Celtic Cross: Balancing Emotions with Intellect

Celtic Cross: Balancing Emotions with Intellect

Ten cards typically comprise the Celtic Cross. However, a modified spread also exists that includes a separate significator card, and that’s spread I’ll use today. There are varied interpretations associated with each card in a Celtic Cross spread but the interpretations found in the Druid Craft tarot resonate the most.

The Queen of Swords is today’s significator card. A significator can indicate the self or the individual for whom the reading is given. Sometimes I let the deck decide the significator but today I chose the Queen of Swords as it aligns well with my astrological sign of Libra. The Queen is powerful yet graceful, intuitive and perceptive. She stands in her own power with confidence and integrity.

The Ace of Pentacles begins the reading answering the question, what covers me representing the current situation, in this case, involving financial success. This position can also indicate inner resources available at this time. A right hand emerges from clouds holding a large pentagram. Red roses align the left side of the path before us with white lilies on the right. An archway leads us to a body of water, with land barely visible on the other side. While the pathway may be unknown, it’s clear that financial reward is possible at this time.

The initial challenges of the reading are depicted by the Knight of Swords. The Knight looks to the future, his battle sword reflecting the light from the tower before him as it burns. Shrewd, possessing a powerful intellect, the Knight‘s careful analysis of options has served him well over his lifetime. He plans for the future, organizing those plans in a logical manner but can also become caught up in his thoughts giving the impression of an absent-minded genius.

The goal of the Celtic Cross reading is represented by The Fool, card zero of the Major Arcana.  Innocent and uninhibited, The Fool along with his canine companion sets forth on his journey into form. Fearless and optimistic, The Fool has no expectations along the way, his new experiences worth the risk. This the card of new beginnings of all types and The Fool readily greets those new experiences with flexibility and an open mind.

The 4 of Cups represents the foundation or premise of the issue signified by the Ace of Pentacles. On the left side of the card, a man with ivy covering his head looks at a golden chalice offered by a hand emerging from what appears to be brownish clouds on the right. The cups below him are full, yet he looks for more, appearing bored with the whole affair. The 4 of Cups represents a feeling of over-abundance or in the case of the ivy surrounding his head, the need for a little pruning.

The immediate past is represented by the 3 of Pentacles. Here we see a young craftsman engraving a sigil into a column. Three pentacles appear in the center of an arched window in the church in a triangular shape. Structure and growth along with the creative use of talent are among the traditional interpretations of the 3 of Pentacles along with building a strong foundation.

The Page of Swords looks to the right indicating an eye on the immediate future in the position of that same influence. Clouds fill the sky above the three columns in the distance with one overturned on the ground. A sword in his hand, the Page is alert, watching for potential threats. He is intelligent and intense with a tendency toward impulsive action, taking risks while on life’s adventures.

Our innermost fears are depicted by the 2 of Swords. A woman stands blindfolded before choppy water, rocks interfering with the water’s flow. She holds two swords crossed in front while a Maiden crescent moon shines above. The 2 of Swords depicts conflict before peace and the dual nature of Self and suggests that a decision may be necessary. The 2 of Swords reminds us that it’s often necessary to take the dispassionate view when making difficult decisions. We may need to consider a greater purpose whereby we set our own needs aside for others.

The feelings of others are represented in the reading by the Ace of Swords. Bringing to mind Excalibur, a hand reaches out between gray and yellow clouds holding a great sword adorned by a golden crown. Two garlands spring from the crown, a rose on each, one white and one red. The Ace of Swords requires that we cut through illusion to achieve much-needed insight. We see things as they are when this card presents with the genesis of new ideas on the way.

The 9 of Cups represents our hopes and dreams, depicting a smiling red-cheeked man in front of nine golden chalices arched above his head. Happiness and fulfillment are traditional interpretations of the 9 of Cups along with emotional satisfaction. When this card appears it suggests that our dreams are coming true.

The Sun represents a potential outcome for the reading. I say potential because probable outcomes are endless. The other card from the Major Arcana in the reading, this card indicates clarity and the birth of something new. A large orange sun shines brightly in the sky, four sunflowers following its path. A boy and girl stand in front of a rock wall, gazing into each other’s eyes, perhaps on the precipice of a new relationship. The Sun indicates self-confidence and creative expression and time for our creativity to shine forth.

Whew! Okay, let’s see how the cards break down before putting all of this together.

  • two cards from the Major Arcana
  • three Court cards all from the suit of Swords (Air) with five cards total from that suit
  • two Aces, one from Swords and one from Pentacles (Earth)
  • two cards from Cups (Water)
  • two cards from Pentacles
  • absent from the reading are cards from the suit of Wands (Fire)

Swords dominate the reading suggesting inner/outer turmoil, aggression, conflict, or intense motion. Perhaps a change in thinking or perspective is in order. The overall numerology of the reading is 3 or triplicities and unified wholeness. Three is the number of pyramidal structure and portals along with mind/body/Spirit, mother/father/child, Maiden/Mother/Crone, past/present/future, the number three is found throughout creation.

Finances, emotions, and intellect are influencing in today’s Celtic Cross reading. The Queen has some decisions to make regarding her financial situation and may feel burdened by a slow process, typically brought on by over-thinking. Her goal involves freedom of expression, so lightening up may be in order, along with a willingness to take risks not taken before.

Her foundation for financial security already firmly established, the Queen should balance her emotions with her intellect so that whatever decisions she makes will bring emotional fulfillment along with continued wealth. A dispassionate view allows the Queen to step away from her own needs allowing a greater purpose to influence her choice. Others may wish to assist the Queen in her efforts, however, she seems uninterested in their offer of help.

She doesn’t want to necessarily go it alone, but she also doesn’t want to put up with any nonsense either, unwilling to suffer fools as they say. The Queen knows she’s on the right track and that her success is assured, The Sun bringing that truth home.

I like using the Celtic Cross when I want a more in depth look at the influences affecting the future. And it looks like if we lighten up a bit and place a value on emotional fulfillment, the success that follows will be a more satisfying experience.


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