An Interesting Reiki Session

An Interesting Reiki Session

Last evening I performed a modified Reiki session on my husband, Jerry. He was experiencing some neck pain while we were outside looking at the night sky for craft anomalies. We do that most nights and we’ve occasionally witnessed some sights we can’t explain which is cool. Last night, however, Jerry’s right hand began cramping and rather than getting up from my chair and actually performing a Reiki treatment, I invoked Reiki and cupped his hand in both of my own.

I allowed the connection between the two of us to extend upward from his hand to his neck and shoulders and that’s when things got interesting. I felt my nonphysical aspect of Self separate and extend over to Jerry where I visualized my hands over his shoulders and neck. It was similar to a distance session but unlike any that I’ve experienced before. Typically in a distance session, I have my own methods of visualizing the individual receiving Reiki but it’s never involved any sort of shift or projection of consciousness on my part. So this was new.

I could feel the energy going from my hands through his hand and up his arm but it was different than with my projection of consciousness. That felt like more of a resonance instead of anything directional. But then Jerry spoke up and once again, something new happened. He told me that he could feel the pain from his neck and shoulders travel down his arm and out his thumb. He had never experienced anything like that before in any of the Reiki sessions he’s had with me so this was exciting!

Reiki Masters allow Reiki to flow through them to be used by the recipient in any manner they need. We allow in lieu of control. So whatever happened last night was guided by my husband even though he was unaware of what he was doing. When he realized what was happening, he said nothing, observing the process as it occurred, only telling me about it after the fact.

Jerry said that he could feel the pain leaving through his thumb for the entire session which lasted only about fifteen minutes. I’m going to attempt another distance Reiki session with him to see if I can project away from my body again. I really liked doing that because it was a reinforced session if you will, using both traditional and distance methods in synchronicity. I’ve already added biofield tuning and Kansa wands to the sessions which Jerry loves, but now we’ll be exploring this new experience. Maybe it was just one of those things that happen sometimes, but I have a feeling that it’s something more, so we’ll see if I, or he, can do it again.

Until the next time, Reiki blessings!

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