Charting Our Own Course ~ Tarot for 8 January 2018

Charting Our Own Course ~ Tarot for 8 January 2018

The Fool begins his journey, charting his own course, in today’s tarot reading. I’m using my DruidCraft deck, a favorite among non-traditional tarot decks. I like its elemental feeling and with my Druid ancestry, I’m drawn to the depictions. And the notion of beginnings is reinforced by the other two cards of the reading, both Aces. The Ace of Pentacles and the Ace of Cups follow with practical and emotional influences and give the reading its overall numerology of two or duality.

The Fool takes a leap of faith referenced by both Lessing and Kierkegaard and although their discussions centered on Christianity, the expression has far more import than simply about spiritual beliefs. As The Fool, we each incarnate into form, assured by faith that we are about to experience something amazing! The Fool carries his worldly possessions in a knapsack over his shoulder, his dog happily at his side as he looks out over the expanse before him, ready to take the leap into the abyss of life.

A large golden pentagram hangs in the indigo sky, as dawn breaks below. A brown bear strolls out behind a large standing stone following a path to new experiences. The Ace of Pentacles signifies the strength and stability of Elemental Earth along with a foundation for abundance and material gain. With the Great Bear still visible in the early morning sky, the golden pentagram represents Polaris, our North Star representing our guide and security.

The Ace of Cups is beautiful in any deck, but in the DruidCraft deck, it’s stunning. A crescent moon hangs in the clouds above a golden chalice as water flows in abundance over its sides nourishing the vegetation below. Verdant abundance and fertility are signified by this card of Elemental Water. But Water also represents our emotions and with the Ace, it depicts the beginnings or foundation of emotional presence. It suggests intuition and psychic awareness as well as love, joy, and contentment.

I’ve had so much consistency over the last couple of weeks with respect to divinations and astrology. We’re experiencing the beginning of something new right now perhaps centering on balancing the material aspect of life with our emotional presence, and today’s tarot reading certainly reinforces that idea. And with the presence of The Fool, the overall theme of the reading is no expectations, suggesting expressing neutrality over reaction. The last year has been chaotic and it stands to reason that we may feel compelled to direct the new year’s outcome if only to avoid more of the same. But sometimes like the bear, it’s best to chart our own course, away from the chaos brought by others.

Blessed Be

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