Witch Notes ~ The WTF Edition

Witch Notes ~ The WTF Edition

Sometimes a witch’s mind wanders to all sorts of things when she should be doing something constructive like watering the garden. So a while back I came up with Witch Notes. In other words, it’s a place to gripe about stuff.


  • My husband, Jerry, and I were headed up to town when we passed a police car pulled off on the side of the entrance to the bypass. I pulled up to the stop sign and the next thing I knew, the police car was along side of me with lights flashing in an attempt to go around me. I waited while he pulled out and lost sight of him down the bypass. Eventually, we saw him turning off the bypass at the next light behind two small cars. My husband wondered if he actually knew who he was pulling over at that point. It’s nearly a mile to that light from where we both entered the bypass so I’m pretty sure my husband has a point. And there really wasn’t any room for him to park where he did so that he could run radar although technically it did seem to give him an edge over speeding cars. But please. Was it really necessary to go around me to get someone who was going five miles over the speed limit?
  • The Mooch is out. The question that still remains is why was he there to begin with?
  • A retired general has moved over to the position of Chief of Staff. Rumor has it he considered resigning over the Comey firing. This should be fun.
  • Donald has allegedly crafted a lie for Junior. Again, this should be fun.
  • I like Lowe’s but the parking lot of their store where I live is a nightmare to negotiate. I swear any one of us could drive around for hours and not find the exit.
  • Apparently, our Governor has activated the National Guard during the solar eclipse on the 21st and those of us in Central Oregon are being forewarned to stock up on staple items and to be prepared for possible cell phone interruption. Plus, there may be clouds. So if that happens, there will be some irritated people over here. At least I’ll have toilet paper.
  • Donald is apparently doubling down on keeping transgendered patriot/heroes from serving in the military. Does he realize we already have transgendered persons serving now? What does he expect them to do? Go home? Some may intend this to be their life’s career and Donald tweets their demise. He can’t seem to appreciate what our fellow transgendered countrymen and women do to protect all of us and wants them all gone. It’s nice that the military isn’t exactly cooperating with DerGropenFuhrer tweeting military policy.
  • The Boy Scouts have had to apologize for Donald’s comments in front of Scouts at the Jamboree. Can you imagine this happening with President Obama? Never. But Donald? It’s a given.
  • He’s threatening residents in Alaska for their Senator voting to protect their right to healthcare. Let that one sink in. I grew up in Alaska. This won’t sit well with any of them. I read that Senator Murkowski was greeted in airports across the state by residents who were both in tears and clapping, thanking her for all that she did for them.
  • Donald recently indicated his support for police brutality prompting police departments across the country to take to social media and disagree with him. With those comments, our nutjob-in-chief just put a target on the back of every policeman around the country. And he did it so effortlessly. I used to believe that most police were honorable but of late that belief has been challenged. So it’s wonderful to see the push-back from departments around the country. We need to be able to trust and rely on local law enforcement.¬†They need that as well. So knock off the brutality comments, and no, no one believes the fool was joking.

It’s difficult when people that are supposed to be in charge either have no clue what their job entails or lack the moral compass to care. But that’s what we now have. At least for now.

Happy Lughnasadh everyone, Imbolc if you live in the southern hemisphere. May we create sacred space around us and extend blessings to all!

Blessed Be

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