I no sooner get my bee journal updated and my husband comes in the house and tells me he thinks one of the hives is swarming. So I went out to the apiary and before I even got there I could see a swarm had begun clumping in a tree just above the new hives. […]

Deception From Energy Vampires: An Empath's Struggle ~ Tarot for 6 June 2017

Deception From Energy Vampires: An Empath’s Struggle ~ Tarot for 6 June 2017

I’ve been experiencing some panic attacks lately due to the antics of a handful of manipulative people. It’s one of the downsides of being an empath and has nothing to do with any fear on my part. It’s just an empathic awareness that becomes so overwhelming that panic results. When people seek to deceive, I experience their […]

In Love With Bees

In Love With Bees

I installed a new package of bees in the Warré hive today. The queen was moving around in her small cage when I pried out the cork in the end replacing it with a small marshmallow, only then placing her in her new home. We shook the bees from the container into the hive and […]

A Greenhouse Gone Wrong

A Greenhouse Gone Wrong

I wanted a greenhouse with the plastic inserts for walls. Or whatever that stuff is made from. I ordered an 8×8 greenhouse online from a local home improvement store, it arrived, and the project began. My sixty-three-year-old husband cleared and leveled an area over by the apiary for the new greenhouse which initially involved moving […]

An Imbolc Runecasting ~ 4 Feb 2017

Today’s runecasting has an Imbolc feel to it. I’ve been drawing the same tarot cards the last day or so and switching decks doesn’t seem to be helping reset things so when I began drawing male Court cards today, I knew I had enough. Court cards are odd to interpret sometimes. The interaction between Court cards […]

Transformation and Renewal

Transformation and Renewal~ Tarot for 1 Feb 2017

On this snowy Imbolc I chose the DruidCraft tarot deck for today’s reading on transformation and renewal. I like to observe most of the Sabbats but mainly I’m more of an Esbat observing witch. What can I say? I love the Moon. Imbolc is considered a major Sabbat in that it’s Goddess oriented. Beltane, Lammas […]

Flowing in Awen

Flowing in Awen ~ Runecasting for 31 Dec 2016

2016 began well enough. I published my first book and my herbal coursework was proceeding nicely. I completed the herb course early in the year and went on to publish three more books, the last one, Empath, just the other day. As I write this, I’m awaiting proofs for the paperback copy. We put in a […]

As Garden Season Ends…

  The dome we put in was a complete success. The hugel beds which we also put in exceeded our expectations as everything we planted both inside and around the outside of the dome went crazy. I’ve frozen more beans than I did last year and even though it’s October and we’ve had some frost, […]

Another Batch of Cannabis Oil

It’s time again to make some cannabis oil. It’s that thick, sludgy resinous oil made from cannabis that saves lives. I know because it saved mine. I originally used a method described by Rick Simpson, but then I found an oil distiller that sits on my kitchen counter and I like that even better. With […]

A Little Honesty Would Have Been Nice

Apparently the federal government is not yet ready to remove cannabis from the Federal Drug Register. NORML is reporting that the Feds aren’t going to reschedule cannabis after all. Never mind that a profit motive put it there, because it was never about truth. I guess they’re going to allow universities to “study” it now. […]