The Blessings Found In Diversity

The Blessings Found In Diversity

The IChing has an interesting way of turning a negative into a positive, but then Eastern esoteric thought seems to regard reality in a more balanced fashion than Western thinking seems to do. Polarity isn’t about our being separate but the projective/receptive balance we achieve in form. So whereas more traditional tarot decks view the 5 of Stones (Disks, Pentacles, and Coins in other decks) as material loss of some kind. Haindl’s inclusion of the 23rd gua or hexagram from the IChing brings the notion of diversity into play along with eliminating intolerance. Five indicates change, so it would seem to suggest that allowing others into our process can provide the diversity necessary for success.

I love Haindl’s use of bubbles on his cards. They speak of hope and blessings and on the 6 of Cups the large bubble is suspended between two golden chalices alongside four others in balance. A small star appears above one of the chalices indicating wishes granted. Happiness and fulfillment are traditional interpretations of this card supported by the 58th gua of the IChing, The Joyous.

The 4 of Cups brings mixed happiness reinforced by the influence of the 3rd gua of the IChing, difficulty at the beginning. Here the IChing is asking us to establish order from chaos but sometimes that can test the diversity proffered by the 5 of Stones. Traditional interpretations involve stagnation or an obsessive focus. We have security and wealth, but it may not be bringing the fulfillment we desire. Although we may find it challenging to work with others, the diversity of thought leads to the diversity of experience.

Control over our experiences seems to be the running theme here. My mother used to have a saying that if she wanted something done right, she needed to do it herself. Occasionally that attitude would become obvious to coworkers but most were afraid of her so she got away with it. But one guy she worked with shared with me that her attitude affected her relationship with her coworkers. Not that my mother cared really about that, but he had a point.

It’s odd because even though I tend toward leadership roles, I prefer a cooperative experience with everyone contributing their own perspective and skillset to the process. In fact, I prefer the inverted pyramid model in business with the staff at the top and the executives at the bottom. In other words, I prefer to recognize the ability and worth of those actually do the work of the company over the boss.

But we begin today with the awareness of diversity and end with the difference when we lose sight of that belief. Our happiness really is found in respect for and unity with others. That said, GO EAGLES!!!

Blessings to all!

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