Energetic Alignments ~ Tarot for 14 November 2017

Energetic Alignments ~ Tarot for 14 November 2017

We’re experiencing date related energetic alignments that some metaphysical observers refer to as stargates while others view them as angelic numbers. Beginning in October, the alignments occur on 10/10, 11/11, and 12/12. My birthday is in October and this group seems to affect me more than others in that I seem to become more reflective during this time. Autumn’s light is giving way to Winter’s darkness followed by transformation in the Spring. October’s gate begins the process of awakening while November’s gate explores options for new experiences as we leave behind patterns of thinking that reflect the dark aspect of self. December’s stargate allows our awakening and transformation to take hold. We’ve let go of fear and embraced new ideas and choices and we’re ready to create a new path of higher frequency and light.

Since the second stargate just opened the other day, today’s tarot reading reminded me of the stargate triad itself as we continue the process of exploring our inner truth. Representing October’s Stargate, the Daughter of Wands, the Princess or Page in other decks, begins the reading with a snake coiling around a flowering branch in lemniscate fashion. Rebirth and transformation align with the awakening felt in October. We exist as energetic vibration, eternal and in balance. While the serpent symbolizes the cyclical nature of life, the branch threading through the center tells us to stay aligned in the present moment for our greatest effect. Wands represent Elemental Fire reinforcing the transformational nature of the serpent. Our spiritual awakening has begun.

November’s stargate is challenging us to look inward at the darker aspects of our personality that prevent us from awakening to our Source Presence. Eleven is the Master number for illumination and this month’s energetic alignment asks us to cast a light on the darker corners of our lives. The 5 of Pentacles is depicted by a drooping rose, petals falling into the dark background. The lower part of a full moon is visible above encircled by five small pentacles possibly representing stars. We have a choice here to place our focus on loss or the darker aspects of self or we can choose illumination found in the present moment, in alignment with Source. Other interpretations of this card focus on material loss or destitution but given the synchronicity with the energetic stargates, the focus seems instead to be on inner work.

The Aces in the Wild Unknown Tarot are so cool. I love the Ace of Pentacles in this deck. A section of a tree, its rings visible, suggests the passage of time and its effect on the material world. But in the center, a natural pentacle appears extending outward becoming cracks in the wood. A circle of red and yellow appears in the center representing energy that’s catalytic and vibrant. The Aces in any deck represent the central focus of the elemental energy they represent, in this case, Earth energy manifesting into form. Stability, material gain, and our physical security are among traditional interpretations of this card. With respect to the 12/12 Stargate, The Ace of Pentacles is signaling that a new foundation is possible. We began in October with a sense of awakening stirring in our souls, moving into November with the courage and resolve necessary to explore those areas of our lives that prevent us from moving into higher frequencies. And now, in December, we’re on the precipice of new awareness, where a new foundation of synchronicity and unified presence will grow.

I love this time of year. It’s a time of stillness and genesis, of cycles and seasons. It’s also a time for both reflection and preparation. And the work we do now will serve us well in the future.


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