The Journey of Experience ~ Tarot for 22 December 2017

The Journey of Experience ~ Tarot for 22 December 2017

Appearing on each card, bubbles abound throughout today’s tarot reading signifying grace, hope, and inspiration. Two cards from the Major Arcana, The Universe and The High Priestess, surround the 6 of Cups representing Earth and Water and have an overall numerology of eleven, or the Master number for illumination and our connection to the subconscious realm.

The Universe card in the Haindl Tarot is completely unique and evokes a feeling of rebirth and a cleansing of illusion. A dragon breathes fire as its tail encircles the earth. A card of Saturn, with The Universe we pause and reflect on our soul’s journey through form, the journey itself our true reward. The bubbles, depicting planets in the universe, evoke a sense of freedom and liberation as new ideas form for the next life lived while the dragon’s flames signify renewal and purity.

A small star hangs in the night sky while six golden chalices float in midair, Goddess presence influencing the scene. A large bubble separates two of the chalices in alignment with the star above. The 6 of Cups is titled Happiness denoting balance, fulfillment, and joy. The hexagram at the bottom of the card is the 58th gua of the I Ching known as The Joyous Lake suggesting an influence of vitality and joy for life.

The Goddess stands with her hands raised in supplication, her body translucent and ethereal. A camel sits at her feet while a large bubble covers her body. An upward turned crescent moon serves as her headdress or crown as it radiates its mystery throughout the card. The High Priestess is the Feminine Divine possessing secret knowledge and revelation. She goes within, aligning in Source Presence, to access the unconscious realm. She embodies compassion and grace, intuition and inner wisdom. A darkened stream cuts a channel through the rock below perhaps signifying the journey we take while in meditation into our own unconscious.

I think we find our liberation within. Because if we’re too focused on the goings on of the world, we can become constrained by stress and worry and it can be difficult to extricate our attention and emotion from it all. Then it seems like our experiences create us instead of the other way around. The trick is to remember that we are complete when we begin which is what The Universe is telling us. The journey is but an illusion, interesting, but an illusion nevertheless. Our happiness is predicated upon that understanding. Otherwise, we’re in a perpetual state of trying to get somewhere we already are.

We don’t cease being Source Energy when we incarnate into form. While religion may suggest otherwise, it’s simply not true. So where exactly is the fool’s journey taking us? Essentially it takes us back to that awareness. We don’t become Spirit as a result of our life in form, instead, we remember that we are Spirit. The presence of The High Priestess reminds us of that truth and the need to remain aligned in Source Presence. And now with ascension near, remaining aligned in Spirit may be the only way to experience the catalytic world around us.

Stay safe and be well, particularly if you’re traveling about during the holidays. It’s been an interesting year and if you’re like me, you’re simply not ready to endure another. It’s one of the reasons I write this blog as well as the books I’ve published. Writing helps me stay sane. And I appreciate all of you so much for reading what I write!

Blessings to all!




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