeling Nancy. Only now, instead of just say no, it’s just don’t start. Wow. That’s so easy. Donald, do you understand that a significant part of the opioid crisis involves prescriptions written by doctors? I’m certain that most doctors don’t want anyone to become addicted, but to ignore this aspect of the […]

Healing With Cannabis Is Worth The Risk

Healing With Cannabis Is Worth The Risk

It felt as if my body wasn’t my own. I had retained so much fluid that it felt as if I was sloshing about in boiling hot water. My thirteen-year nightmare with rheumatoid arthritis was surreal. It exploded into my life preventing any further training in Kenpo. Although my husband and I had closed our […]

Flowing in Awen

Flowing in Awen ~ Runecasting for 31 Dec 2016

2016 began well enough. I published my first book and my herbal coursework was proceeding nicely. I completed the herb course early in the year and went on to publish three more books, the last one, Empath, just the other day. As I write this, I’m awaiting proofs for the paperback copy. We put in a […]

As Garden Season Ends…

  The dome we put in was a complete success. The hugel beds which we also put in exceeded our expectations as everything we planted both inside and around the outside of the dome went crazy. I’ve frozen more beans than I did last year and even though it’s October and we’ve had some frost, […]

Another Batch of Cannabis Oil

It’s time again to make some cannabis oil. It’s that thick, sludgy resinous oil made from cannabis that saves lives. I know because it saved mine. I originally used a method described by Rick Simpson, but then I found an oil distiller that sits on my kitchen counter and I like that even better. With […]

A Little Honesty Would Have Been Nice

Apparently the federal government is not yet ready to remove cannabis from the Federal Drug Register. NORML is reporting that the Feds aren’t going to reschedule cannabis after all. Never mind that a profit motive put it there, because it was never about truth. I guess they’re going to allow universities to “study” it now. […]

lughnasadh runecasting

Lughnasadh Runecasting: Clarity and Inner Strength

Today is Lughnasadh, or Lammas, and is a Sabbat that honors fertility and harvest. Attributed to the god, Lugh, the feast associated with this Sabbat honors Lugh’s mother figure, Tailtiu, who is said to have influenced agriculture in Ireland. I honored her by harvesting some beans and herbs, but before I did that, I cast the […]