What Determines Our Experience? ~ Tarot for 12 December 2017

What Determines Our Experience? ~ Tarot for 12 December 2017

Earth, Air, and Water are influencing in today’s tarot reading with an overall numerology of eleven or the Master number for illumination. Odd numbered cards are present with two threes and one five suggesting a catalytic change is occurring as we begin in balance and then things appear to go sideways from there.

Beginning with the 3 of Pentacles, a great mountain rises above while three pentacles representing Fire, Water, and Air are in balance below. The pentacles appear gear-like, belted together by three lines. Both structure and progress are depicted along with the balance between will, intellect, and emotions.

The 3 of Swords is stunning in this deck. Three swords with interesting hilts are bound by a bloodied rope, blood dripping from each tip, in front of a blackened background. The darkness gives way to light suggesting that awareness and clarity are available if we could only free ourselves from the existing bonds. The question always is, however, are the bonds self-imposed or are they imposed by others? Given that Swords represents Elemental Air and our intellectual process, it would seem that we’re bound by our own negative thinking. In other decks, three swords typically pierce a heart so it’s easy to view this card as a betrayal of some kind but I think it’s more about perception. The 3 of Swords, in my opinion, suggests that we’re bound by our own thought process to our own detriment.

This is further supported by the 5 of Cups in which we see a horse with its head bowed, eyes closed, his focus on the darkness. The five cups above may be empty, but their placement in the light suggests hope and possibility exist, however, we’re so consumed with emotion that we’re unable to experience it.

Although we begin our lives in balance, our focus determines our experience. If we place our focus on the illusion of form, then we limit our experience to form-produced awareness. In other words, we give away our creative power to the experience itself, reacting to everything we see instead of remaining the creator of the experience.

We are Spirit inhabiting bodies for a limited time. We can create the experience we have or we can allow the experience to create us.

Blessed Be

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