Dear Donald: Now It's The NFL? #TakeAKnee

Dear Donald: Now It’s The NFL? #TakeAKnee

You know, I’m really trying not to write on Sundays unless it’s to work on one of the books I’m currently writing. But then you have to go off on the NFL so here we are again. Donald, we have a First Amendment right in this country to say what we want. If NFL players want to take a knee to protest the killing of black men by police, then so be it. They have every right to express themselves considering people are dying and all at the hands of those tasked with our protection.

Some eight-year-old football players in Illinois took a collective knee in protest over the same. Do you want to vilify children as well? From Twitter:



We all have the right, Donald, to protest when we believe an injustice has happened. And these days, we seem to have all sorts of things to protest about, many centering around you and your endlessly unpresidential comments either on Twitter or during one of your ridiculous campaign rallies. I guess governing wasn’t what you thought it would be, what with all the investigations surrounding your election and all. You need the roar of the crowd to feel better I guess, all at the taxpayer’s expense.

You and your swampy associates are fleecing us dry in as brazen a fashion as possible. And now you want to go after NFL players for supporting Colin Kaepernick whom you call a son of a bitch. His mom’s tweet in response was epic as she proudly wore the bitch moniker you so pathetically implied. And now you’re calling for the firing of players for kneeling during the anthem? As if you’re the one to decide who or what is patriotic? You who incite white nationalists at your campaign rallies? You’re the standard of patriotism that we should all emulate?


The effect you’re having on people in everyday life is staggering. All sorts of everyday assholes are sliming their way out of the holes they’ve been living in just to make our lives difficult. Thanks for that. You’ve given these fools cover for their arrogance and it’s impossible to have a civil conversation with any of them now while the rest of us are simply trying to figure out how we survive you.

The feud between you and Kim Jong-Un is heating up to the point that we could be in a nuclear war by the middle of next week and all you concern yourself with is whether or not an NFL team wants to visit you in the White House? Donald, no one likes you. In fact, you’ll probably go down as one of the least liked presidents of all time.

That’s assuming Lil Un doesn’t nuke our country out of existence first while you’re focused on football players.

Dude, resign while you still can. Mr. Mueller’s coming and starting a war with, well, just about everyone, won’t save you or your presidency. Face it, Donald, your presence in the Oval Office is a vulgar stain on us all. Please resign and take yourself and your family home. It will be your most presidential act of all.

We’ll talk again soon.



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