Collective Abundance

Collective Abundance

Whenever I use my Haindl Tarot deck, I have the opportunity to explore other divination systems as well because Haindl includes Hebrew glyphs, runes, and hexagrams or guas from the IChing on his cards. Abundance is the gua reference from the IChing providing the primary influence of the 6 of Stones, however, with the presence of Justice and The Empress, instead of material abundance the 6 of Stones speaks to the abundance found in awareness of Spirit.

A card of Elemental Earth, the 6 of Stones signifies success and harmony. The scene depicts six boulders in a balanced pattern suspended before a round opening in the rock. Or it could be the side view of an archway. Either way, this may be the doorway to Spirit which we also see in The Empress. The interesting aspect of the boulders is that they form two triangles suggesting the Merkaba or the vehicle for the soul, so a synchronicity exists there as well.

Justicea card of Libra and balance, beautifully depicts the scales with a bubble floating above each pan in front of the tail feathers of a peacock. Nauthiz appears in the upper right-hand corner suggesting the inner friction require to achieve that balance. Eleven is the card’s numerology which, if reduced (which I won’t do), is two or duality, polarity, and balance. But as a Master Number, eleven signifies illumination and the subconscious. This is the number for the spiritual teacher within, powerful in its service to others focus. In this reading, Justice suggests that alignment in Spirit or Source Presence takes a certain level of focus or an inner friction to achieve and maintain, a balance between as above, so below.

A woman stands on a crescent moon in bubble-filled water, nude, with a serpent coiling around one arm while she holds a pinecone-tipped spear in the other. A star appears above her head while an All-Seeing Eye radiates over the entire scene. A lighted doorway opens in the background, a representation of the Goddess and a triskele adorns the doorway while the dove of peace flies above. Thurisaz, the third rune of the Elder Futhark appears in the upper right-hand corner representing our awakening or catalytic will. This aligns with The Empress, the third card of the Major Arcana. A triplicity, The Empress represents fertility and abundance, and the Mother aspect of Goddess Presence. She is the door, the portal, representing the womb and receptiveness. She rules the unconscious realm, and her elegance brings beauty and happiness.

So whenever we have a series of cards from the Major Arcana (I refuse to call them the T word because of you know who) soul archetypes are influencing. Changes are happening in our world brought by an unstable regime in our country. The only way most of us can deal with all of it is to turn off the television and attempt to live in denial which we know is illusory at best. He’s still there.

But as we know from the gua of Abundance, material abundance is nice, but that may be transitory and threatened now for those of us who struggle just to make the paycheck last until the end of the month. Real abundance is found in the remembrance of our Spirit within and aligning in that resonance. Experiencing life from the perspective of service to others brings a richness that a focus on the self can never achieve. Monetary abundance may be achieved but when it’s at the expense of compassionate spiritual awareness what do we really have?

The overall numerology of the reading is eleven which we already know is special. But then humanity is special. We’re aspects or projections of the Creator, the All That Is. Although we can choose a self-oriented focus, it’s easy to see that it doesn’t exactly lend itself to a compassionate attitude or outcome. Our current regime is an example of billionaires who have no clue about everyday people, their wealth overshadowing any compassion felt for others. It’s a service to self model that works for them, but not for the rest of humanity.

We’ve reached a tipping point and we’re being given a front row seat to a troubling future. And it will take a soul focus that will raise our awareness past the material into the spiritual in order that we survive the whole experience. We go forward together. Not left in the dust by a small group of people who care only about themselves.

In truth, our real abundance is us.

Blessed Be

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