As The Mother Wolf Rises

A lunar eclipse occurred this morning which I confess that I slept through. Since I’m beginning the intepretation of this tarot reading before it gets dark and the Full Super Moon in Leo rises, I’ll include a picture from last night’s Maiden Moon in the unlikely event I finish while it’s still light. Tonight’s full moon is considered a blue moon because it’s the second one this month. January’s full moon is also referred to as the Full Wolf Moon or the Full Storm Moon depending on one’s persuasion. As the title suggests, I prefer the Wolf. But with the aligned energies of the eclipse, the blue and Super Moon factors, tonight and the next few days may be interesting. Although my preference for magickal workings is the New Moon, I find full moons, no matter what else is taking place, to be full of exciting energy. With an eclipse, magickal workings performed are said to contain the full power of the Goddess in all her aspects, and magick worked during that time can take on a special focus.

I’ve been working with the Wild Unknown Tarot deck of late and I drew three cards for tonight’s Full Moon reading. The Sun, the 2 of Pentaclesand the 7 of Cups bring influences of Fire, Earth, and Water to the reading along with one card from the Major Arcana. The overall numerology is one, or new beginnings and wholeness. With The Sun beginning the spread, I’m going to interpret this from a soul perspective.

I love The Sun card in this deck. Its energy and vitality explode from the center of the card. Four doves fly to each corner as The Sun expands and awakens the soul. The birth of something new is on the horizon when this card appears. The light is returning, clarity is ours.

A beautiful butterfly comprises the center of the 2 of Pentacles with two small pentacles appearing in front, aligned with a balanced elemental lemniscate. This card may suggest that we’re juggling two different positions or that we’re finding an inner balance, but with the presence of the butterfly, it seems to reinforce the awakening found with The Sun.

The 7 of Cups is unlike any other in tarot. Okay, I haven’t personally seen all tarot decks, but I’m fairly certain I’m correct. Here we have a night sky with a crescent moon reflecting the golden light of a setting sun below. Six cups are upright in a balanced pattern with one cup turned upside down in the middle. It appears to be winter, as evidenced by the glacial blue cast to the mountains and what appears to be snow on the ground under the cups. Delusion or the dream state are typical interpretations of this card but in this reading, I think it means something else. Seven is the number for both divinity and magick. It can be represented by a scale with three on each side of the one. In the cyclical nature of life, each evening, the Sun dies to the Moon, the masculine giving way to the Moon’s feminine mystery. And this speaks to the patriarchal nature of tarot interpretations that the Moon’s correspondence with feminine mystery is considered illusory.

So sorry men don’t understand women. But it’s not really our problem.

We have a mega blast of feminine energy occurring right now, the Goddess making her presence known on this Super Blue Moon. And maybe that’s the point of the reading. With the #MeToo movement in full swing, the issues women face on a daily basis are coming into focus in a way never before seen. And it’s about time.

We can debate how patriarchy began, which I tend to do a whole lot these days, but at this point, those in support of such nonsense need to understand that their time is over. It’s as simple as that. Goddess is here and she’s done. Any illusion remains in the tiny minds of the patriarchy.

And as the Mother Wolf rises, she stands patriarchy on its head, skidding it across the floor, taking back what is hers…and ours.

And as of this writing, the Full Wolf Moon hides her splendor behind the clouds, but I was able to get a picture anyway. The first is from last night as the Maiden followed by the Mother, herself.

And lastly…

Blessed Imbolc to all!









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