Humanitarianism Versus Passing The Collection Plate

Humanitarianism Versus Passing The Collection Plate

The rune, Dagaz, from the Elder Futhark indicates a new day arising from awakening and enlightenment. I thought I’d use its shape for today’s tarot reading. After the hurricane and the president that we currently have, we could all use a new day. But let’s see what the cards say. Sometimes I begin in one place and after interpreting the cards, I end up somewhere else.

No cards from the Major Arcana are present this time, but there is one Court card, the Mother of Wands, in today’s reading. All four cards surrounding the center card are from the suit of Wands representing Elemental Fire. The significator card in the center is from the suit of Cups, a suit of Elemental Water. Are our emotions overwhelmed by our will perhaps? Or are they at the heart of it all?

In addition to the Mother of Wands, the 7 of Wands completes the left side of the significator, the 9 of Cups, while the 9 and 8 of Wands complete the right side of the spread. The overall numerology is 33 or the Master number for Christ consciousness and humanitarianism. So, at least from the numerology perspective, the focus of the reading is on the choice to live in service to others instead of in service to self. Additionally, there’s a sequence present: 7, 8, and 9 illustrating a progression from intuition and the Divine Self to practicality and structure, ending with completion and humanitarianism reinforcing the overall numerology of 33.

Beginning with the Mother of Wands, a snake coils around her eggs, a branch underneath serving as protection. The Queen in other decks, the Mother of Wands is charming and affectionate, generous and gracious. Her success in life reflects not only her talented nature but her fiery, dynamic will and ambition. But above all, she protects her family.

Six white wands stand in balance while a single flame-tipped black wand shines forth in the center. The 7 of Wands suggests a small victory and standing in one’s own power. Our will is in balance as we meet challenges and obstacles with perseverance and courage. Authenticity and a willingness to find our own direction are influencing with this card. In a sense, it’s the willingness to depart from the status quo and to assert our own unique perspective.

In the center of the tarot reading sits the 9 of Cups as the pivot point or significator. Nine cups are positioned in an inverted horseshoe shape while a crescent moon shines above. A positive card, the 9 of Cups signifies happiness and emotional fulfillment. The red and blue colors in the background indicate that our will has an emotional foundation. We originate in the Creator’s loving embrace, with our will emerging from that blessed union.

Nine steps covered in branches rise upward toward the crescent Moon above. Blue and pink lines arise from the blackness below, our emotions and will at odds in the 9 of Wands. The path is difficult but it’s important that we persevere, bringing with us the strength and discipline needed to achieve our goals. Although perhaps wounded by past experiences, we move on into the unknown ready to face what’s yet to come.

A lightning bolt strikes eight branches in the shape of the Wheel of the Year, displacing one to the side. The jagged bolt of energy infuses the center of the branches with elemental energies in balance. Protection, swiftness, and synchronicity are signified by the 8 of Wands. We’re to align and then act, trusting the universe to guide our way when our own process is blocked. The message of the 8 of Wands is to move now.

With Dagaz, energy finds its completion and then begins anew. The eggs from the Mother of Wands signifies our birth with the 7 of Wands suggesting that we’ve learned the lessons of childhood and now we’re embracing life on our own. While our journey may be challenging we’ve learned to trust our inner voice, taking control when necessary while allowing our experiences to unfold as they will.

We’re experiencing a battle of wills today, with the humanitarianism indicated by the reading’s overall numerology still within the hearts of many. And when acting from the heart, we can collectively overcome the negative and self-absorbed will that surrounds us now.

It’s the ability to protect the greater good, to do what’s necessary to anticipate the worst possible moments and then to prepare mightily for them. Hurricanes destroy. They’re not beautiful and no one is having a good time. Our so-called president is a fool and until he’s gone, we must stay vigilant, assisting one another, and standing together in our greater unified purpose.

Our unity must be heart-centered, knowing that our oneness isn’t simply a nice idea but in fact our fundamental reality. We don’t take care of each other by allowing chemical plants to operate without safety regulations so that when a hurricane strikes survivors traipse through water laden with heavy metals while seeking safety. We don’t take care of each other by taking health care insurance away from our American family. And we don’t allow another country to upend our election process thereby suppressing our collective voice in who leads us.

And I’m fairly certain that it’s not appropriate when finally opening one’s megachurch to hurricane survivors to pass the collection plate.

I watched a video the other day of a thirteen-year-old physicist who believes we may now exist in an alternate universe due to some activity at CERN. It would explain so much.

Blessings to all!




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