Dear Donald: You End DACA While Proclaiming Today A National Day Of Prayer?

Dear Donald: You End DACA While Proclaiming Today A National Day Of Prayer?

Donald, who are you praying for today? Are you praying for your soul as you tell somewhere in the neighborhood of 800,000 DACA recipients that they have to go back home when they’re already home? They come out of the shadows after it was finally safe to do so and they have to now deal with you? These young people make a contribution to our society and because of your Attorney General’s racist beliefs along with your own, you now want to disrupt the lives of kids who had no say when their parents brought them here.

I know I’ve said this before, but what’s wrong with you?

Dude, it’s clear you’re cruel, but this is over the top. And the sing-song way you say, We love the Dreamers, is sickening to listen to. It’s a lie and it’s that same tone you use when talking about Hillary Clinton. I remember thinking during the campaign that the tone was hypnotic and given your supporters’ response to it, I think I may be correct. It was manipulative and it struck a destructive chord in them.

I also heard that you told survivors in Texas to have fun. And you used camera time to shit all over journalists who did a darn sight more than you did while there. Journalists become part of the story in any disaster. They help people for the sake of helping people. They’re not like you, Donald. You’re only interested in the photo op.

Oh, and the tiny hands thing must be really getting to you. I heard you mentioned your hands were too big for the gloves they gave you to serve food to displaced hurricane survivors. Trust me, Donald. Your hands, not unlike your heart, are as small as they come.

I had no idea you named today a National Day of Prayer so when I saw you leaving a church today with your wife, I wondered what you were doing there much less why anyone would let you in. But maybe that’s not fair. Who knows? Maybe you could find your heart in a place like that. Maybe you could see how foolish you’ve been.

I’m not a church-goer, although I attended church on my own when I was a child. Even though I knew I was a witch, I was interested in their various perspectives on creation and I liked the fellowship attending church provided. But after a point, I stopped attending because I felt more comfortable in my own identity.

Even with all of the problems associated with organized religion, attending church can provide a sense of community and shared values, something that appears sorely lacking in you. If you could embrace even a smidgen of those shared values, you might see the value in defending DACA recipients instead of kicking them to the curb. I don’t know where you got the idea that these people didn’t deserve our assistance, but I know with every fiber of my being that it’s based on hate instead of love.

Donald, that may describe your supporters, but it doesn’t describe the vast majority of Americans who find what you’ve done to be shocking and heartbreaking. You’re simply wrong on this, like so many other things you’re wrong about. And I will be praying that you realize what you’re doing and stop. That you’ll protect the innocent and ignore hearts hardened by hate.

I think it comes down to the fact that you have no idea what you’re doing. You have no idea what our government does let alone what’s legal and what is not. I’m dealing with some folks like you and trying to get them to understand reality is nearly impossible. Like you, they can’t see past their own arrogance and want everyone else to follow them into the abyss. The problem is, like with you, saner voices are going to ultimately prevail and you and anyone else who can’t understand simple truth will be out in the cold. In your case, it may be a cold prison cell that awaits you. For the people I know, all they’ll suffer is some egg on their faces. But at the end of the day, truth and sanity will prevail.

Look, I think it’s pretty clear at this point that you don’t belong in the White House. You can’t do the job. You lack dignity and decorum, and you couldn’t act presidential if you tried. And every day you remain, you bring disrespect to the highest office in our country.

For pity’s sake, Donald, General Kelly has to babysit you. Let that sink in, dude. You’re over 70 and a General is forced to babysit you. And from what I read, he said to others that he’s never been spoken to so disrespectfully during his career by anyone.

Have you lost your fucking mind? Or is this evidence that you never had one to lose? He’s a military General who no doubt believes you’re a complete fool. Again, have you lost your fucking mind? This man has earned our respect over a lifetime of service and for you to treat him the way you reportedly did should earn you your walking papers.

Donald, you destroy everything you touch. While our country has a few problems, we’ve never deserved as great a problem as you. Please go now. Please resign before you destroy us all.

I’d like to think we won’t talk again, but sadly, I fear we will.

Blessed Be



3 comments on “Dear Donald: You End DACA While Proclaiming Today A National Day Of Prayer?

    1. Thanks, Clive. I appreciate your comment. His disconnect from the basic human condition is breathtaking. It’s still difficult to believe any of this is happening. If President Obama had behaved this way, he would have been hauled away in handcuffs. Yet Trump is given free reign. He’s a loose cannon and one that could destroy the world. And eventually, I believe we’ll find out that he didn’t actually win at all.

      1. Viewed from the other side of the pond it all seems unreal. The campaign was one scandal after another, yet he managed to get his slurs about Clinton to stick in the minds of those too stupid to see what he was really like. We aren’t blessed with a good government here either, but at least they are, for the most part, vaguely human. Nor do they appear to be beholden to Putin for their election. I just hope he goes before he starts WW3.

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