Disruption Before Change

Disruption Before Change

An interesting synchronicity occurred with today’s tarot reading. Its overall numerology is three, the same as today itself. 10/10/2017 reduces to 1, 1, 1 which then also becomes three. Wholeness, triple aspects, and unity are among three’s numerological influences. It’s expressed by Mother, Father, and Child and the sense of something greater than before. Rather than adding more tarot cards, I decided to add three runes to the reading to see if they too would have a numerology of three, but in this case, they returned eleven or the master number for illumination. So it would appear then that the underlying energy of the reading is the illumination found through unification and wholeness, an awareness many could benefit from during the difficult times in which we now find ourselves.

Beginning with the tarot part of the reading, Wands and Pentacles are represented along with one Court card and one from the Major Arcana. Fire and Earth are the reading’s elements and absent are Cups (Water) and Swords (Air). The 3 of Wands begins today’s influences with a robed man looking out at the expanse before him. He holds a staff (wand) in his left hand with two more surrounding him creating a structure or barrier of sorts. The three suggests synthesis in preparation for new goals as the man waits for new experiences to unfold while setting a new path.

The Court cards in any deck can signify qualities of the individual on its face or the individuals themselves. The King of Pentacles sits facing forward, a scepter in his right hand and a large pentacle in his left. Large clusters of purple grapes hang about his robe supported by lush leafy vines. A wreath adorns a yellow helmet atop the King’s head. Pentacles indicates money, wealth, and security, or the practical aspect of life and the King is someone who has manifested great wealth and abundance over a lifetime well-lived. He is industrious and self-disciplined, a responsible and powerful ruler. When ill-dignified, the King may focus more on the acquisition of wealth than on benevolence extended to others.

The Hermit is the only card from the Major Arcana in today’s reading representing alignment and retreat. A robed man stands on a snowy mountaintop, his staff in his left hand and a lighted lantern in his right, a golden hexagram within illuminating his path. The Hermit retreats from the world going within to achieve enlightenment. He embraces a solitary path, shutting out all distractions, to find guidance and solutions.

Initial interpretations illustrate how a sense of integrative wholeness works in our favor as we take the time necessary to develop the self-discipline to succeed.

Kenaz, Hagalaz, and Perthro comprise the additional runic influences. Kenaz brings the energies of Fire, and Hagalaz and Perthro, Water to the runecasting with will and emotions dominating the influences. Kenaz lights our way and reveals secrets. When it appears in a reading, a situation we’re experiencing might not be what it seems. Representing one of the four witch’s pillars to know, Kenaz strengthens healing and love and awakens creativity and intuition.

Hagalaz disrupts in preparation for inevitable change. It can be vibrated to assist in journeying and helps in overcoming obstacles. Representing hail, Hagalaz also signifies the power of the witch to transmute or influence outcomes, causing powerful change and then vanishing from view.

Lastly, the mystery of fate is represented by Perthro as the cup from which runes are cast. It represents the well of Wyrd and when open to the right signifies birth, to the left, death. Synchronicity balanced with natural cause and effect is felt with Perthro as it directs us toward right action.

The runes reinforce our willingness to deal with what’s in front of us with self-discipline and clarity. And as we embrace change, we’re ready to transform any obstacles into positive experiences.

As the guy posing as our president continues to rant on about NFL players and black female sports reporters as well as challenging the Secretary of State to dueling IQ tests, we must be ever vigilant to step out of the fray and be clear on what’s actually happening. Everything he does is a distraction from what’s actually going on in our government. If we’re focused on the drama, then we may not see the truth unfolding before us.

Change is an inevitable part of life, but what we’re currently experiencing is troubling. There’s a lack of care with this man that’s experienced by anyone who needs support whether it’s hurricane survivors or for the mother of a young woman killed when protesting against racism and bigotry. We witnessed this during the last election campaign when he mocked a disabled reporter and encouraged violence at his campaign rallies. And we witnessed it when he targeted Gold Star parents who came out in support of his opponent.

We don’t know what the future will bring or how much of a mess we’ll be cleaning up, but like Hagalaz we can be sure that all of this will play out and then it will be done. If we’re smart about it, we’ll come together in the realization that we’re stronger together than we’ll ever be apart. That we are in truth one family and that our best chance for success is in unity with all.

Blessed Be


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