Peaceful Times & New Endeavors – a Tarot Reading

Peaceful Times Ahead


I love when I have cards that face each other. An interaction or engagement of some kind is happening between the Queen of Pentacles and The Emperor. Perhaps the cards reflect a husband and wife or some other partnership. The Star, the Blessed Conduit, brings optimism and openness to the couple’s interaction.

The day promises rain and cold temperatures so I’m using my Morgan-Greer deck to bring some color back to the day. Looks like I’ll be covering plants again tonight. The only Court card, and representing Elemental Earth, the Queen of Pentacles gazes calmly at the Emperor. They’ve been together forever and little needs saying at this point. She is in the Crone phase of life, autumn leaves surrounding her. The Queen is practical and trustworthy, the wise Earth Mother. She and the Emperor sit comfortably together sharing memories and hopes for the future.

The Emperor, a card from the Major Arcana,  provides structure to their relationship supported by the Queen’s intelligent, practical nature. They succeed together in their mutual endeavors. He represents the benevolent father, disciplined and ambitious, creating order within the family. The Emperor and the Queen have created a life together born of unified effort.

The Star, the second card from the Major Arcana to appear in the reading, represents hope and inspiration. She calmly pours water both into the pond and onto land, fostering a sense of emotional balance. It may also indicate that the Queen and her consort, the Emperor have achieved balance in their relationship. The Star tells us that peaceful times are ahead, representing the calm after a storm. The intensity of the past gone, the Queen and the Emperor can approach the future balancing optimism with calm resolve.

Numerologically, the Emperor is a four, the Star seventeen. Court cards apparently don’t have a value so I won’t include that card in the calculation. 4 and 7 add together giving us 11, considered a Master Number representing illumination, intuition, instinct, and psychic ability. Perhaps something new is in store for the partnership and the interaction between the Queen and Emperor is about future endeavors. The appearance of a Master Number brings additional weight to this notion, counseling the couple to listen to their instincts for they serve them well.

New endeavors have become the norm for those of us who are retired. In fact, the concept of retirement should be retired if you’ll forgive the pun. Now it’s all about the next chapter in our lives, embarking upon new careers in lieu of sitting around watching the world go by. Instead of reviewing all that we’ve learned, we’re eager to learn even more.

Well, that was cool!


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