Goddess Blessings – A Tarot Reading



We begin this Full Moon reading with the High Priest. The Hierophant in other decks, the DruidCraft Tarot blends Druidry with Wicca in the choice of card names and symbolism. The counterpart of the High Priestess, the High Priest represents an enlightened teacher, or perhaps the enlightened teacher within. He embodies Divine Wisdom and the mastery of knowledge, tradition, and structure. He is the Holy Guardian Angel within representing alignment with Source and the value of ritual.

The Three of Wands represents active waiting. The young man looks at the road in front of him, awaiting awareness of the way forward. The three trees before him have begun to grow and he may be looking for something new to discover or may be dreaming of new directions to take.

The Lady is such a beautiful card. Calm and serene, the Empress in other decks, The Lady sits quietly, reflecting on the new life growing within her. She represents fertility, sensuality, nurturing, and Motherhood. She is Goddess as Mother, prescient for tonight’s ritual. She asks us to align with her as we draw down her loving guidance. A feeling of family surrounds her as she asks us to embrace each other withing loving grace.

Full moons are about awakening and alignment with the Goddess within. Rituals tend to focus on healing and purification of some kind. Spellcraft includes magicks of increase. This spread is such a positive one, bringing family into loving focus, along with new beginnings of some kind, whether they be new life coming into the world or projects bearing fruit, the road ahead is positive and full of opportunity.

This moon is full of emotion and it gives us a chance to become clear about our intentions. Stand in full view of her majesty and draw down her loving wisdom.

Feel Goddess presence move through you, around you, above you, and below you. And then send that presence into the Earth for all to feel her blessings.

~Blessings to all!

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