Outer Planet Transits: 18 Dec 2015

18 Dec 2015


New spiritual insights are in play, with Uranus suggesting a new phase is unfolding. You feel reborn, now free to express your voice in a way you’ve not done before. Pluto supports this as you feel the change within. Your true calling is coming into focus as Saturn influences lasting changes. However, you may also experience some issues of wounding as Chiron comes into play as well. But as this new phase unfolds, childhood wounds can be left behind, as they no longer serve your glorious new expression of self.

Conflict may lead to insight as you have the courage to stay your new course. The drive you feel for self-renewal is a powerful one, and you welcome the move away from the drama of the past. The drama may have served you in the past, but you’re ready to let go of the unconsious aspects of self that reinforced all of it and move on to a more positive life.

Communication with others may be altered, becoming deeper than normal. Although you’re able to express yourself well during this time, relationships may undergo some upheaval as you find your values changing. Self-examination may lead you to work through past issues that have kept you from achieving your true goals in life. You may find that some relationships are ending and others are beginning, changes that can be both painful and revealing. Although ending relationships can be disruptive, you can trust in the process and know that your life is finally unfolding in the right direction.

You may find your new found spiritual awareness to be unsettling, but caution should be observed so that truth isn’t mistaken for illusion. Take time to let new awareness settle in and become part of you. Those with Generator-type personalities should remember to drop resistance through the peaks and valleys of the disruptive emotional wave this may cause them to experience. They should also refrain from decision-making while in the more extreme aspects of the wave.

There are some Lilith aspects which come into play dealing with a woman’s need for autonomy and respect. Lilith addresses the Goddess within, our ability to stand strong in the face of change. She assists us as we forge our new path of self. The choices we make either serve or hinder our progress. Lilith helps us discern the difference, as we trust in our intuitive process.

So this was fun. As we become aware of and express the Goddess within, we’re bound to upset the apple cart from time to time. But I’ve been feeling this same drive to discover a new life. I’ve stepped aside from the traditional flow of my life and re-embraced my beginnings. I no longer allow disrespect in my life, preferring solitude to the company of those who simply refuse to stop their nonsense. Lilith is tapping me on my shoulder, and I’m listening.

~Blessed Be





Current Transits
  1. Transiting Uranus in strong conjunction (exact) with natal Uranus
  2. Transiting Pluto in strong square (forming, 2.0 degrees) with natal Uranus
  3. Transiting Saturn in strong conjunction (exact) with natal Saturn
  4. Transiting Chiron in strong conjunction (exact) with natal Chiron
  5. Transiting Uranus in strong square (forming, 2.0 degrees) with natal Pluto
  6. Transiting Pluto in strong conjunction (exact) with natal Pluto
  7. Transiting Pluto in strong conjunction (fading, 0.9 degrees) with natal Mercury
  8. Transiting Pluto in strong sextile (forming, 2.0 degrees) with natal Venus
  9. Transiting Chiron in strong trine (fading, 0.6 degrees) with natal Venus
  10. Transiting Neptune in strong conjunction (exact) with natal Neptune
  11. Transiting Lilith in strong square (forming, 0.9 degrees) with natal Mercury
  12. Transiting Lilith in strong sextile (forming, 0.7 degrees) with natal Ascendant
  13. Transiting Lilith in strong square (forming, 1.8 degrees) with natal Pluto
  14. Transiting Lilith in strong conjunction (exact) with natal Lilith