Words Matter, Donald ~ Best Words Edition

Words Matter, Donald ~ Best Words Edition

Words matter, Donald. You know, I started out writing up a tarot reading, and then I turned on the news. So, here we are again, a witch explaining life to a rich guy. Donald, listen up. When children enter your office, it’s never appropriate to ask them how the media is treating them. But even more than that, you DO NOT discuss a small girl’s weight with her while handing her candy.

I really tried, Donald, to not use vulgarity here, but I’m feeling a fuckton of vulgarity building, ready to gush right out of me like a tsunami. It’s the mom and grandma in me I suppose, but if you spoke to my granddaughter that way, you would have heard my best words. All of them and then some. But then my granddaughter would have never been allowed within a million miles of you in the first place. What those journalists were thinking is beyond me, but they should all have their heads examined and then Child Services should be called…immediately.

Halloween, or Samhain as it’s called in my circles, is a magickal time for everyone, Donald. It’s a time when the veil is at its thinnest and ancestors who passed through long ago are known to come through to us. Children of all ages dress up in scary costumes and eat twice their weight in candy, and it’s a wonderful holiday to celebrate. The kids looked great in their costumes today and then had to endure you and your best words.

What on earth were you thinking, Donald? These are children, for goddess sake. Why ever would you make them listen to your ridiculous and petty comments about the media? Couldn’t you let it go for fifteen minutes? And then why would you EVER mention a precious little girl’s weight? Donald, it’s clear that you got nothing out of being a parent much less a grandparent because it’s all about you, isn’t it? You used these kids to score points over your hatred of the media, and for a grown man, that’s pathetic.

And as sad as your nonsense about the media was, the comment about the little girl’s weight was over the top. Donald, whether it’s girls or women, we don’t want to hear this bullshit coming from men. We don’t. It undermines our confidence and feeling of safety which without reservation, we’re entitled to have. But it always seems like you guys believe you’re the entitled ones, entitled to make whatever stupid comments you like, which you most certainly are not.

I swear some of you guys think you’re actually doing us a favor by these comments as if you’re complimenting us somehow and for that privilege, we should be eternally grateful. Trust me. There’s not a woman or girl alive that appreciates these stupid comments, not from anyone. And particularly not from the President of the United States.

And now we hear that President George H. W. Bush is a skeevy, touchy-feely perv. From a wheelchair no less. So far, I’ve read that three women have come forward to share their experience with the former president. What the fuck is wrong with you old guys? His spokesperson apologized, but it will never take away the memory of his intrusive, if not illegal, behavior.

See, I’ve gone and used the “f-word”. Okay, I used fuckton earlier, but I figure it didn’t really count because it was part of another word.

Because here’s the truth, Donald. You can’t put your hands on someone just because you want to. It’s illegal and as far as I’m concerned, if you do it you should be arrested. It’s far too easy for sexual harassment to turn into sexual assault. Men think they can say and do anything they want, a woman’s comfort and safety be damned.

I’m an old witch now turning sixty a couple of weeks ago. But as old as I am, I’ve never appreciated men who take liberties of any kind with women. While some of it doesn’t rise to the level of unwanted touching, it still shouldn’t EVER happen and every guy out there who does it should be called out for the shitheel that he is. You all may view your behavior as harmless but that term hides what you really are: men who cross the line with women.

I mean, you couldn’t even respect your oldest daughter enough to refrain from skeevy comments about dating her when you both were interviewed on a television show. That was icky to watch, Donald. Really icky.

The kids today will never forget their visit to the White House. Sad that you made it about you.

As always, we’ll talk again soon.


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