Only The Best People For The Swamp

Only The Best People For The Swamp

I really shouldn’t respond to talk shows but I find the either/or nature of the sexual harassment and/or assault conversation these days irritating. No, it’s not acceptable to the so-called left for innocent men to lose their jobs over harassment or assault that never happened. Wrong is wrong although, admittedly, it’s tempting after thousands of years of patriarchy and misogyny to see men take one for the team as it were. But that can’t be who we are so we really need to let that one go. That said, there’s apparently proof where the latest two White House staffers are concerned, no matter how much Donald laments against the lack of due process. Of course, there was due process. It just that in this case, his guys, the really best guys, are guilty.

I hear repeatedly on YouTube videos that Donald is draining the swamp. So does he hire them and then drain them from the swamp? Because it sure looks like he hires people who are either completely clueless and unqualified or who cannot get security clearances. These are the best people? These are the replacements for the so-called swamp draining that’s supposedly happening? The rest of the hires are multi-millionaires and billionaires, the quintessential definition of swamp people. What am I missing here?

We’ve also created new labels of late. The deep state, the alt-right/left, and now the hard left. How about just calling everyone people, or humans for that matter? The excessive labeling only furthers the division between us. Millenials are the problem, conservatives are the problem, liberals are the problem, seniors receiving Social Security and Medicare are the problem, children who need access to health care are the problem, Dreamers are the problem…we all are the problem if we can’t get past all of this into something better.

We’re in uncharted territory now, having never experienced our collective voices raised in this way. The rules of behavior are being re-written, this time by women. And I don’t actually care if it’s difficult for men when their bros are called on the carpet for skeevy behavior. Because when that behavior is criminal, it is what it is. And beating the shit out of your wife is a criminal act. No matter what the current occupant of the White House says.

His comments about the abusers have been pathetic, praising their work and their character while saying nothing in defense of their former wives. It’s clear where he comes down on all of this, with the abusers and not the women. But we’ve seen this before with his regard for tiki-torch bearing supporters and a predator banned from the local mall because he couldn’t stop harassing teenaged girls. His attitude is disgraceful and beneath someone who holds the highest office in our country.

Yep, he hires only the best people for the swamp, doesn’t he?

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