Letting Go Of Old Patterns

Letting Go Of Old Patterns

I love the use of black of the Wild Unknown Tarot deck. The artist appears to balance the unknown aspect of Tarot with scenes that stand out drawing the eye to each card’s message. Sometimes I begin with a spread in mind, but normally I lay out cards in whatever pattern that emerges. I like doing that because in a way it takes me out of the process. Then I can simply look at the cards and see what resonates. Cups, Wands, and Swords are influencing today with emotions dominating over intellect and will. The overall numerology is two or polarity, partnership, and balance.

Looking first at the 4 of Cups we see a rodent balancing atop four cups. A black crescent moon hangs above indicating the opposite of what’s seen. Emotional stagnation is depicted with this card. While the four cups may appear in balance, the rodent is either preventing or is uninterested in any change from occurring. The 4 of Cups also suggests that we may be blinded by our perceptions and unable to see what we actually have.

Moving upward, the 7 of Wands and the Ace of Swords balance will and intellect. A single black wand stands in the center of the card, an orange flame burning at its tip. Six additional wands stand in balance below devoid of color. Seven is the number for magick and divinity as well as the shadow side of self. But in this case, the seven speaks to balanced will and standing in our own power. The Ace of Swords appears resolute as it stands tall, a serpent coiling around its hilt in lemniscate fashion. The serpent’s colors reflect elemental balance while two lightning bolts strike representing the dawning of new ideas.

Finally, eight cups are in disarray, empty and broken, on the ground before a mountain rising in the background. The mountain represents future challenges, unknown yet they draw us in nevertheless. Traditional interpretations for the 8 of Cups have us letting go of emotions that no longer serve.

I feel some directionality with the cards, with the energy beginning with the 4 and moving upward. There are some interesting patterns with the cards as well between the two cards from Cups and between the cards from Wands and Swords. We have an 8 and a 4 so one is the multiple of the other. And then there is a balance of sorts between will and intellect with both the wand and the sword pointing upward, again supporting the directionality of energy flow and when added together we arrive at 8, aligning with the 8 of Cups suggesting the presence of emotional strength.

A progression from the 4 of Cups suggests that our emotions have become stagnate and it’s time to move on to new experiences. With both our will and intellect in balance, we have the inner strength to do just that.

It’s easy to stay in old patterns. They’re safe even when they’re dysfunctional. What today’s reading is telling us is that as scary as it might be, the time is right to make a change and reach for new experiences.

Blessed Be

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