Balance and Choice ~ Tarot for 18 January 2018

Balance and Choice ~ Tarot for 18 January 2018

So we have an interesting synchronicity in today’s tarot reading using the Wild Unknown Tarot deck. I’ve been using a bi-level spread that has three overall influence cards on the upper level and two cards on the lower that indicate what challenges and supports us and today, an overall numerology of 11, the Master number for illumination, occurs on each level using both eights and threes. I can add them together to reach 22, another Master number, or I can leave them as they are. Pentacles (Earth) and Cups (Water) are present with Cups or our emotional presence dominating our practical side. Additionally, one Court card is present.

The 8 of Pentacles, 3 of Pentacles, and the Father of Cups comprise the general influences for today. The 8 of Pentacles depicts a spider in the center of her web. Eight pentacles surround her, captured in her grasp. But everything is in balance on this card suggesting a strong foundation as well as abundance. The spider’s arrangement of her kill indicates that she’s disciplined and prepared with an attention to detail that serves her well.

Next, the 3 of Pentacles may be a card of Elemental Earth, but from the creator’s depiction, we can see the elemental influences of Fire, Air, and Water involved in our physical manifestation. A large mountain rises in the background signifying structure with the tri-colored pentagrams connected to each other in gear-like fashion as they blend together will, intellect, and emotions. Progression and a creative use of our talents are traditional interpretations.

The Father of Cups in the Wild Unknown Tarot is simply beautiful! A black swan swims serenely in the water, a single black chalice above. The King in other decks, the Father’s peaceful countenance belies an awareness of what’s to come. He is a wise counselor and a loving husband and father although he can be someone shallow or passive aggressive if ill-dignified.

So it looks like the general influences are focused on structure and emotional balance. Getting on with things, taking care of our material needs, letting go of reaction in favor of peace and calm seem to be the overall focus.

In the position of what challenges us sits the 8 of Cups, the cups broken in front of a dark, foreboding mountain. In any deck, the 8 of Cups tells us that we’ve gone as far as we can go and it’s time to move on to new experiences. Our emotions have run their course and we’ve let go of their effect. Although we may be experiencing some disappointment, the challenge is to not become so caught up in that disappointment or loss that we cannot move forward.

Emotions in harmony are the theme of the 3 of Cups, and in the position of what supports us, reinforces well the overall theme of enlightenment or illumination. I love this particular rendition of the 3 of Cups. The three ravens remind me of three friends getting together over a cup of tea, catching up and chatting together. Will and intellect appear in balance given the blended yellow and red colors in the background. And it also gives an as above, so below feeling with the white Moon above signifying Spirit.

In a world filled with so much chaos, sometimes we need to simply focus on the more mundane aspects of our lives. Clean the house, pick up the trash, have a long-overdue conversation with friends. Where we place our focus matters. Awakening isn’t simply about having supernatural experiences. It’s about doing the work of creation and in that regard, emotional reactions only get in the way. Given the fact that eleven appears in both levels of the reading, and adds also to twenty-two, the creative force is clearly in play.

Today’s reading is telling us that we create our own reality. We can either accomplish something or we can stew in our own emotions. The choice is ours. I think I’ll go clean my front porch to prepare for tomorrow’s DirecTV installation. We’re keeping cable for internet only until we have another option available and letting go of all the upsetting emotions surrounding life with cable TV. Because trust me. There have been plenty.


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