A Sword in One Hand, A Severed Head in the Other: The Goddess Has Returned ~ Tarot for 16 January 2018

A Sword in One Hand, A Severed Head in the Other: The Goddess Has Returned ~ Tarot for 16 January 2018

The Star, 7 of Wands, and the Queen of Swords comprise today’s tarot reading. Six is the overall numerology suggesting an overall influence of harmony and the sacred. And there is one card from the Major Arcana, one Court card and one small card representing Elemental Water, Fire, and Air or emotions, will, and intellect respectively.

The Star as the Blessed Conduit bridges the Abyss between Spirit and matter. As the Goddess pours the celestial waters from heaven down onto the earth, she anoints herself, receiving the blessing she extends to humanity and all of creation. From three seven-pointed stars, the Seven Rays spiral forth infusing all of creation with their loving resonance. Interesting that the overall numerology of the stars is three, representing the fusing of energies by the Great Mother and her Consort and the birth of the Son of Creation. A large globe looms large in the background representing the collective universe. Surrounding its inner edge in ouroboros fashion is what appears like a dragon representing the collective kundalini or vitality of the universe, circular to indicate the cyclical nature of life. Traditional interpretations of The Star include intuition and vision, healing and openness. When The Star appears in a reading, our wishes become reality.

The 7 of Wands is titled Valour depicting six ornate wands bound by flames, involved in their own volatile interaction or process while a simple yet strong wand crafted from a mere branch stands in its own power, courageous and ready for battle. Although a balanced experience is had by the six wands in the background, the single wand indicates that it may be time to ignore the chaos and go it alone, standing up for what’s right. The seven itself is interesting, resembling the energetic equivalent of scales as the four within stands alone while three provide balance on each side. A card of Mars in Leo, the 7 of Wands reinforces the power of strong leadership during times of conflict.

A sword in one hand, a severed head in the other, Queen of Swords lays back on her crystalline throne in the clouds, a cherubic head adorning its upper edge, spent from the encounter. Graceful, quickwitted, the Queen asserts her authority, preferring a solitary life over the suffering of fools. Her quick mind suggests a powerful intellect, intuitive and perceptive.

Patriarchy is on its last legs, dying in place before us. The Goddess has returned and we’re not going back to the oppression of the past. Mars energy is being overtaken and balanced by the Divine Feminine within each one of us. Subtle and not-so-subtle changes are occurring though difficult to see amid the chaos.

We can remain immersed in the chaos and negativity, or we can step aside that toxicity and reach for the Divinity within allowing the Goddess to influence once more.

Blessed Be

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