Astrology/Human Design

I like looking at outer planetary influences such as Pluto, Neptune, and Uranus. Chiron and Lilith are also interesting. I feel a pull toward renewal with these astral bodies. The return of Goddess presence may lie in the information about self transformation that these planets describe.

I’ll be writing about these influences, daily if possible. I’ve not done this before, so bear with me. But I think looking at influences that just may pull us toward the truth about ourselves is worth doing.

So hang in there with me, and we all might learn something.

Update 12/27/15

After a week of looking at astrological influences on the Crone, I wanted to incorporate some Human Design in the mix. Exploring both, I’ve tried to understand how these influences either support or pull us out of our alignment with Self. I also want to find a less cumbersome way of talking about it, so from this point forward, our alignment with our nonphysical side will be called alignment with Self and I’ll leave it at that. I’m also going to incorporate some Law of Attraction into the exercise as well, because these planetary influences affect whether or not we attract drama or emit our own creative joy.

At times it seems that, by its very definition, our creative focus is limited, but it’s the price we pay while in physical form I suppose. We can’t exactly pretend we’re not here, because we most certainly are. The challenge has always been to stay aligned with Self, something most of us find difficult to accomplish, let alone even be aware of. We’re a reactive bunch while here. I did this or responded that way because of someone else doing this or that. So we relinquish control one way or another to everyone and everything other than Self.

I’m also going to use my own astrological and human design information going forward. It’s easier for me to relate to. Below I’m going to add both my natal chart and my human design bodygram for reference.

Blessed Be


Natal Chart




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