Healing Relationships ~ Runecasting for 8 December 2017

Healing Relationships ~ Runecasting for 8 December 2017

Wunjo, Jera, and Sowilo comprise today’s runecasting. Earth dominates although Fire is also influencing with an overall numerology of 9 or completion as well. With the transformative energy of Jera in the center, initially this looks like balancing joy with will, but let’s look at each rune.

A rune of Elemental Earth, Wunjo is considered the wish rune. It suggests harmony and joy along with empathy and fellowship with others. Wunjo brings a sense of peace when chanted and embraces the notion of happily ever after. In short, Wunjo asks us to consider how we extend and receive happiness and joy.

Jera is the rune of transformation and balance and it’s said to bring events to pass. An Earth rune, Jera is a favorite rune of herbalists and gardeners as it speeds growth and brings a successful harvest. Also representing the cyclical nature of life, Jera promotes positive change and aligns energies in relationships.

As the rune of the Higher Self, Sowilo strengthens the will and brings healing. Sowilo, as a Fire rune, increases self-confidence leading to success. Sowilo illuminates and guides our path and strengthens magickal workings.

After looking at the runes, this now feels more like healing relationships. With positive change at its center, Sowilo’s self-confidence creates the will to seek a more joyful relationship with others. Perhaps we’ve experienced some drama from miscommunication or wounding from harsh words. The runes suggest that the time is right to heal bonds which have become strained.

I created a bindrune for use as a sigil to be carried or placed on the altar during a ritual or magickal working for healing and unity which appears below. Bindrunes align each rune’s energy with the others contained within to create a powerful sigil for casting one’s intention. In this case, the runes suggest that an opening for harmony and healing exists and the bindrune creates the portal to cast that intention to the greater unified presence.


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