Anything From Donald Now Would Be Obscene

Anything From Donald Now Would Be Obscene

Folks are wanting to hear something from Donald in support of women who have beaten by recently departing White House staffers, but I think anything from Donald now would be obscene. He wouldn’t mean it anyway so why bother? His behavior toward women over the years should curtail any thought of decency from this man. And at this point, why would any of us believe anything he has to say on the subject? We’re wanting something from a man devoid of compassion. Women are things to him, objects to do with as he pleases.

My husband served in the Army during the end of the Vietnam war. He was discharged with a disability and has plenty to say about the current regime. As you might expect, he’s sickened by any news coming from this administration. He can’t listen to the guy without screaming at the television. He enlisted just days after graduating from high school with a friend because both of their draft numbers were coming up so they decided to join under the “buddy system” and went through basic training together. Three weeks after enlisting, our government ended the draft. They never had to do this. But they did and both served our country with honor.

One of the more difficult aspects of this charade is watching a retired officer behaving so shamefully in his role as Chief of Staff. General Kelly reportedly asked staff to change the timeline surrounding the reports of domestic violence that surfaced about someone within close daily proximity of the president. He was never given a security clearance to see anything that he saw and the fact alone that Kelly let this happen is shocking. To praise a guy who put his hands on two former wives is pathetic. And for Donald to do the same shows how morally compromised he is.

We have a sitting Senator, Tammy Duckworth, who served honorably in the military and lost both legs in the process. She’s currently pregnant and will continue to serve throughout her pregnancy and delivery. She’s a credit to this country and when my husband heard that she referred to Donald as cadet bone spur he about fell out of his chair laughing. Millions of people serve honorably, but Donald, or cadet bone spur as he’s now called in this house, couldn’t be bothered. No, according to an interview Donald gave, his personal Vietnam was avoiding venereal diseases while others fought, were wounded, and/or died.

We have devastating hurricanes, but only those areas within the boundaries of the country received the help they needed. Puerto Rico is still without power in many areas and life will no doubt continue to be a struggle for years to come there. All because Donald won’t help. Any other president would help, but not this guy.

I’ll say it again. Anything from Donald now would be obscene. We’ve seen and heard everything we need to see and hear. We know who he is now. For certain.

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