The Will And The Path Ahead

I like using non-traditional Tarot decks. They reflect the author’s perceptions and it’s interesting to see how their depictions correspond with traditional interpretations. My favorite is Crowley’s Thoth deck but the one I’m using today, The Wild Unknown Tarot deck, is hand-drawn, full of interesting lines, and replaces people with wildlife and I really like it.

One card from the Major Arcana is present in today’s reading. The Hermit, card 9 aligns with the significator directly below, the 9 of Wands. Wands predominates the reading with the 8 of Wands the beginning the general influences surrounding the significator followed by the 6 of Cups. The overall numerology is 5 or change.

Using the 9 of Wands as the significator, the will is the primary issue today. Branches line nine steps that provide a direct path to the Moon. The inner struggle we experience between ego and Spirit is at issue. The steps both ascend and descend from Spirit as we keep persevering to fulfill our objectives and to let go of what no longer serves. So how do we maintain that inner balance?

The 8 of Wands depicts a lightning bolt striking in the center of 8 branches, displacing the top center branch. Speed and synchronicity are felt with this card. We’re to align and then act. The lightning bolt reflects elemental energies in balance infusing the center with light. The 8 of Wands suggests that we may blocking our own process and it’s time to initiate a breakthrough.

A tortoise represents The Hermit, a lighted lamp sitting atop its shell. His head in retreat, the tortoise shuts out distractions, withdrawing from outside influences. On a spiritual quest, The Hermit retreats inward to find wisdom gained from alignment with his Divine Self.

Our emotional foundation is depicted by the 6 of Cups. The card shows a tree with a large root system bringing to mind he Hermetic correspondence of as above, so below. Again, we see all elemental energies in balance reflected in the multicolored root system, expanding further downward and outward. This card can also reflect a willingness to remain too grounded, preventing our moving forward with new experiences.

We shouldn’t necessarily wait for answers from others. Our life is on each one of us and our will is powerful enough to create any life we choose. The general influences suggest that we might be blocking our own process so taking time to align in our Higher consciousness may give us the awareness and direction we need to continue forward.

Although we may not feel it all the time, we possess the will necessary to achieve anything we desire. As the 9 of Wands indicates, the path ahead may be difficult with many obstacles to work our way through. We may need to shake things up by stepping back and allowing our thoughts to settle so that we can see our path unfold with clarity and purpose.

~Blessed be

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