A Bindrune For Channeling

A Bindrune For Channeling

I’m a witch who loves rune magick and bindrunes are a wonderful way to blend Higher Self influences together for magickal intention. I say Higher Self influences because, in many respects, runes are similar to the Major Arcana cards from the tarot in that they represent soul archetypes and our soul’s journey through form. But runes are special in that their energy can be used in magick. In fact, each rune has a magickal intention of its own.

I created a bindrune for trancework a while back, but today I wanted to create one specifically for channeling to bring vibrations together in support of that experience. As usual, I let the runes decide the bindrune and drew Algiz, Jera, Inguz, and Laguz. And an interesting synchronicity with the intention exists with an overall numerology of 7, the number of magick, accessing the unconscious realm, and intuition. Earth energies dominate the bindrune with Air, Fire, and Water contained in Algiz, with Watery Laguz finishing the influences.

Beginning with Algiz, this multi-faceted rune represents the energetic connection between physical and nonphysical aspects of self, the BiFrost Bridge to our greater awareness of Self in the Creator. Resembling the antlers of the great elk, Algiz invokes oak energy to protect us from harmful forces. But primarily, Algiz is considered a higher consciousness rune so it’s perfect to provide the base structure for the bindrune.

Jera transforms and balances as it moves energy through the body as well as through the universe itself. It represents the cyclical nature of life and the unfolding of awareness. Because Jera aligns relationship energies, it may be useful in aligning energies between the channel and the channeled.

Inguz is an interesting rune to include because it represents our desire within for expansion. It can be drawn as a diamond, representing the seed, or it can be drawn as two X’s stacked vertically, representing a strand of DNA. In short, Inguz represents our genetic inheritance. But that idea needs to be viewed with a universal mindset because our inheritance is far greater than our ancestry would indicate. It includes the Creator and all of the projections of the Creator’s Unified Consciousness. So in this case, Inguz represents the channeler’s inherent desire to connect with the greater unified aspect of Self and embedding the other runes within its structure centers those energies creating the focal point for alignment between the channel and the channeled energy.

Lastly, Laguz is pure magick. The sole Water rune in the bindrune, Laguz represents our intuition and clairsentience. It gathers the runic influences together as one intention to be cast by the witch to the greater unified consciousness. We align with Laguz and with its hook pull necessary astral vibrations toward us, increasing our force of will.

Again, I used Inguz as the container, or cauldron as it were, for the energetic influences to blend. From there I combined Algiz and Laguz followed by Jera creating the smaller bindrune within to represent the interaction between the channel and the channeled energy. I used a piece of juniper altar/rune stock I have from trees around my property for the bindrune because I wanted it to be somewhat larger than the typical bindrunes I create. It can be placed nearby wherever the channeling is occuring or it can be held along with any crystals the channel might use.

Here’s a closer look of the bindrune:


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