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Tunnel Vision: An Empath’s Sanctuary

Tunnel Vision: An Empath's Sanctuary

Tunnel vision is traditionally thought to be a hindrance, but for an empath or other sensitive humans, it can be our sanctuary. Empaths have all sorts of strategies when coping with uncomfortable energy and creating a tunnel is one such strategy. A tunnel is visualized providing a safe space from which to either exist or move about. It’s a great strategy to use in crowds or in large stores. Add a witch walk to it and people really move out of your way, especially men.

Coping strategies for empaths are often thought of as a response to our surrounding energetic environment instead of as a sacred space in which we reside. As we prepare our sacred space by creating what we wish to experience, at least in visual terms, challenging or vampiric energies that we experience are easier to deal with. In my case, I have trees that create natural archways around my property and I typically visualize walking under them while in chaotic or otherwise uncomfortable situations. The apple trees are blooming and their smell is pure nirvana, so I’m sure to include their smell in my visualization.

I focus on the sound of bees as they visit each flower and I’m just fine if it seems as if I’m not paying attention anymore because at that point, I’m probably not. Chaos and conflict can be impossible for empaths to handle with all the disparate and conflicting vibrations that we experience. We struggle to make sense of people and situations when retreating to our sacred space is in order. We naturally want to balance the energies that are swirling about us when we really should be minding our own business.

Empaths don’t simply experience what’s unfolding before them, but all the truth or lack thereof that’s behind it, and with each reaction, a energetic channel is created, locking us into an engagement we no longer control. Instead of observing what’s happening, we fully invest our emotional presence in that experience, absorbing vibrations that aren’t our own.

We see a way forward that others just don’t see. The struggle is an illusion that we create, not a fundamental truth that is eternal. The conflict, the strife, is nothing more than a choice; therefore, a different choice can be made. Empathic awareness is soul awareness. It originates from our unified presence with all and empaths benefit greatly from remaining in whatever sacred space we can create.

I’ve found watching the antics of the current regime to be exhausting. But it’s becoming ever more clear that our one family needs to see the effects of this type of chaos so that we refocus our efforts for the betterment of all. Because that’s all it takes, really, the choice to see all that we can accomplish together.

The process of ascension is a given, but it doesn’t mean that catalysts won’t occur to goose things along as it were. Our current president is apparently one such catalyst. With luck, we won’t need too much more to convince us of our folly and he and his friends will go back either to where they came from or to a prison of our choice.

But until that happens, empaths cannot allow the drama and vitriol that’s resulted from all of this mess to derail their peace. Create a tunnel with anything you like. I plan to put some wire over the hoop greenhouse I have and grow all of my melons and gourds out there so that I can go inside as they hang down around me. I also have a dome greenhouse which if my sweet peas cooperate will create a beautiful living flowered cover for my vegetable garden to grow under. Or I have the trees that arch over my path. All serve as a wonderful visualization for sacred space.

Whether we’re empaths or not, our peace of mind invariably takes a back seat to everything else that’s happening around us. We have to stop doing that and begin creating the sacred space from which we view our experiences. It’s a place of strength amid the confusion and deception that we’re experiencing now and one each one of us should make every attempt to cultivate. Otherwise, we absorb the problematic vibrations surrounding us, reacting instead of staying in control, which for empaths is the last thing we need.

A narrow focus, some tunnel vision, provides respite from the storm that’s raging. Create your sacred space making it as beautiful and detailed as you like, and then engage from that blessed still point. We can be of no help to anyone when overwhelmed by the vibrations of others, so take the time to create your own sanctuary of sacred space. Our peace of mind matters that much.





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In Love With Bees

In Love With Bees

I installed a new package of bees in the Warré hive today. The queen was moving around in her small cage when I pried out the cork in the end replacing it with a small marshmallow, only then placing her in her new home. We shook the bees from the container into the hive and put a feeder along with a small pollen patty on the top of the frames to give them some food while they become accustomed to their surroundings.

We lost all four hives last winter. It happens more than beekeepers wish but sometimes there’s nothing we can do when the snow’s so deep we can’t reach them. The colonies just got too cold. They went into winter healthy and never came out again. I was devastated.

So today, when the bees were climbing all over us I was thrilled. I missed them so much and I finally got to experience their trust and unified resonance once more. Growing up, my mother taught me to be afraid of bees. I stepped on a bee in our chicken coop thirty some years ago and received my first bee sting. Six weeks later it happened again. Although my husband has always wanted bees, I couldn’t quite get there until a couple of years ago.

Now beginning our third season as beekeepers, with each year my comfort level grows. The first year I hung back primarily assisting Jerry but by the second year I had purchased the Warré and a horizontal hive and any fear I had was gone. And when I got the call yesterday that the package was in my tears flowed.

You can’t know what it’s like to pull weeds in the garden with bees only inches away, all of us doing our own thing, in synchronicity with the garden itself. The next best gardening companion is a chicken. I used to have one that would come running the minute I began weeding. She loved to help.

But as the fruit trees began blooming this Spring, only local pollinators were visiting, with only a few bumblebees around. The sound of honeybees simply wasn’t there and although I knew that the package and nucs we ordered would eventually be here, I had no idea if they would be here in time to place their essence on the trees. Because it’s a give and take between bees and the plant life that sustains them, there’s nothing like a colony of honeybees to make everything bloom!

The garden flourishes now, prolific and abundant, made so by the bees who visit. And I await the moment when I sit out in the gazebo where a curious honeybee hovers in greeting a couple of inches from my face. It first happened only a day or so after our first colony arrived. She hovered a few inches from my eyes, looking at me. I sat there while she and I sized each other up, and then she was gone. But in that moment, I fell in love and my devotion to the colony has grown exponentially.

Although I regularly perform Reiki on the colonies, today I took a 432hz tuning fork out to the colony after they had settled in for a bit to align with their resonance, essentially tuning the biofield of the hive. As I struck the fork on the puck and moved it around the hive their resonance changed a bit and they seemed to settle down even more. The bulk of the colony was inside the hive surrounding their queen. They may have already eaten through the marshmallow I placed in the opening to her small cage and when she’s released and ready, she’ll take her maiden flight to breed with drones. She takes this flight only once creating millions of bees over the remainder of her life.

An empath, I feel the resonance of the colony, their hum and their unified presence. Performing Reiki with or without the tuning forks is an experience like no other. So it’s as much for me as it is for them. There’s so much stress in the life of a colony with pesticides and parasites and other problems our world forces them to contend with. All they want is to sustain life. They’re an integral part of our lives and yet are at such risk so I do what I can.

But without them, there is no us. The sound of bees is the sound of love and joy. We have an emotional connection to this unified presence if we would only stop and listen to their message. They survive together, never working at cross purposes but only in the preservation of the colony. A beekeeper sits next to her hive, listening to, learning from, and loving these incredible creatures. Their reverence for one another as well as for their queen is astonishing to observe.

Saving them, in turn, saves us. So how about we do that.


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Dealing With Extreme Emotions ~ Empath Strategies

Dealing with extreme emotions, whether our own or others, can be challenging for any empath. For those empaths accustomed to this sort of experience, it’s easier to assess the ownership of the vibration. But for the less aware empath experiencing another’s intense emotions can be overwhelming.

Outward expressions of anger are easy for most people to discern. Clearly, it’s someone else experiencing the anger and not the empath. We may be feeling it along with the individual, but it doesn’t generate within us. It’s the unspoken emotion, intense or not, that empaths can confuse with their own.

An empath will pick up on any number of vibrations that come close. I merge with others’ energetic fields so easily that I begin feeling nervous if something is off with any of them. That’s how I know that it’s not mine. I become worried. I begin glancing around, trying to find the source of the uncomfortable vibration, and when I know who it is, I feel in to see what’s going on. If it’s coming from someone that I’m close with I’m usually more susceptible to losing my control than if it’s an acquaintance or a stranger.

We might appear in bodies but in truth, we’re each an energetic field that continually merges with all other energetic fields. And it’s in that energetic structure that an empath or aware person experiences the truth of others. I take literally the truth that God or the Creator is All That Is. Because if this is true, then there is nothing other than the Creator. All that we are, see, and experience around us is the Creator personified. So oneness is not just a nice meme but is, in fact, our fundamental reality, and the very reason empaths experience what we do.

When I experience intense or strong emotions in others, it’s not just how loud they get or the words they use, but their physical posture that affects me as well. If I’m sitting down in a chair for example and my husband is ranting about one thing or another, he has to be careful not to stand over me or lean forward while he’s speaking or I will feel that vibration pound down on top of my head. When it happens, I can’t breathe. We’ve figured out how to let him know to step back without interrupting the flow of his rant. But when it happens, it’s just awful.

Hate-speech is another intense vibration that is impossible for me to experience. It’s as if our family is about to fall apart, or a violent crime is underway. I experience its destructiveness in a visceral manner feeling fear and panic and again I have trouble breathing.

Empaths naturally want to heal people who are having difficulties, irrespective of their nature. We instinctively want to bring people back into alignment with blessings of love and peace. But here’s the thing. Are we helping them or are we really bringing our own self back into alignment by trying to balance their vibration?

In my case, I’ve found that it’s more about me at that point and my ability to remain peacefully in control. Ideally, empaths should be able to observe the expressions of others without absorbing any of their vibration. Instead, we do the opposite and then become distressed when we experience extreme or intense emotion. We judge it as wrong somehow and set about fixing it when instead we could give it no meaning at all. It’s just something that’s currently happening and has nothing to do with us. But no. We get involved and it all goes south fairly quickly.

So what’s an empath to do?

  • Determine if the vibration is your own or someone else’s.
  • If it’s you, take a moment to settle down excusing yourself if you need that.
  • If it’s someone else, then either pull inward from them and shield if necessary, or feel their vibration along with them. Acknowledge to yourself that you’re choosing to do this and simply observe what you’re feeling. When we feel uncomfortable vibrations we tend to tense up and become resistant to what we’re experiencing. There’s nothing wrong with feeling something that’s not comfortable. It’s just one of many feelings that we experience in life. Give it no other meaning than that. Which brings me to the most important truth.
  • We give EVERYTHING in our experience the meaning it has. Knowing this, every so-called negative experience we have becomes just another experience to observe and take in.
  • Until the observation side of self overshadows the absorbing side it’s probably best to align and shield when experiencing intense vibrations. Some simple visualization techniques that are fairly self-explanatory include:
    • Bubble of Protection
    • Suit of Armor
    • Plow the Road (shopping carts work well)
    • Tunneling 
  • Practice controlling your breath when life is comfortable so that it’s easier to go there when things become dicey. Breathe, align in Source Presence, and visualize pulling back your energetic field to a single point. Visualize white light emerging outward from that single point, bathing you in loving, protective light, blessing all who wish to experience that loving resonance. Allow any energetic cords to dissipate and resonate in your purified and divine Self.
  • Understand your limitations and take time out for your own respite. Empaths tend to be self-sacrificing which only contributes to a lack of control so put yourself first. You are that important.

Experiencing Dishonesty

As challenging as experiencing intense emotions are, experiencing dishonesty, at least for me, is far worse. It’s the passive side of passive aggression and from my perspective, it’s as intense an experience as any violent outburst.

Dishonesty hits me like a wave. Inside I’m screaming, NO, but outside I’m in full assessment mode. Most of the time I don’t have to feel in to know a lie is in the works because people really are that transparent. When someone is dishonest, I feel a sense of being tied up in knots. I experience the liar’s desired effect and my outrage begins, matching if not exceeding the liar’s own vibrational intent. It’s why I had a hard time during the election. I knew the so-called new guy would renege on promises he made while up-ending the country in the process so I couldn’t listen to him or his minions then or now.

And because relationships of all sorts have been so impacted by the election it may be necessary for empaths to step back from arguments and confrontations that might take place between friends and family. Those who were duped along the way will have to find that truth for themselves. All the rest of us can do is wait for sanity to return and stay out of the line of fire so to speak.

Besides. Garden season is around the corner. Life is so much simpler there.

Blessings to all!

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Stepping Aside Versus Feeling Compelled ~ The Witch and the Empath Within

Stepping Aside Versus Feeling Compelled ~ The Witch and the Empath Within

When I renamed this blog Stepping Aside, I did so because I had reached a point in my life where I was finished with the drama that surrounded me. It was a sort of walking away moment if you will. I had brought my RA into remission with cannabis while the doctors prescribed nothing that helped. I found the whole experience beyond offensive because each one refused to listen to what I had to say. Had they done so I believe I would never have been as ill as I was for all those years. It was such a waste of time, money, and of life really.

Renaming the blog was a statement I suppose. It wasn’t an act as much as an acknowledgment of how things really are. An empath struggles to be heard much of the time. Few people take us seriously when we assert what we know because typically it’s not what they want to hear in the first place. So when I renamed my blog Stepping Aside, it wasn’t that I was doing so, but that I was fully embracing my position in life.

I turn sixty in October, a milestone that. When empaths are born our struggle is not just to be heard but to fundamentally belong. Somewhere. Our awareness prevents a feeling of belonging from taking hold in our birth families which may continue throughout adulthood. It takes a level of strength that can be difficult to find when support is lacking and life becomes so bewildering.

Deception from others is by far the most difficult experience for me to have. I don’t understand lying. I mean, I get why people do it, but you’d think they’d save it for really big things. That way, it might at least be understandable why the lie was told. But no. That’s not what happens. People lie about the stupidest, most insignificant things. And then they compound it further by saying it didn’t happen.

This experience turns an empath inside out. We immediately go into battle mode becoming warriors for the truth. Or we dissolve into a mess because we don’t believe anyone will take us seriously about what we know. And unfortunately, the only real answer is to ignore the rest of the world. It’s just too much for us, especially these days.

Engage with what we can and then step aside from the drama recognizing it for the exercise in futility that it is. When we step aside we control our response instead of allowing the situation to control that for us. I don’t know an empath alive who doesn’t find engagement with others difficult. But regardless of our wish to be around people, it’s no fun if we’re upset by it.

Not everyone appreciates those who seem to always know what they would keep hidden. Empaths disturb that. Our vibration is apparently higher and we experience truth in a visceral manner. In other words, we feel it and we know it. We don’t need any road map or blueprint or crib notes, we simply know. And we learn early in life that this is disturbing to others. So we either go dark or we continue speaking up.

Not that this should be news to anyone, but I chose the second. I speak up. Always have and it doesn’t seem to be stopping anytime soon. My Human Design chart tells me that the Left-angled Cross of the Clarion influences me and that I’m here to disseminate information to others. On top of that, my godhead is the Christ Consciousness field.

So there you go. So much for stepping aside. I couldn’t even if I wanted to. Couple the witch and the empath together and I feel compelled. The recent election has caused concern and upset for so many of us, witches and empaths included. We feel compelled to do something, to bring our world back into a loving balance. We do that by performing rituals. It’s no different than prayer except that we do it with really cool props. The picture at the top is from a ritual for peace that I performed. Nothing scary about it, just a mortar, pestle, some herbs from my garden, some crystals, candles, and a lovely rune and Awen altar tile on my work table. Oh, and there’s some salt for protection. I chanted some words in Latin because that’s really cool and cast blessings of peace to the collective consciousness.

Some of us comfortably perform curses but I prefer binding spells and that’s what a variety of witches around the world cast last Friday evening despite some news articles to the contrary. Everything is energy and as such vibrates. The Creator decided to know more and cast it’s own Thoughts outward to form the universe and all who live there. With that, we now not only have vibration but movement as well.

When a spell is cast, a witch formulates his/her intention and then while chanting specific words, that intention is cast to the universe. In a binding spell, the focus is on a particular behavior that is causing harm. In my own casting of a binding spell, I prefer to see it as interrupting the flow of thought or vibration, allowing the individual to take a time out and give their choice another look. Sometimes as humans we get on a roll and don’t realize the damage we’re doing. Binding someone’s actions will allow him time for reflection. It in no way interferes with the individual’s free will because he’s always free to ignore any resistance he might feel. What if a slight pause was all he needed to reconsider his actions? It’s like rattling a set of keys at a crying baby. Sometimes the distraction is all the infant needs to see that there’s nothing to cry about.

Now I cannot and will not speak for any other witches participating in spellwork who may see this quite differently, but I can say that corralling children is something many of us are quite skilled at. Think of this as a go to your room and think about what you’ve done moment. Considering who it was for, I’d say it’s appropriate and the least we can do.

Because apparently, we’ll all be parenting the man-child in the oval office a while longer.

Blessings to all!

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A Graceful Presence ~ Tarot for 7 Feb 2017

A Graceful Presence

It’s difficult to retain a graceful presence when the so-called new guy is running amok, potentially sending us all off the cliff while he vacations on a golf course after only two weeks in office. Calming our emotions can be difficult during these unsettling times, but as much as we all need to stay calm, it’s really the out of control antics by the so-called new guy that are the most troubling.

In today’s tarot reading the Empress sits serenely on her throne, the Goddess in her Mother aspect. A waxing crescent moon depicting the Maiden appears on the top left while a crescent moon that’s waning appears below on the left depicting the Crone.  A swan sits on her nest looking lovingly at her chicks. A double eagle appears on her shield to her left. The Empress is our Earth Mother, her swollen belly pregnant with new life. The blues and greens of the card suggest serenity and alignment. The 3rd card of the Major Arcana serves as the significator for the reading depicting the synchronicity of mind, body, and Spirit.

The Ace of Wands, 4 of Swords, and both the Princess and Queen of Cups comprise the reading itself. Fire, Air, and Water are specifically represented with The Empress providing the Earthy feel although she embodies all elemental energies. The numerology of the reading is 8, representing cycles, inner aspects, and triplicities.

A pattern initially emerges between The Empress and the Princess and Queen of Cups. Emotional and psychic or empathic presence and control are at issue in today’s tarot reading evidenced by the colors shared by the cards. The Princess of Cups simply flows in graceful emotional presence. She is imaginative and full of inspiration. The Princess holds a large shell, a tortoise peeking over its edge. A swan floats overhead and a fish and lotus blossom appear on either side, her lavender dress casting loving intention.

The Princess traditionally represents the student or message-bearer full of undeveloped potential. But the Thoth tarot takes a different view of the Princesses in the deck, believing them to be the culmination of the Aces, and view them with complete devotion. There’s such energy with this card along with the promise of something new.

The Queen of Cups stands above a pond, like the reflection of herself barely seen in the water. She is a natural witch, the empath, intuitive and psychic. She observes all, this loving Earth Goddess, and is loved beyond measure. Considered the watery part of water, her qualities are easily reflected in others. She can be ruthless when aware what others would keep hidden reflecting back to them who they are. Nothing is hidden from this Queen and no one can hide who they are around her.

Looking at both the Ace of Wands and the 4 of Swords, they appear to illustrate bringing our emotions into alignment by balancing our catalytic and creative presence with our intellect, creating a more aligned mind, body, and Spirit. A fiery wand arises, flames bursting in all direction, greenish lightning bolts extending behind. Aces are considered the root of each suit and essentially contain all the suits’ qualities therein. The Ace of Wands embodies our creative expression in all its catalytic expression. It’s the beginning of passion and courage, power and energy exploding from its center.

Unlike the projective or masculine nature of the Ace of Wands, the 4 of Swords signifies truce or a time of reflection representing a more feminine or receptive response. Four swords point to the middle of a mandala-like flower suggesting retreat and reflection. Chaotic thoughts expressed by the random star like designs appear in the background, away from our awareness as we go within to achieve alignment and to heal.

Emotions are running high these days with the recent election and unfortunately, it’s not an overreaction. The so-called new guy’s authoritarian and dictatorial attitude coupled with his extreme gullibility will in all probability create a long lasting negative impact but he’s on a roll and running amok and unable to see the true effect of his actions. Balance is sorely needed but out of his reach given his extreme reactions and lack of impulse control. He’s above it all and doesn’t seek advice from anyone who actually understands government and the world at large and his decisions reflect that arrogance.

It’s not that the world doesn’t need a reset. It does. Those in control have forever kept us in the dark as to how our world truly functions. We believe we have a voice in what happens but clearly, if this election tells us anything, we don’t. In time we’ll come to know how all of this happened but it’s clear at this juncture that manipulation is at its heart.

Instead of a Commander-in-Chief, it appears that we now have a Fleecer-in-Chief as a new report surfaced the other day discussing a lawsuit filed against a media outlet from his wife. I really can’t refer to her as the First Lady because it sure appears like his daughter is filling that role. A Washington Post article stated in her filing that:


An attorney for first lady Melania Trump argued in a lawsuit filed Monday that an article falsely alleging that she once worked for an escort service hurt her chance to establish “multimillion dollar business relationships” during the years in which she would be “one of the most photographed women in the world.”

The suit — filed Monday in New York Supreme Court, a state trial court, in Manhattan — against Mail Media, the owner of the Daily Mail, said the article published by the Daily Mail and its online division last August caused Trump’s brand, Melania, to lose “significant value” as well as “major business opportunities that were otherwise available to her.” The suit said the article had damaged her “unique, once in a lifetime opportunity” to “launch a broad-based commercial brand.”

“These product categories would have included, among other things, apparel accessories, shoes, jewelry, cosmetics, hair care, skin care and fragrance,” according to the lawsuit, which was filed on Trump’s behalf by California attorney Charles Harder.¹


“…during the years in which she would be “one of the most photographed women in the world.”” Let that sink in for a minute. It’s a little disgusting to think these people are only there to make money off the taxpayers. One of his sons just went to Uruguay to the tune of $100,000 on OUR dime and it’s costing us in upwards of a million a day to protect his wife and son in their golden tower in New York City. I couldn’t vote for her husband because of the allegations of predatory sexual assault. But even without that, his campaign rallies sickened me to the point that I would change the channel anytime they came on the television. I can’t listen to his voice or anything that comes out of his mouth. I believe this man constitutes a clear and present danger to all we hold dear in this country. He’s conned his supporters into believing he won’t abandon them but he’s doing that on a daily basis. His spokespeople lie continually and are being lampooned by everyone. He hasn’t even been there a month and protests are occurring daily.

The Resistance is in full swing and it’s only getting started.

So let’s keep our heads about us, observe and then when the time is right, act in unison to stop this man at ever turn because evidently, a graceful presence is beyond him.

We cannot let a fatigue-fueled clown destroy us. He has a choice to make every second of every day. Does he serve only self or does he live in loving service to others? So far, the answer is clear.

Blessed be to all in the struggle to restore sanity to our nation



  1. Melania Trump missed out on ‘once-in-a-lifetime opportunity’ to make millions, lawsuit says
  2. Court Filing


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Empaths and Boundaries ~ Checking In

Empaths and Boundaries ~ Checking In

Empaths can have the most fluid of boundaries given how we experience energy surrounding us. Empaths feel in to know more about what’s going on when they sense something doesn’t feel quite right. We have plenty of that now with all the chaos surrounding the new guy who took office. Lots of fear and worry to contend with and it can be exhausting for anyone to deal with, let alone someone who is empathic.

In my recent book, Empath, I discuss all of this from my own perspective:


An empath doesn’t simply see others, we experience them. We experience their energy, moods, thoughts, body language, words, tone, their eye contact or lack thereof. You name it, an empath may experience it including symptoms of physical illness. And until empaths learn to discern what is and isn’t their own experience, they may feel as if their emotions are all over the place.¹

We sense when another is hurting or fearful and we naturally want to help. We’re now living in troubling times, with the more divisive among us causing widespread concern, and empaths are experiencing this difficult resonance, many in retreat from it all. Empaths need to understand exactly who we are and from where our power to heal is derived so that we can be at our most aligned in Source Presence while helping others.

We don’t need a course or a guru or a set of resources to understand who we are because it’s not that complicated. We only need a reminder of what we already know in our hearts to be true.

We’re not broken, but awakened. There is nothing wrong with us because we know what we know.²


But why does one human being experience life this way and another not so much? I believe it happens prior to incarnation into form when we make the overall choice of a theme for our various life experiences. Not everyone chooses to retain awareness of who they are as the Creator personified in individuated form. Because although religions suggest otherwise, there is no separate God or Creator. The original Source Presence, or the Creator, is All That Is so how can there be anything else? The universe and everything and everyone in it are the Creator seeking to know and experience more. Whatever we see occurring around us is a projection of that unified field of Consciousness. The only judgment attached with respect to positive or negative is generated by the human expression and is not found with Source because Source only loves.

Which is what we all should be doing.

So an empath is really someone who hasn’t forgotten who s/he is as Source Energy. But we become caught up in the drama of how creation is playing out, choosing to interact instead of observing without judgment. And because of that tendency we need to develop a system for checking in. Shielding in various forms also helps, but take time for yourself to go within anyway.

If we go about our day reacting to everything and everyone we come into contact with it can be difficult to let go of all the disparate vibrations we encounter. We can become overwhelmed before we even know it’s happening so it really makes sense to get in the habit of taking a moment to check in with yourself. Ask if what you’re feeling has a basis in your own experience. In other words, are you feeling the way you are because of your own thoughts taking you there, or can you find no real reason for them? If you can’t then you’re responding to something that isn’t your own.

And when you know this, let it go. Visualize the channel dissolving into the air. It’s not yours and it doesn’t need to be attached to you. It’s a form of etheric cord cutting. I just like the visual of dissolving over cutting. Seems more gentle. But if you need a more pronounced visualization, by all means use whatever it takes to keep you balanced and happy.

Sometimes we hang on to these thoughts and feelings because we feel a need to fix them somehow. As if we let them go something tragic will strike. But if it’s really necessary to deal with, it’ll come around again and you can look at it from a more centered standpoint. Otherwise, be ruthless in letting go of what’s unnecessary.

Empaths are a curious bunch, particularly when interesting vibrations come close. We have an activist mentality and we have a crusader’s heart. We’ll stand up to oppression anytime, any place. When staying in a hotel and there’s an unexpected knock at the door, I’ll run to the door in defense with my husband thinking, here she goes again. We both have black belts in Kenpo and he’s a higher rank, but I’m the one who physically runs to danger. He’s more circumspect about the whole matter.

I used to believe that an empath’s sense of justice was on overdrive, but with the appalling oppression around the world along with who just became president here in our own country, perhaps overdrive is what’s needed when lies, manipulation, and other machinations are happening. Certainly his supporters got on board without believing what they saw before them. Empaths, on the other hand, saw this guy coming, experiencing his chaotic behavior first hand. We know who he is and of what he is capable.

So check in with you. Do it often. Empaths tend to retreat anyway, so make sure it becomes a daily practice, particularly now. I’ve found that I cannot watch the news anymore. I’ve been able to read articles but it all depends on where they’re from. I’ve limited my interaction on social media which has been challenging because we’ve had snow for the last two months and I can’t really get outside much. And a witch can only do so many stomach crunches and take so many squat challenges. Eventually the knees suffer.




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Transformation and Renewal~ Tarot for 1 Feb 2017

Transformation and Renewal

On this snowy Imbolc I chose the DruidCraft tarot deck for today’s reading on transformation and renewal. I like to observe most of the Sabbats but mainly I’m more of an Esbat observing witch. What can I say? I love the Moon. Imbolc is considered a major Sabbat in that it’s Goddess oriented. Beltane, Lammas (or Lughnasadh), and Samhain are the other three. Four others are related to the Sun and its position in the sky. They include Ostara, Litha, Mabon, and Yule.

snowy flowerImbolc is the time when the Crone gives way to the Maiden as Spring approaches. On the High Desert, however, we’ve been inundated with snow since early in December. And after 36 years we finally bought a snow blower for our 800 foot driveway, relegating the snow shovel for lesser tasks. It arrived today and needless to say, my husband is thrilled.

The DruidCraft tarot blends Druid practice and philosophy with traditional witchcraft or Wicca. My leaning is toward Druid practice and rune magick and I’m not one of those witches who is Wiccan having always been solitary in my own practice. And I’ve always viewed being a witch as something I am, not something I do. But all that aside, I dearly love this tarot deck. It’s larger than my other decks and sometimes I have trouble shuffling it when my hands hurt, but today they were fine so I thought using it would be perfect for an Imbolc reading. Two cards are from the Major Arcana and one is from the suit of Cups.

Beginning with The Fferyllt, we see a young witch pouring red liquid into a container radiating the golden light of alchemical transformation. Smoke rises from her large ornate cauldron, an alchemist blending fire with water and air to renew and transform. Herbs hang from the rafters along with what appears to be hides stretched using hag stones. Sigils appear on one of the hides, a pentagram and ogham runes visible. Her besom stands against a post where a snake is carved symbolizing fertility and renewal as it reaches with its mouth toward an egg inscribed with a hexagram or merkaba. The fourteenth card of the Major Arcana, this card denote alchemical change. As a rainbow appears over the water in the distance, the witch as alchemist combines together elemental energies in transformation and renewal.

The Hanged Man is another card from the Major Arcana which appears in today’s reading. Any time a Major card presents it indicates archetypal influences or messages, and for two to appear is significant in that today is Imbolc. The 12th card of the Major Arcana, The Hanged Man‘s numerology is 3 or mastery of mind/body/Spirit reinforced by the mistletoe growing on the tree. A sickle appears over by a field of grain as if the man has taken a break to surrender to the moment, align in Source Presence, and achieve enlightenment. His left leg crosses behind his right reinforces the symbolism of triple aspects and mastery. The card seems to depict the Green Man, but I prefer to see this card as Odin, receiving enlightenment as he hangs from the World Tree of Ygdrassil. The presence of the underworld is felt with this card as the man lets go of any preconceived notions and surrenders to Source Presence within.

In the final position, the Queen of Cups stands serenely at water’s edge, the toes from one foot in the water, her other foot on dry land, a beetle on the ground next to her robe. She holds a golden chalice in both hands in supplication to the Full Moon above. She is a natural witch, intuitive and healing. She is the Goddess as Mother guiding her family with loving wisdom and grace. An empath, the Queen’s emotional resonance is felt with this card as she aligns within and knows.

bird in snowClearly we’re experiencing change in our world which doesn’t seem likely to end any time soon. But with Spring around the corner, transformation and renewal are coming. It’s time to clear out the clutter from the winter and make plans for the future. Before long many of us will be outside cleaning up winter’s effect, planning new projects and new experiences. And with garden season approaching that’s going to take precedent over any nonsense from the new guy in this witch’s world. Priorities, after all.

The numerology of the reading is 14 and 12, reducing from there to a final numerology of 8 or structure, protection, and discipline. It’s easy to become caught up in the drama that’s happening. But the running theme with each card is to continue on with who we are and what we know to be true. Spending time in meditation is helpful as is doing something. At some point, we have to be disciplined enough to get on with our lives and let the new guy implode, because rest assured, he will do just that. Continuing to work for a better future is something each one of us can do, even if it amounts only to random acts of kindness. Those small, seemingly insignificant kindnesses can change another’s life. A little nudge in a positive direction can have such a profound effect.

Remaining focused on the antics and chaos brought by the new guy and his minions will only keep us from moving forward and that’s the last thing any of us needs. The surrender depicted by the Hanged Man doesn’t suggest that we surrender to oppression; rather, it suggests that we surrender to our inner truth of love and compassion. See past the division and hate brought by others, viewing each person as the Creator personified, perfect in all ways.

We began in oneness and to that truth we shall awaken.

Blessed Be

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New Book! Empath


I confess that I have difficulty advertising what I do. It feels like bragging somehow and I really have to step outside my comfort zone to do any of it. But it’s part of the process I guess. My blog has been active for four years and over that time I’ve worked on several books at the same time. The first one I published was Confessions of a Back Porch Herbalist describing my healing from severe rheumatoid arthritis with cannabis and herbs. I felt compelled to finish that one first in the event it might be of use to other cannabis patients.

The second book was a grimoire of sorts for the witch/empath who wishes a solitary path. Grimoire of a Crone essentially explains how I experience life as a witch along with some correspondences and a materia medica thrown in.

In my third book, Magick and the Aligned Witch, I discussed how alignment in Source Presence affects the witch and her power as well as her magickal workings. I included examples of rune magick as well as spells written in Latin because it’s incredibly cool. I really liked writing all three books, the second two extensions of each other.

As personal as the first three books were, Empath gives others a look at how I and others like me experience the world and how we can use our awareness for healing. I felt compelled to write about this because although this awareness can be confusing and overwhelming, it doesn’t have to be. Empaths and others like them can learn how to not only understand what they experience but how to remain safe and protected from intrusive vibrations.

An empath doesn’t simply see others, we experience them. We experience their energy, moods, thoughts, body language, words, tone, their eye contact or lack thereof. You name it, an empath may experience it including symptoms of physical illness. And until empaths learn to discern what is and isn’t their own experience, they may feel as if their emotions are all over the place.¹

With our awareness many empaths are attracted to healing of all kinds. In the book I discuss various healing methods as well as shielding and meditation techniques. Relationships can be challenging and I talk about that as well as parenting issues. And throughout the book I hope I conveyed the most important truth of all:

We’re not broken, but awakened. There is nothing wrong with us because we know what we know. And if this book does anything, it will awaken not just the empath, but everyone else to that truth.²

So thanks in advance for checking out the new book. It even has an index.


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Strength and the Feminine Divine

Strength and the Feminine Divine

Venus of the Willendorf represents the Goddess as the Mother of Cups. Known as the Queen of Cups in other decks, Hermann Haindl paints her in her donii form, her abdomen bulging with life, her breasts full of milk. She is the loving Earth Mother, the matriarch who, aligned in Source Presence, guides her family and the community at large. She observes in quiet reflection, her intuition her guide.Venus of Willendorf

The stone artifact depicted on the card was unearthed by an Austro-Hungarian archaeologist by the name of Josef Szombathy in 1908 near the village of Willendorf, Austria and has been determined to have been carved between 28,000 and 25,000 BCE during the paleolithic time in our history. Artifacts such as this one are believed to depict the Goddess as Mother and were carved in reverence to her blessed Divinity.

Yes, believe it or not, there was a time when women were actually revered instead of what we experience now.

The 2 of Cups continues the emotional presence of the Mother with a peacock lovingly gazing at two golden chalices made all the more magickal by the seven stars arising from each. A sense of things to come, perhaps children in the future are felt with this card. The magick of love heals everything. But also, this card is about balancing the masculine and feminine nature within, a balance that’s sorely missing in today’s world. Are we in service to others, or service to self? It’s not that service to self can’t be a rewarding and loving experience, but when it turns to the oppression we experience today, then it’s clear our balance has been lost.

The 10 of Stones, Pentacles, Coins, or Disks in other decks, is called Richness. This suit of Elemental Earth indicates the richness of our foundation. Depicting ten stones in balance, the card reflects strength and prosperity as well as legacy. When in balance, we create a successful outcome for all. When we’re not, then we fail to see the larger picture and the strength that unity provides. Instead, we seek to oppress others in an effort to be a winner as our upcoming president is fond of saying.

Win at all costs. Never for one minute be responsible for the lies it takes to win, just do whatever it takes to win. Find strength in the oppression of others because it’s all about the money and control you believe you have.

The cards today suggest another approach. A return to the strength of the Feminine Divine in all. Love is the only way forward. The 2 of Cups fully illustrates this with the promise of richness ours when the Mother presence is respected.

The numerology is 2 and 10, resulting in 3, or the principle of unity. Mother and Father unite in creation of a child, thereby expressing their unified presence. We’ve lost that these days, the creation becoming far less than it could be.

Today’s reading illustrates that a loving and balanced presence is our only way out of the nightmare we’ve created. Disunity must give way to our fundamental unity in Source. We are one in Source Energy. That doesn’t change while while appearing in individuated form.

When we oppress others, we oppress our own Selves. All are a reflection of the Creator, of Source Energy, and although we may appear different, we are in fact one infinite vibration of love.

Go within and remember.

Blessed Be

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Venus of Willendorf 

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Our Foundation For Clarity and Strength ~ Runecasting for 9 Dec 2016

Our Foundation for Clarity and Strength

I don’t always start out creating a bindrune. Sometimes they just create themselves when I draw them. When I drew Eihwaz, Kenaz, and Thurisaz, the bindrune jumped right out. The numerology is 22, or the Master Builder number, manifesting our dreams into reality. And looking at each rune, it’s easy to see that this is so.

Eihwaz provides a connection between opposites, the axis between physical and nonphysical aspects of Self. It assists us in accessing the astral realm, provides strength, and removes obstacles. And from yesterday’s divination, we know that 13, the number associated with Eihwaz, combines the many into one, making it perfect as the structure for the bindrune. Eihwaz is our alignment in Source Presence, expressing the energetic reality of as above, so below.

The 6th rune of the Elder Futhark, Kenaz provides the light of awakening. As the rune of openings, Kenaz awakens intuition and reveals that which is hidden, manifesting the witch’s power to know. Our creativity is transformed with Kenaz, strengthening our passion and well-being. As the number of the sacred, six suggests Source Vision as well as harmony and love.

Thurisaz, the 3rd rune of the Elder Futhark, embodies the catalytic energy of Thor’s Hammer. It reigns in out of control behavior, brings rebirth and regeneration, stimulating positive and fruitful change. But Thurisaz also asks us to be aware of the effects of our actions. The catalytic presence of Thurisaz suggests the need for balanced response to situations that arise.

So that’s cool. We have some awareness developing, our clarity strengthened by Source Vision. We can react in haste and possible anger at what’s revealed, or we can go within and sit with it for a while, gathering more clarity as we do. An obstacle to our peace of mind or to a goal we have may be revealing itself. But it feels personal, so I believe this is more to do with our sense of control over our happiness. Fortunately it also feels like something will be revealed that will bring more clarity to the situation.

The word, shenanigans, keeps resonating, so it may be that some nonsense is happening behind the scenes. The bindrune can be used as a focus when aligning. It can be made into a talisman to be carried or worn or drawn in the air, intoning its runes to bring clarity to the moment. I’ll bless and consecrate this new bindrune for clarity and strength on Tuesday’s Full Cold Moon.

The balance we assert between physical and nonphysical presence provides the foundation for our clarity and our strength. We’re experiencing what amounts to a shell game being played to keep us distracted from the truth.

Go within, stay aligned, and know.

Blessed Be