When A Little Magick Is Necessary

When A Little Magick Is Necessary

Sometimes, when reason and truth don’t happen to work with someone, a little magick is necessary. While we all have the free will to do as we please, that doesn’t always work out when we treat others with disrespect. And when the individual won’t stop, then it may be necessary to look for other ways to get the harassment etc. to end.

It’s rare when someone treats me this way, but if it happens, I usually try to address the situation head-on if possible. When it’s not possible, and my security is threatened, like anyone I can reach for a legal solution, or as a witch, I can reach for a metaphysical one. I have also been known to create a workaround to deal with the problem, sidestepping the individual altogether. Now that I’m in my Crone years, I’ve lost all desire to deal directly with any sort of drama. So magick it is!

I don’t know about the rest of you, but I get tired of bullshit. I get tired of people thinking they can control others and then retaliate when no one cooperates with them. And lately, I’m hearing the same from other people I know, so I thought I would create a bindrune to use as a focus to enter a trance state to suggest ever-so-gently that the drama queens in question consider another line of work.

Trancework is a form of deep meditation. When we enter that realm, we not only access our Higher Self but everyone else’s as well. So it makes sense that any conversation of consequence should take place there. Sometimes we can’t see the forest for the trees, a common occurrence while in form. We can become caught up in our own egoic expression and unable to let go of destructive behavior. Going into a deep meditative or trance state allows us to connect with the Higher Self of the other person where alignment in our collective Source Presence may be experienced by both souls. It’s a place of loving embrace and it’s there that we may find our greatest influence.

Free will allows any of us to reject when our Higher Self taps us on the shoulder with wise counsel. But we can still try to bring someone’s awareness back to who they really are as part of the unified Source Presence. We can extend loving blessings and we can hold the space for positive change.

I drew five runes to create the bindrune, trusting the runes to give me the direction I need. Beginning in the upper left corner and moving deocil, I drew Algiz, Isa, Nauthiz, and Inguz. I drew Ehwaz and placed it in the center, appropriate given its Merkaba or soul vehicle reference. The overall numerology is five or change which is what we’re hoping to effect with this bindrune.

I’ll begin in the center with Ehwaz as the vehicle for our trancework. A Water rune, Ehwaz brings abrupt change. It represents partnership and coming together for a greater purpose. And as previously stated, Ehwaz assists in astral work representing our astral body or Merkaba.

Algiz represents Air, Fire, and Water connecting us with the rainbow body or BiFrost bridge depending upon one’s persuasion. It’s a rune of protection and assists us in aligning with our higher consciousness. Isa follows with further assistance in that alignment and increases the focus of our will while in the trance state.

A feeling of internal resistance is experienced with Nauthiz. A Fire rune, Nauthiz brings positive change and awakens our will. It can also indicate a turning point is at hand making Nauthiz essential in this bindrune.

The only Earth rune in the bindrune, Inguz represents the seed or our genetic inheritance. Inguz expresses the magickal desire within the witch, concentrating the sudden release of energy as she manifests her intention during the trance.

I began creating the bindrune by looking at the runes for a while. I decided to go ahead and use Ehwaz for the main structure, soul vehicle and all. I like the feeling of projecting my consciousness into a spinning crystal Merkaba. Fluorite is a nice crystal to visualize as is amethyst. I like vibrating colors so clear quartz really doesn’t do it for me.

Right away, I saw that I could incorporate Algiz in the center of Ehwaz and then noticed that I could create an Awen effect by using three points above the bindrune so I did that as well. It also takes care of Isa as part of Algiz.

Nauthiz and Inguz remain and I decided to draw Inguz in the center for a reason that I’ll explain in a minute. But in putting it there, Nauthiz appears as well so all runes are accounted for in the bindrune. I like using Inguz in bindrunes for its sudden release of energy and I thought that placing it in the center of the Merkaba, it could represent the rainbow body of light we become in the astral realm, concentrating the focus even more. The wood I used had a small brown spot in the center so I drew Inguz around that spot for more emphasis.

After blessing and consecrating the bindrune (of course), we can then hold the bindrune as a focus while entering the trance state projecting our consciousness through the center of Inguz to reach the Theta state where we connect in higher consciousness. At that point, we can ask for the individual’s presence and then hold loving space for awakening and healing. We’re there to resonate the possibility of a different choice, one based on the loving awareness of our greater unified presence.

I like incorporating runes in rituals and magickal workings. Rune magick brings together the energies and influences of each rune in a meaningful fashion to focus the intention of the witch, especially when a little magick is necessary.




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