Saturday Tarot! 9 December 2017

Saturday Tarot! 9 December 2017

I published this tarot reading on Stepping Aside’s Facebook page today…

Saturday Tarot!

The Page of Wands, the 10 of Wands, and the 5 of Pentacles comprise today’s cards with Fire dominating and an overall numerology of six or balance, harmony, and the sacred Self.

The Page of Wands illustrates a noble young man admiring a tall staff in his hands. Pages look to the future and new opportunities. He is a seeker, a student, and a bearer of news. A free spirit, the Page of Wands can be both transformative and dangerous, however, he tends to live in the present moment with a firm belief in justice.

In the 10 of Wands, we see a young man carrying 10 large staffs, his head bowed by his burden. He cannot see what’s in front of him as his responsibilities prevent his view. He is overwhelmed by his struggle, his focus on illusion.

Destitution and loss symbolize the 5 of Pentacles as we see two individuals, both in tattered clothing. The woman walks through the snow, her feet bare while the man accompanying her is injured, his feet covered in bandages, supported by two crudely fashioned crutches. Snow falls around them as they walk in front of a stained-glass window, the belief of no admittance on their downcast faces.

Perspective is the issue in this reading. We start out fine with the future bright and full of promise. But then future burdens plague our view preventing a realistic perspective culminating with destitution and loss. Although the 5 of Pentacles seems depressing, the inclusion of the 5 glowing golden pentacles reminds us of the spiritual gifts we still possess.

Navigating our experiences is complicated when our focus is placed too heavily on the illusion of form. Today’s reading reminds us that we are indeed Spirit inhabiting bodies for a limited time. Our true nature is eternal and our perspective while in form could reflect that truth thus creating a better balance.

As above, so below…

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