There’s a Merkaba in my Astrological Chart

Solar Fire chart


I recently purchased a new astrology software. I normally use Time Passages, which I really love, but I had heard about Solar Fire and I wanted to see what it was like. It’s more involved and less user-friendly than Time Passages, but I’m learning how it’s set up and it’s really interesting. What jumped out at me right away was my natal chart and how a Merkaba shows up. Evidently my other software either calculates things a little differently or I don’t have it including something that this one does. I’m sure it’s the latter. But I tried to duplicate it in Time Passages and I wasn’t able to figure it out.

I also read an article recently from Human Design about determining my Godhead. The Godhead influences us on a daily basis and essentially represents soul archetypes. It can influence in any direction given the human’s tendency to live the not-self, so it doesn’t necessarily mean our better angels are in play.

jan rave natal

The Godhead is also involved in the Incarnation Cross. A simplified way of looking at incarnation crosses is that left-angle people are here for others, and right-angle people are here to work on themselves with whatever cross they are influencing their overall life. My incarnation cross is left angled and is the Cross of the Clarion, part of the Quarter of Duality or relationships.

The Godhead is found by looking at where on the Human Design Rave chart an individual’s Personality Sun lies. In my case, it lies in the quarter of duality at Gate 57 Intuition. In my bodygram (Human Design chart) Gate 57 creates a channel with Gate 34 Power called The Channel of the Archetype.

Incarnation crossThe Rave is separated in 4 quadrants: initiation, civilization, duality, and mutation. There are sixteen godheads, four assigned to each quarter with four gates assigned to each one. They include Kali, Mitra, Michael, Janus in the Quarter of Initiation; Maia, Lakshmi, Parvati, and Ma’at in the Quarter of Civilization; Thoth, Harmonia, Christ Consciousness Field, and Minerva in the Quarter of Duality; and, Hades, Prometheus, Vishnu, and the Keepers of the Wheel in the Quarter of Mutation.

So anyway, when I saw the Merkaba in my Solar Fire astrological chart I remembered my Incarnation Cross and my Godhead and I felt that funny resonance I feel when synchronicity happens. My Godhead is Christ Consciousness, the incarnation cross indicates a Clarion, I have that Channel of the Archetype in my bodygram, and then that Merkaba appeared. Interesting.

I surround myself with crystal Merkabas. I place them frequently around my altar. I have a meditation I do that is Merkaba-based. I envision Source Energy moving downward into physical form spinning in one direction, with Gaia Energy moving upward, spinning in the opposite direction. As I feel the separate triangles merge into the Merkaba shape, I exist in the middle, feeling its resonance, blending nonphysical with physical aspects of Self. When I feel ready, I return to the present moment. I use this meditation to align and center before practicing Reiki, before ritual, or anytime I need to align.

According to Human Design, we’re here to live our design, our authority, and not give in to the not-self. We’re to live the strategy that works best for the type that we are. For me as a Generator type, my strategy is to wait to respond in lieu of initiating. In other words, I need to remain in the observer role as much as possible. Observe what goes on rather than absorb its vibration. For empaths, this is critical or we end up a chaotic mess. If I assert myself too much instead of waiting to respond, then I risk that assertion going nowhere, or worse, adversely affecting what I set out to accomplish. The Clarion integrates well with the Christ Consciousness Field as long as the message is delivered within the Clarion’s strategy. So it’s clear that living one’s design is so important if we expect our lives to be happy and productive.

Synchronicities abound in my life. And I love when they happen. I had no idea when I purchased the new astrology software that it would unlock some of that, but it did. And I’m looking forward to so much more!




For further information on Godheads and Human Design:

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