Create In The Present Moment

Create In The Present Moment

Earth, Fire, and Water are influencing today with an overall numerology of three suggesting triple aspects, unification, and wholeness. I’ve been reading the Stanzas of Dzyan which describe, among other things, the creative process of the Great Mother, allowing the Father energy in, and then breathing life into the Son, in this case, the Son representing the entirety of creation. The One becomes Two, and together they become Three, the One becoming the Many as She manifests her thought into form. And as I look at the cards, in a way, they describe that very process.

The Ace of Pentacles serves as the foundation for creation. Spirit infuses intellect as will manifests creation in the center of the tree, its ever-expanding rings giving rise to new experiences. The rings can also represent our many lives spent in form.

The 2 of Wands represents the Mother and Father united and in balance. They lean in, their white tips suggesting the perfect union of Spirit. The author draws the background in elemental balance reflecting balanced polarity.

And then we come to the best card of all. The Mother of Cups is depicted by a swan extending a protective wing above a single chalice. She appears to guide multi-colored splotches falling in the night sky toward the chalice. Cups signifies our emotions and since we regard God as love, it can be said that as the Great Mother breathes life into creation, She’s breathing out her love. She doesn’t leave creation alone, however, her wing both protecting and adding elemental energies to her cauldron of manifestation. Normally I would regard the splotches as faeries, but in this case, it feels more foundational, but you never know about faeries. They’re versatile.

Although I can interpret tarot cards in a traditional manner, I suppose I prefer a more esoteric view of the cards. I like considering the cards as soul or energetic influences, or as a particular process that may be unfolding. Tarot cards can be predictive in nature but when that comes through I try to still see it as merely a factor and not the premise of the reading itself.

I love the idea that we create our lives in the present moment. This reading essentially describes that process as, at any given moment we blend our intellect with our will, infused by Spirit, adding our emotional resonance to the divine mixture, shepherding and guiding our creation as it manifests into form. It happens naturally when we create anything.

The question really becomes: will our creations reflect the Great Mother’s love?

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