Manifesting Our Eternal Presence ~ Tarot for 30 June 2017

How we manifest new ideas, structure and progression, along with a fair distribution of material wealth comprise the primary influences of today’s tarot reading. Swords and Pentacles reflecting our intellectual and material presence are present in the reading representing Elemental Air and Earth respectively. The numerology of the cards is 1, 3, 6 for the primary influences showing a progression of multiples, with a combined numerology of 1 or wholeness and new beginnings. From there, the unknown card has a numerology of 1 and the outcome card is a 2 or balance. Overall, the numerology of the reading is 4 or structure and the energy and influence of Gaia.

Whenever a one appears in the numerology, and in this reading it appears three times (significant in its own right), our eternal presence comes to mind. If God/Source/Creator is All That Is, then the entirety of space/time and all who inhabit it reflect the All. It’s when we incarnate that we become confused about the fact of who we truly are. But now that we’re experiencing ascension, we’re awakening to this fundamental truth.

As we awaken, we begin in full clarity with the Ace of Swords as we see past illusion while the spark of divine wisdom illuminates and enlightens. The use of the serpent in lemniscate form suggests the infinite effect of the All in all our experiences. The colors suggest our thoughts reflect an elemental balance and the upright sword suggests victory of the intellect over illusion.

Strength and balanced effort are signified by the 3 of Pentacles. The pentacles blend Fire, Air, Water, and Earth energies in a creative use of effort. This card suggests a great struggle with the answer found in a team approach that incorporates and gives voice to all ideas.

I love the 6 of Pentacles in this deck. In the Wild Unknown Tarot deck, the scene depicts a leafed branch bearing fruit standing in the forefront of a black background. Six Pentacles represent balanced wealth and gifts given to help others. Harmony, generosity, and abundance are among this card’s interpretations.

Our essential generosity of Spirit seems to be the primary influence so far in the reading. Solutions are more easily found as all voices are respected and encouraged.

The 10 of Swords presents in the position of unknown influence and depicts a bison with nine swords stabbing him, the tenth piercing through both eyes. Swords is a complicated suit. Our intellect can get us in some trouble if allowed to run amok. We worry everything to death and create all sorts of reasons why we don’t do one thing or another, or why we don’t like this or that person. In truth, how we see everything is a choice. We can choose to see the Creator in all things and experience everything and everyone without judgment or we can judge and create all sorts of difficulties for ourselves.

The notion that’s darkest before the dawn comes through loudly in the 10 of Swords. We’ve gone as far as we can and much is happening that is either outside of our control or that we’re bringing on ourselves. It’s now time to center, align, and trust in what we know. A new perspective is needed brought by a return to wholeness.

The 2 of Pentacles in the Wild Unknown deck depicts two pentacles surrounded by a lemniscate in full elemental balance. Behind the pentacles is a large butterfly suggesting transformation. Change, harmony, and reflection are among the interpretations of this card. We’re juggling two things at once, in this case, a balanced perspective and interplay between thought and manifestation. Inner transformation can be our outcome when we choose to see all as the Creator manifested into physical reality.

Our ascension reflects a remembrance of Self and a return to a more loving and balanced experience in form. We strike an as above so below balance when we see Self in others, recognizing the Creator in all. Our experiences in form serve only to awaken us to the truth that we can no longer navigate our lives in separation. Our best solutions are found in unity with others and we must place our efforts there.

We’re witnessing the destruction of our basic safety and security before our very eyes. Those in charge wish the end of the world as we know it, sending another great flood our way. Some of us will die in the process, our physical needs unimportant to those desiring our end. It reflects a negative thinking that’s unsustainable, however. We’ve had enough, and like the bison, there is little they can do to us anymore that won’t destroy them in the end. The nastiness of these people will be their undoing when no one listens anymore.

The Law of One tells us that we have a choice to make. We choose either to live in service to self or in full awareness of the collective nature of our reality. In other words, we either focus on the self, or we include the awareness of others in our choices. Clearly, the current administration has a distorted sense of self and can’t see how they’re hurting everyone with their decisions irrespective of the protests and the pleas for compassion and sanity.

Why is it such a problem for these people to care about another human being? Why is that a bad thing? Do we have to annihilate people’s lives in order to govern this country? Do we have to take health insurance away from children who will die without it? Or from people struggling with cancer or some other life-threatening disease?

A new approach is needed, and now. We have no time to wait for these people to come to their senses because that’s not going to happen anytime soon. Golly, we might just have to vote in the midterms. I know, perish the thought. And the Republicans might consider doing the one thing they don’t want to do: admit they elected a lunatic who is going to destroy this country while threatening and taking cheap shots on social media at journalists who simply report about his antics. The Justice Department is doing its due diligence and you need to stop interfering with them. We need to get to the bottom of how this election travesty happened and if this tarot reading tells us anything, it’s that we’ve put up enough. It’s time to come together in unified presence to kick this predator to the curb locking the door to our government to idiots like this guy forever.

Two lemniscates or infinity symbols begin and end today’s tarot reading suggesting ours is an eternal presence. Dealing with all of this won’t be easy, but nothing worthwhile ever is. And we’re all worth it.

~ Blessings to our one family. We’re in this together and we will be victorious!


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