The Chakras, Prana, And A Little Kundalini Rising

I’ve found meditation to be my only salvation these days so I wanted to share one that I do to cleanse and align my chakras. It involves the chakras, prana channel, and a little kundalini rising.

  • Find a comfortable position…I usually sit in an oversized recliner with my feet up and hold a piece of quartz in each hand
  • I begin by taking some deep cleansing breaths drawing my breath from the lowest part of my spine upward, exhaling outward from the top of my head releasing all stress and negative energy to the universe, entering a deeper state of relaxation with each breath.
  • I bring my focus to a still point within my center and begin visualizing and merging my awareness with my chakras
  • I focus my breathing on the vertical channel known as the prana tube or sushumna, expand it somewhat, and visualize the chakras overall, spinning within in unison
  • I visualize the seven chakras as either shining merkabas or as spinning orbs and breathe in their resonance
  • From there, I begin at the root chakra, visualizing its glowing red color. My chakras radiate a pearlescent quality and as I focus in on the chakra itself I increase its intensity, allowing it’s color to merge into the channel of our life force or prana
  • I fill the lower part of the prana channel completely with the red energy of the root chakra and move it up to the orange sacral chakra where I visualize and expand its color to merge fully with the root energy
  • I repeat the same process with each chakra, blending and merging the energy of each one with all the rest, finishing at the crown
  • When I’ve completed the process of merging the chakra energies within the prana channel, I sit within its resonance, allowing it to increase
  • At this point, I direct my focus to the base of the prana channel and visualize the spiral of kundalini willing it to move upward through the prana channel, cleansing, purifying, and activating each spinning chakra. As I breathe in, I draw that energy upward through the channel in powerful bursts exhaling its return to my heart chakra for ultimate transmutation
  • When I feel the process is complete, I gently and reluctantly return my awareness to my body, ending the meditation.

When turning on the news results in triggered reactions, sometimes the only thing we can do is to shut out the world and go within. Even quiet moments spent walking around my property helps. Using an active type of meditation instead of simply focusing on my breathing enables me to experience a sense of control over the disparate energies of the day which I really like. And as always, feel free to use this meditation in your own meditative practice or as a basis to create your own.


The Chakras, Prana, And A Little Kundalini Rising

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