Samhain Blessings!

Samhain Blessings!

Blessed Samhain, everyone! My favorite holiday of the year!

Three of the most beautiful cards from the Haindl Tarot appear in today’s tarot reading. All from the Major Arcana, each archetype suggests an ancient or foundational influence. Runes and Hebrew glyphs appear at the top of each card while their astrological correspondences appear below in the right-hand corner. Earth, Water, and Fire are influencing and the overall numerology is eight or how structure and discipline manifest in our lives.

The Hierophant represents divine wisdom and mastery. Three generations are represented by a grandfather, father, and son, aspects of the patriarchal Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. In the center, two hands rise in prayer as divine light shines forth from above. A golden key appears at the lower left representing hidden knowledge.

Samhain represents Summer’s end and is a time when the veil is thinnest and ancestors long passed are both felt and seen. It’s also considered the beginning of the new year for many witches and pagans. So, like the rune, Raidho which also appears in Haindl’s rendition of the card, The Hierophant reflects the cyclical nature of life, the turning of the wheel. It also represents stages of life but from the standpoint of wisdom gained. He is the Holy Guardian Angel and the enlightened teacher, his divine light of wisdom shining upon the world around him.

Haindl’s rendition of The Star is unique. In other decks, Goddess is nude; however, in this deck, she appears in tattered clothing. She washes her long brown hair in the waterfall, the water flowing over ancient rocks into the pool below. A golden star shines above while encircled by seven smaller stars. Traditional interpretations involve illumination and intuition along with wishes granted. But with this card, instead of pouring water as in other decks, Goddess as Mother Earth infuses her blessings into the land by the simple act of washing her hair.

Purity is expressed when the Goddess is in her nude form, but it’s also expressed here as well, as the simplicity of her garb and actions speak to foundational influences. The Star includes the rune, Eihwaz, reinforcing Goddess as the Blessed Conduit between matter and Spirit and when she appears in a reading, our dreams are becoming reality.

A skeletal arm reaches upward, a scythe in its bony hand while a peacock looks toward the past acknowledging a full life lived. A dark boat moves slowly on the water, the ferryman standing inside, his staff in hand, waiting. Transformation and rebirth are experienced with Death along with new opportunities and new ideas. Its presence in today’s reading is prescient given that we’re celebrating Samhain. The rune, Berkano, also appears on the card reinforcing transformation and rebirth as we die to the world and return anew.

The energies of Samhain are significant and no doubt why the reading is full of archetypal influences. Who we truly are as Spirit manifested is revealed during this time as we let go of the past and embrace the present moment with full clarity and grace. We exist in the in-between during this blessed time. We become aware of our true nature as beings of light as Higher Self vibrations resonate.

We are ancient beings, timeless and eternal. We cast our light into endless forms, expressing Source Presence in everything we are. Samhain the time of allowing, of embracing loved ones long since passed. And it’s the time for beginning anew, allowing new ideas to gel over the dark months, their energy bursting forth again as life emerges in Spring.

And in my house, it’s also the time for our annual watching of Labyrinth after which I’ll binge watch, Coven. A witch has her standards.

Blessings to all!



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