Of Course It's Going To Get Worse

Of Course It’s Going To Get Worse

Instead of finding ways to come together, the so-called new guy is still insisting upon building a multi-billion dollar wall between our country and Mexico. He also still believes that leaving millions either without health insurance or with shit coverage is the way to make our country great again, all while working a four-day week, playing golf and entertaining at his golf resort in Florida, all paid for by taxpayers.

It’s clear the only one who will be made great again by this travesty is the orange guy himself along with his kids and his son-in-law. It’s a family affair, this apparent fleecing of the country. It’s not that former leaders in the position he now so sadly and incompetently occupies didn’t go places on vacation, they all did, just not every weekend after taking office. And I don’t remember hearing about any of them entertaining visiting dignitaries at personally owned restaurants, hotels, and golf resorts either. Instead, the so-called new guy reserves such dignified events at the White House for assorted word salad aficionados and other questionable friends.

Again, who will be made great by this man-child who lacks not only impulse control but also a rudimentary understanding of world history and geography? I’m surprised the armada didn’t morph into the Spanish Armada which would have then morphed into Spain building our armada and we got screwed in the deal and just you wait though he’ll be renegotiating that awful deal, just the worst deal ever, and he’ll be making the most beautiful deal we’ve ever seen, just the best deal ever, in fact, there will be chocolate on that deal, chocolate Spanish Armadas for everyone. It’s a promise, folks, his fingers crossed.

When I feel past the visual and try to gain a sense of who he is, it seems like he’s someone who has been on the fringe for his entire life. It’s easy to see the influence of wealth, but what I feel from him is a disconnect so severe that he truly has no idea of his effect on the greater world at large. Otherwise, he would understand that he can’t tweet everything that comes into his mind.

He views everything through the mechanics of a business deal which is concerning given some of the unflattering comments from those who play in the same circles. He doesn’t seem to be well-liked. And he seems clueless about what everyday people go through just to make ends meet illustrated by his almost gleeful willingness to undo any progress made by the last President.

Our first grandchild will be born in July. The so-called new guy in the White House is jeopardizing her very security with his impulsive arrogance. He’s reimagining the country into something cold and callous that will leave many hurting, their pain irrelevant to him. Is this what those who voted for him wanted? Because it’s going to affect at least some of them or do they not yet realize this fact?

And now I read that a U.S. carrier group is headed to the waters off of North Korea and Lil Un is reportedly ready to sink the U.S. aircraft carrier.¹ China wants everyone to calm down and South Korea and Japan are apparently nervous. The history/geography challenged so-called new guy didn’t help matters when he said that Korea used to be part of China. And then the new attorney general insulted Hawaii.

I’d like to say it can’t get any worse, but as we all know by now that’s a bunch of crap.



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  1. Well said! If he wasn’t so damaging and dangerous he’d be a joke. The world is laughing and trembling in equal measures. He makes the major problems we have in the UK feel small by comparison.

    1. he’s terrifying…I listened to a clip of his daughter talking with Gayle King from last night’s Jon Oliver…she uses a whole bunch of words to say absolutely nothing…so like her father. These people are divorced from reality and it’s clear that they’ll leave a lasting impact on the world.

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