Catalyzing The Divine Feminine

Catalyzing The Divine Feminine

I like to cast runes during Esbat rituals. Whether it’s the Dark Moon or when she’s Full, Esbat rituals offer an opportunity for a variety of magickal workings as well as divinations. I performed this runecasting during Thursday’s Full Blood Moon and drew Thurisaz, Mannaz, and Berkano to see what would be influencing in the coming month. Earth and Fire are the elemental energies present with Earth dominating and the overall numerology of the reading is 13, or what I consider as the Master Witch number. Otherwise, it’s four or structure but that’s boring. Besides, my birthday is next week on the 13th, so I’m going with thirteen as a Master number for witches. Plus, it’s on a Friday this year and how awesome is that! I turn 60 on Friday the 13th. For a witch, there’s nothing better!

I like to create an Esbat altar either inside or outside if weather permits. Wind can be an issue so this time I sat at my inside altar. I used black and white candles along with a blue candle to correspond with Thursday. Four altar tiles representing the four elemental directions surround three crystal Merkabas with all surrounded by three crystal spheres in a triangle. I placed my athame in the center and it was on its blade that I placed the runes.

Thurisaz begins the runecasting as Thor’s Hammer, Mjolnir, with energy that is dynamic and catalytic. Symbolizing the thorn, Thurisaz illustrates defensive action that is swift and neutralizing. New beginnings and breakthroughs are experienced with Thurisaz and it also counsels us to avoid overreaction and impulsive behavior.

Moving to the next rune, Mannaz represents the human condition and the rational mind. A closer look tells us that this rune combines Gebo, Dagaz, and Wunjo both forward and reversed. The partnership experienced by Mannaz brings together influences of balanced energy exchange, enlightenment, and joy. Considered the thought rune, Mannaz also increases intelligence and memory while blending intuition with the rational mind.

Healing and fertility are Berkano’s influences with the protection of home and family at the forefront. Berkano creates anew, invoking the energy of Gaia to heal and bring new life into being. Femininity and motherhood, as well as the manifestation of new ideas, are felt with this rune of Elemental Earth and its name can be chanted to bring security.

As another hurricane is about to hit the southern coast the protection of home and family is uppermost in the thoughts of many, particularly as survivors in areas already damaged continue their attempts to recover. It’s sad that the president of our country cannot seem to express the empathy that past presidents would have had no trouble expressing themselves. Mannaz represents humanity’s fragile nature and the need to come together in partnership in order that we succeed. We don’t threaten each other or berate the very people trying to be of help. Instead, we arise to the task before us until the task is complete. We do it together because what else can we do? And we don’t need a president lacking impulse control leading the way.

As bad as the damage is from the hurricanes, the damage already done to this country by someone as unhinged as the so-called new guy in the Oval Office will last far longer as he dismantles everything our last president did on our behalf. No longer will states be required to include birth control in their insurance coverage if it offends the tender sensibilities of a business owner. Of course, erectile dysfunction drugs are covered because Goddess knows it’s a national emergency when some guy’s dick won’t get hard.

In truth, the runecasting expresses the catalyzation of the Divine Feminine in our lives. And it’s about time with all the toxic masculinity out there which women have become mightily sick of, I might add. Could anyone imagine a reporter asking the President of the United States to weigh in on a long history of sexual harassment and misconduct by a Hollywood producer before the last election? As if the tabloid clip of said president’s description of moving on her like a bitch wasn’t enough to stomach. And, of course, he actually had a response to the question.

No wonder the Secretary of State called him a fucking moron.

Mr. Mueller…please hurry.

Blessings to all!



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