We Are Now And Forever One Family ~ Tarot for 6 June 2017

We Are Now And Forever One Family ~ Tarot for 6 June 2017

My new tarot deck arrived today. The Wild Unknown Tarot is designed and interpreted by Kim Krans and I happened upon it by accident. But I’m so happy that I did because her drawings are amazing. Her use of background lines creates a sense of flow similar to the Thoth tarot deck, and her use of animals instead of people brings a Spirit animal or Totem presence to the deck. It’s Shamanic and invokes an intuitive feeling.

Krans has reordered the Major Arcana in the same manner Crowley used in the Thoth deck and other than the Court Cards she keeps the same traditional titles. The Court cards are renamed Daughter, Son, Mother, and Father as in the Haindl tarot but again she uses animals in her depictions instead of people.

Today’s reading is comprised of two cards from Pentacles, one from Wands and Swords, and one card from the Major Arcana. Cups are absent and the overall numerology is 33 or the Master Teacher number for Christ Consciousness. If I reduce 33 to 6 (which I typically do not do) then it brings the influence of home, structure, and the sacredness of Higher Self consciousness into the reading.

Beginning with the 3 of Pentacles, a great mountain rises above three joined pentacles representing Fire, Air, and Water. Teamwork along with creative efforts foster material results and a solid foundation. Synthesis and growth stem from organization and focus.

Four pentagrams are linked together, working in concert toward a greater goal. The 4 of Pentacles illustrates wealth that’s building, a legacy based on material gain. The connectedness appears contained, which might suggest an unwillingness to extend that wealth to others, but most interpretations suggest a comfortable and solid financial foundation.

I love Krans’s drawing of the 10 of Wands. A bramble-like stand of barren brush stands ominously in front of a black background with light peeking through denoting difficulty but with new options on the horizon. The branches in disarray suggest many commitments along with oppression, possibly self-induced. We’ve gone as far as we can and irrespective of the situation, it’s time to move past perceived limitations to welcome new experiences.

Instead of an alchemist or an angel, Krans depicts Temperance as a great blue heron standing next to an alchemical blending of water and fire. Renewal, healing, and self-control are among Temperance’s interpretations along with purification and moderation. In the hidden influence position, Temperance is asking us to remain calm amidst the chaos.

In the outcome position, the 2 of Swords is beautiful regardless of the deck used. Typically a blindfolded woman is depicted holding two crossed swords, but in The Wild Unknown deck, a bright orange corona surrounds a dark sun appearing in the center of the crossed tips. Although deception and distraction may exist, a decision must be reached, with a more dispassionate viewpoint necessary to move on.

Life can be overwhelming. It always seems as if nonsense is behind every corner and we have to be savvy in order that we see beyond the bullshit. We know that together we can accomplish anything, but forces beyond our control turn everything upside down making clarity difficult at best. We also know that a calm demeanor gets us further than letting our emotions run amok.

I think it’s fairly clear now that our country is being scammed by the so-called new guy in the White House. Given all the information to date, it appears that we’re being collectively fleeced by this guy and his family. One of the more shameful reports I read about today involves making a buck off of charity money for children with cancer. Who are these people? Because it seems far more insidious than simply interference by Russia in our election. As bad as that is, I have a feeling that as more and more information comes out, the gravity of who they are and what they’re actually doing there will be more of a shock than those who voted for him can handle.

Not that anyone should care.

The histrionics and itchy tweeting fingers will be the so-called new guy’s undoing. Or perhaps as some have suggested it may start a war. Qatar has been tweeted under the bus and I wonder if he even knows that our Forward Central Command is located there. He’s easily led with no real foundation to judge anything by. Leaders with nefarious intentions will use him at our expense, leaving our country at such risk.

A decision must be made by all of us in complete clarity, ignoring the deception that inundates us daily. We must come together and kick these people to the curb before they destroy everything we’ve built. For all the change that was desired, was this really what those who voted for him expected? Did they think they’d lose their health insurance? Or did they believe this grifter hook, line, and sinker?

He used his supporters and the country, if not the world, is in jeopardy because of that usury. He never intended to live up to anything he promised, reciting The Snake at a rally to bring that truth home. Did his supporters even listen? Did they understand what he was telling them, essentially saying they knew he was a snake when they elected him? How could they not understand who he is when it was so obvious to the rest of us?

I earned a Black Belt in Kenpo Karate in 1991 and taught for several years in the school that my husband and I owned. Self-defense can take many forms including running away, blocking a punch following up with a strike or kick, or striking first when it’s evident that one’s attacker is telegraphing his assault. The other thing we can do is redirect the attacker’s assault, leaving him off-balance, gaining control over the situation. Why expend energy if we don’t have to? Instead, let the dumbass run about, exhausting himself while we play with him like a cat tormenting a mouse.

It’s beyond awful watching all of this unfold. We’re being given a birdseye view of the destructive effects of a white nationalist ideology where only the pure survive. And we simply cannot allow this to happen. As stressful as all of this is for most of us, we have to remain calm and centered or our efforts will be in vain.

Dear friends, we must collectively become the cat and observe our prey, pouncing when the time is just right, you know, like during the Comey hearing on Thursday. The new guy gives us everything we need and then some and his lack of impulse control will prevent him from saving his own ass while we stay in control, ready to clean up the mess when all is said and done.

The numerology provides the basis for our success. The new guy has spent his life detached from everything that the rest of the world experiences on a daily basis, extreme wealth his only teacher. 33 suggests that our Higher Self as our Master Teacher should inform our decisions instead of overreaction and tweeting everything from fake news to classified information as the new guy insists on doing.

The truth is, we are now and forever one family, no matter how these fools try to tear us apart. And we will be victorious in the end.

Blessed Be

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