Dear Donald: Grow Up, Will You?

Oh my goddess, Donald, grow up already! If the above tweet isn’t enough to see that you’re completely off your rocker, then I’m sure all any of us needs to do is to head over to your Twitter timeline. Donald, this looks like something a teenager might tweet about another teenager, not something we would expect from the President of the United States.

I don’t get it. Yesterday was Veteran’s Day and you took the opportunity to side with Putin over our Intelligence agencies over Russia’s hacking of our election, calling Clapper, Brennan, and Comey political hacks. On Veteran’s Day. Your allegations are made up out of whole cloth and your endless juvenile tweeting demeans us all.

Look, I wish I could write to you and thank you for all the wonderful things you’re doing for the country. I really do. But that’s impossible. Because you’ve done nothing except tear us apart while taunting dictators on Twitter. And after your gushing praise of and total commitment to Putin yesterday, he reportedly denies everything you said reinforcing every puppet allegation out there.

And just when your political hack comments began to blow back on you, naturally, you attempt to walk them back. The thing is, no one believes you, including the intelligence community that you insulted. Because here’s the other thing you seem to conveniently forget. You’ve been telling us who you are since long before the campaign began. It’s just that some folks foolishly didn’t listen. But that’s okay. You provide us all with daily reminders on Twitter. And now that the Twitter gods have just given us more characters, they’ve also given you enough rope to remind us all the more, so please, keep on tweeting. It’s fascinating stuff, Donald. It’s like listening to that last week or so of the Bundy hold-outs at Malheur on YouTube. It was like doing practicum work for a Psychology degree as we got a first-hand look at personality decompensation.

And you know what else? It’s great for Democratic fundraising efforts, not to mention blog post subjects, so keep it up.


We’ll  talk again soon, Donald.




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