An Embarrassment of Riches or Just An Embarrassment? ~ Tarot for 11 January 2018

An Embarrassment of Riches or Just An Embarrassment? ~ Tarot for 11 January 2018

I typically try to let the cards tell me where they want me to focus, but given the new guy’s comments today about shithole countries, it occurs to me that this whole situation is either an embarrassment of riches for the Democrats and in turn the country, or it’s simply an embarrassment. I’m certain it has elements of both, but I thought I’d let the cards decide. Earth, Water, and Air are influencing with the Ace of Stones, the 4 of Cups, and the 6 of Swords comprising the cards. 11 is the overall numerology, the Master number for illumination, something the new guy is missing.

An eagle extends its talons as it lands on a large round boulder affixing Spirit to matter in the Ace of Stones. Pentacles in other decks, the Ace represents Elemental Earth, manifesting stability, security, and material gain. A rainbow arches over the scene suggesting promise and abundance. But what always strikes me about the cards in this suit is strength depicted by the boulders Haindl uses. It stresses foundational energies in a way that other renditions lack. The Ace of Stones in the West’s power lies in its simplicity blending Spirit with matter.

Mixed Happiness is the title of the 4 of Cups and depicts four golden chalices, overturned, and in an odd disarray. Oak leaves are strewn about fallen from the bare trees above. A closer look suggests that the cups may be floating in a pool of water suggesting a directed emotional focus or conversely, a willingness let a situation be. But given how each cup faces another, there may be conflicting emotions present. The hexagram appearing at the top left of the card is titled Difficulty at the Beginning and suggests that order is preferred over chaos and that a time of reflection is necessary.

The 6 of Swords is titled Science and depicts six swords, four pointing upward while two swords point downward. A wise Sage with flowing white hair and beard looks down on the scene while large fingers reach for the branch below him. Directed intelligence and a balance between intellect and Spirit lead us toward awakening. This card is depicted in various ways depending upon the deck used, but in this one, the hexagram indicates the focus on inner truth reinforcing the appearance of the wise Sage. That four of the swords point upward tells us that a focus on Spirit should outweigh a focus on form.

So where does this leave our shameful president? His wrongheaded approach to just about everything has offended many both within the country and abroad. And now he refers to Haiti, countries in Africa, and apparently El Salvador as shithole countries. None of this should surprise any of us anymore, but nevertheless, it should outrage the entire world. His Spirit is so suppressed that it probably hasn’t seen the light of day in ages, if ever and I wonder if Higher Self has ever informed this man. Because according to an interview he gave he doesn’t listen to anyone but himself. There is no promise of any rainbow with this sad, sad man, his thoughts far too scattered to remotely understand their ramifications.

The 4 of Cups illustrates the new guy’s disorganized thinking, his promises on the campaign trail to supporters now in sharp contrast to his current actions. He wears his emotional outbursts as a badge of honor, unable to see how he compromises the country in the process, sorely needing the directed intelligence of the 6 of Swords to influence his inner truth.

His Spirit is out of balance with his over-inflated ego and without that balance, there is no hope for this man having chosen service to self over service to others. He will continue to see everything according to what serves his own interests and rage against the truth. He can never understand as long as he continues to speak. He needs structure and balance. But without that inner voice to guide him, he remains lost in the weeds while taking the world with him.

Maybe he should send his spiritual advisor the month’s salary she’s asking from everyone else. After all, according to this woman, his spiritual advancement depends on it. So while Democrats may find all of this useful in the mid-terms, in the end, the dignity of others is easily, and arrogantly, tossed aside. This may indeed be an embarrassment of riches for those seeking to reset the narrative to one of compassion and respect, but it also happens alongside the endless damage this man will cause.

No, this man is, sadly, just an embarrassment.

Blessed Be

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