Along The Path ~ Tarot for 25 January 2018

Along The Path ~ Tarot for 25 January 2018

Wands and Swords seem to be a recurring theme of the tarot readings of late. Emotions versus intellect, heart versus head with the High Priestess observing its exchange. An overall numerology of three is present signifying the catalytic nature of triplicity. Three aligns with the Divine Feminine, fertility, the expansive influence of its planetary correspondence Jupiter increasing creative potential.

But the reading begins with the 9 of Wands and steps covered in branches. A crescent moon rises in the afternoon sky, the setting sun illuminating its visage. Reedy vegetation rises on either side of the steps, the pink light from the setting sun shining through their tips. Ascent or descent is implied with the branches giving the impression of stairs instead of a walkway. The 9 of Wands speaks to the battle within and the determination it takes to succeed. Nine suggests completion, so we may be coming to the conclusion of a difficult period in our lives with illumination our reward at the end of the struggle.

The Ace of Swords depicts a single upright sword, a serpent coiled around its hilt in lemniscate fashion. Two lightning bolts strike through the darkness, illuminating the sword. The Ace signifies beginnings, Swords our intellectual presence. So the Ace of Swords represents our intellect at its genesis, pure consciousness as it manifests new thought. When this card appears we’re to see life as it is, to cut through all illusion, and to see with clarity. The Ace may also be suggesting that after the struggle of the Nine, a new perspective may be forming.

I love The High Priestess card in this deck. A white tiger sits peacefully, a globe between her great paws, while a crescent moon hangs in the night sky. A Major Arcana card, The High Priestess is an archetype representing the Divine Feminine. She represents intuition and secret knowledge, revelation and inspiration. She asks us to go within to find the answers we seek, to rely on the inner wisdom found in alignment with Source Presence. She represents the Triple Goddess and the gateway to the unconscious realm.

Really, if I were to be somewhat of a smart ass about this, I would say that the High Priestess is thinking to herself, so the pity party is over and we’re now back on track. We pay too much attention to everything that’s going on, so much so that we forget to create our own lives. We worry about this person or that situation and when we do that, we stop any forward momentum of our own. Instead of a light bulb moment, the Ace of Swords is giving us a lightning bolt moment and the opportunity to align with Source Presence and experience our true creative process.

Our lives are our own to experience. The tiger controls the round globe between its paws in the same manner that we should be controlling our lives. When our will is in balance with our intellect, we observe more than react. In the process, we determine our own path.


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