He Knew What He Was Getting Into?

He Knew What He Was Getting Into?

Donald, I used to say the following to my boys when they were growing up: every day you have the opportunity to choose who you are, to yourself and to others. And I must say, they both grew up to be honest and compassionate men with integrity that’s endless. I couldn’t imagine losing one of them to war, or for any other reason. My sons are everything to me, surpassed only by our first grandchild, a little girl born three months ago. She’s a gift, Donald, and growing up without my son to love and guide her would be the worst thing ever. And to imagine my beautiful daughter-in-law receiving a phone call like the one that Sgt. La David Johnson’s widow received from you makes me sick.

My husband is a disabled Vietnam veteran who served this country with honor and distinction. Something you chose not to do. Like Sgt. Johnson, my husband knew what he was getting into when he signed up for the Army. His draft number was such that it was clear he was going to be drafted so he and a friend entered basic training on the buddy system. Three weeks later, our government ended the draft. He could have waited and not gone at all, but he wanted to serve, so he did.

When I told my husband about your words to Sgt. Johnson’s pregnant widow, the look on his face was a mixture of shock, horror, and anger. Donald, her worst fears were realized when she received notification that her husband wouldn’t be coming home to help raise their child with her. That the man she loved more than anything will not see their child grow up. And you had the temerity to tell her that he knew what he was getting into?

You really thought that those words would comfort her? This was worse than inarticulate, Donald. Your words were cruel. Because what you’re really saying to this woman so filled with grief is that he made his bed when he signed up.

Christ, Donald. Of course, he knew what he was getting into so why say that? It’s insensitive and demonstrates a lack of empathy at a time when compassion and respect are what’s needed. These soldiers were ambushed. Is that the problem? That they didn’t survive the attack? You said as much about Senator John McCain during the campaign, that you preferred people who weren’t captured. You disrespected Senator McCain and you disrespected Sgt. Johnson’s service along with the price his family will pay for that service.

I realize you have no clue what it is to be president. You have the impulse control of a child on a sugar high and nothing really surprises me anymore about you. But Donald, there’s got to be a point where you shift from narcissism to something resembling a human being. Seriously, you’re more concerned with ratings than governance. And no, you did NOT do well in Puerto Rico. You’ve failed miserably just like you did on the telephone with Sgt. Johnson’s widow.

Oh, one last thing. I’m not a Republican and I don’t really like Senator McCain all that much, but Donald, you can’t go after everyone who disagrees with you. The man has cancer that he probably won’t survive. Evidently, that’s not enough of a reason, however, to keep your damn mouth shut and not threaten a man who has spent his entire adult life serving his country both in war and in peace. Something you know nothing about.

You’re an ass, Donald. Sgt. La David Johnson and the other three soldiers who gave their lives in service to this country, along with Senator John McCain, are true patriots, something you will never be.

Go home. We’ve grown weary of your cruelty.

Regrettably, we’ll talk again soon.


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