Staying True To Our Values ~ Human Design Transits for 30 November 2017

Staying True To Our Values ~ Human Design Transits for 30 November 2017

Stepping Aside has a Facebook page. It’s one that I host off of my own personal page and I’ve begun posting information about daily planetary transits from a Human Design perspective. I really like this system. It utilizes planetary influences along with hexagrams from the I Ching to give us an interesting perspective on our personality as well as strategies for living our best lives. Here’s what I posted on today’s transits.

Looking at the example to the right, Human Design natal charts or bodygrams consist of two columns reflecting the two “crystals” of our creation. On the left side sits the planetary information representing our Design crystal and the energetic information that’s encoded into our being approximately 88 days before birth. On the right side of the chart is the column representing our Personality crystal, or the energetic information that’s encoded into our being at the exact time of our birth.

Transit charts by their nature deal with the present moment so all planetary bodies which influence us reference the Personality side of the chart. In natal charts, you’ll see a transit at “Design Mars” or “Personality Pluto” for example, whereas in a transit chart all you’ll see is Personality referenced.

The Sun and Earth remain basically where they were yesterday so I thought I’d look at an active channel. The Channel of Transformation appears in today’s Human Design planetary transits with gates 54 Drive and 32 Continuity active. This channel represents our internal drive to accomplish and succeed with diligent effort.

Gate 32 Continuity activated by Personality Mars at Line 4 Right is Might indicates the value of maintaining our principles irrespective of what we’re experiencing.

Gate 54 Drive activated by Personality Pluto at Line 3 Covert Interaction describes the choice when blocked by conventional means to seek out informal channels to achieve goals.

Human Design charts are comprised of nine centers housing various gates within each one. The gates themselves along with the six possible lines associated with each gate correspond to the 64 hexagrams from the I Ching. So when we see Gate such and such Line such and such it references a particular hexagram and the line that’s active. It’s remarkably prescient. From there you see channels that connect the centers together and when a gate is active, half of that channel will be colored in. When both sides are active, a full channel will form. This can happen within the individual when transiting planets activate a channel first began by the natal chart or it can happen when we interact with others. Maybe someone else has the side of the channel active that with our own gate active invokes the channel into being. That’s why it’s nice to look at a couple’s composite chart to see where channels are activated by their very union. We’re all influenced by our surroundings, so looking at how couples create energetic channels can give real insight into the relationship’s strengths and weaknesses.

We can see when looking at how Gates 32 and 54 interact that depending upon the individual(s) in question, we might experience an internal struggle between using inappropriate means to accomplish an objective and remaining true to our higher values. Fear of failure or unworthiness can motivate us to make choices that in retrospect may not be worth the success it brings.

To keep us on the noble path of staying true to our values, the Moon transiting at Gate 42 Growth Line 5 Self-actualization reinforces the process taken over the goal itself as when expressing random acts of kindness for the sheer pleasure of doing so. Uranus also transits at this same Gate and Line giving us additional support. Mercury at Gate 10 The Behavior of Self Line 1 Modesty establishes that irrespective of our position, we have a shared sense of purpose with others. In other words, our ego is less important than the purpose at hand. Venus at Gate 14 Power Skills Line 5 Arrogance is a bit of a wild card as it introduces some unrestrained ego into the mix but with luck Mars will be more of an influence so that we stay on the right track.

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