Tarot and Transits for 20 January 2018 ~ Shutdown Edition

Tarot and Transits for 20 January 2018 ~ Shutdown Edition

Prior to the shutdown of the federal government, we asked for some Temperance, instead we got the 9 of Swords and now, like the 2 of Wands, we’re at a standoff. I’d ask what happened, but then the new guy is upset that the whole shutdown thing is affecting his anniversary party at Mar-a-Lago, so it’s really him that happened. He was elected. And now, on his one year anniversary in office, the government has shut down.

Fun times.

Had everyone concerned acted with some Temperance it’s doubtful we’d be in this situation now. No thought of what needs to happen to preserve life in our country which would have reflected their will in balance with their emotions. No, instead, there seems to be an intense rush to undo social programs in an effort to increase the wealth of a few. As her tears fall into the burning flame, the heron looks to the future and the damage caused.

The 9 of Swords is a disgusting mess. Eyeballs are mixed up with a lower jaw, worms devouring what’s left. Nine swords appear to both pierce the body parts as well as keep them in place. Representing Elemental Air and our intellect, the 9 of Swords represents the stuff of our nightmares and a focus on illusion. We are bound by our own thoughts, our own grief, perception overshadowing any clarity.

The 2 of Wands ends the reading with two wands leaning toward each other. As with Temperance, the two has a colorful background representing the elements in balance while the center card is devoid of color. And while it may appear like a standoff is occurring, the balanced hues in the background suggest an agreement may have been reached.

Astrological transits indicate that both Water and Air (emotions versus intellect) are dominating along with Fixed attitudes so we’re not out of the woods yet particularly with Elemental Fire (will) in a weakened position. But that could also work in our favor. Here are today’s planets and their breakdown:

  • Moon in Pisces
  • Sun in Aquarius
  • Mercury in Capricorn
  • Venus in Aquarius
  • Mars in Scorpio
  • Jupiter in Scorpio
  • Saturn in Capricorn
  • Uranus in Aries
  • Neptune in Pisces
  • Pluto in Capricorn
  • Chiron in Pisces
  • Ascendant in Aquarius

Discussions between lawmakers may become intense given Scorpio’s transiting influence in expansive Jupiter and fiery Mars so we’ll be relying on Capricorn’s disciplined and practical approach to balance out volatile energy. Mercury, Saturn, and Pluto are all transiting in Capricorn today, to careful attention to detail should be in play. The Sun, Venus, and the Ascendant in Aquarius will influence the humanitarian side of the conversation providing a focus on progressive issues which should help if anyone bothers to listen. However, the Moon and Chiron in Pisces create a feeling of wounding that, if properly applied, could influence a more compassionate viewpoint during the discussions.

We’re at a crossroads in this country. One side clearly believes that wealth belongs to a chosen few while the other believes in shared abundance, playing out, as the Law of One indicates, a service to self belief structure in conflict with a service to others belief structure. Apparently, those who care not are at the helm and seek to undo anything that smacks of compassion for others from the government.

If we stay in reaction, then we’re affected by the transiting planets. If we seek a soul-centered response, then we look to how the 7 Rays balance and then use those energies to bring about a more unified solution. The 5th Ray of Concrete Knowledge scores the highest fostering objective focus and an influence by the Higher Mind; however, when out of balance, we may tend towards cynicism, so a balanced approach is preferable.

The 1st ray of Will/Power and the 7th Ray of Ceremonial Magic and Order are medium influences but from a soul-centered perspective, we are motivated to seek a solution that benefits the greater good, particularly with the 7th Ray and its function of creating heaven on earth.

The 2nd Ray of Love/Wisdom, the 3rd Ray of Active Intelligence, and the 6th Ray of Devotion and Idealism are slightly less of an influence, but bring energies of healing and service to humanity to bear.

Finally, the 4th Ray of Harmony Through Confict allows for balance. This ray acts as the pivot or resting point between viewpoints, suggesting that we’re more than our conflicts or what they might indicate.

Those in Congress would do well to remember that people will suffer if they don’t solve this problem that’s clearly of their own creation. The so-called conservative party believes in an us versus them existence that won’t sustain anyone going forward. With luck, these self-described spiritual men and women will find that spirituality within and do the right thing for the country.

Otherwise, we may end up resembling the 9 of Swords, battered, beaten, and kept that way.

Blessed Be.


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