Weekly Influences of Support and/or Derailment – 12/27/2015 to 1/2/2016

After a week of looking at astrological influences on the Crone, I wanted to incorporate some Human Design in the mix. Exploring both, I’ve tried to understand how these influences either support or pull us out of our alignment with Self. Because that’s what it really is. What will I choose that derails me today. I also want to find a less cumbersome way of talking about it, so from this point forward, our alignment with our nonphysical side will be called alignment with Self and I’ll leave it at that. I’m also going to incorporate some Law of Attraction into the exercise as well, because these planetary influences affect whether or not we attract drama or emit our own creative joy.

At times it seems, by its very definition, our creative focus is limited, but it’s the price we pay while in physical form I suppose. We can’t exactly pretend we’re not here, because we most certainly are. The challenge has always been to stay aligned with Self, something most of us find difficult to accomplish, let alone even be aware of. We’re a reactive bunch while here. I did this or responded that way because of someone else doing this or that. So we relinquish control one way or another to everyone and everything other than Self, believing the fallacy that others control us in any way.

Oh, and I’m also going to use my own astrological and human design information going forward. It’s easier for me to relate to. I put my natal charts on the main Astrology page. So here goes.

Weekly Influences – Sunday, 27 Dec 2015

I like the IPad version of my Human Design software. It actually has a transit overlay feature that my professional edition either doesn’t have, or I haven’t figured out how to show it. Odd, given its price, and the other chart views that are available. Just another icon, guys..that’s all I need and I wouldn’t have to resort to using both software apps.

Human Design incorporates planetary influences along with the I Ching. The I Ching is comprised of 64 hexagrams, each with their own meaning. Human design also looks at which line of the hexagram is active at a particular moment. Nine energy centers exist, similar in nature to chakras. The 64 hexagrams are positioned in the various centers, with channels linking them with other energy centers. When they fully link together, the channel is said to be defined. If an energy center is white, it’s said to be undefined which only means that our personality is more flexible in that area, less fixed than in a defined center. As an example then, 25:5 would indicate gate or hexagram number 25, and 5 would indicate the specific line on the hexagram that is active. Anyway, a lot of it’s redundant, so I’ll just pick out a few influences.

Sun transits for today are 58.3. Gate 58, located in the Root Center, is the gate of joyousness; line 3 is electricity. Alignment with Self is preserved as I’m able to generate my own happiness within. This is supported by the Sun in my fourth house of nurturing and protection.

My transiting Mweekly influences beginning 12272015oon in Leo and the eleventh house suggests a more outward expression is favored today supported by design transits of 31:6. Gate 31 is located in the Throat Center and tells me weekly influences 12272015 to 122016that attraction and influence over others is possible, so remaining aligned with Self is essential to avoid any tendency toward superficiality and manipulation. Mercury in Capricorn and the Fifth house reinforces my assertive, chatty nature, and counsels me to allow others to get in a word edgewise.

The transiting South Node in Pisces and the seventh house bring the influence of personal relationships to potentially affect our aligment with Self. Gate 36 and line 3 in my bodygram suggests a potential time of crisis brought on by my anticipation of an upcoming interation. Remaining in the present moment is essential to my alignment with Self. Anticipation of the future is typically influenced and supported by rumination on past situations, so remaining in the stillness of Self is critical.

It’s not uncommon for women reaching their Crone years to rethink everything about their lives. It takes up so much time that we really don’t have time to worry about the issues of others. It may take time for everyone else to realize that we’re not the same anymore, but that’s half the fun, no?

See you tomorrow.


Monday, 28 Dec 2015

Okay..I figured out how to do a transit overlay in my professional edition of the Human Design software. I checked a box yesterday that appeared to do nothing. Then I opened the program today, and voila! A help file would be nice that describes how to use the software would be nice. I suppose I’ll find that tomorrow. Transits are in blue. Natal Design/Personality information are in green.

Lots of Saturn influences at work today. I’m to remain neutral if feelings of isolation arise; instead, appreciate feelings of self-reliance. I’m definitely experiencing some changes in what I accept from others. It appears that giving others a pass is over. Transiting Saturn’s strong sextile with natal Mercury suggests that my thoughts are becoming more deliberate and less reactionary. This focus is supported by my Human Design bodygram transit of 9.6 – joy felt as a reward for small victories. Quiet contemplation for contemplation’s sake is preferred.12282015

One of the cool parts of Human Design is the use of channels connecting the gates. Sometimes, a channel will be activated on only one side of the channel. A transit appearing on the opposite end of the channel will complete the circuit. For example, my husband and I have a few of those in our charts where one completes the other’s channel, creating a integration of energies.

Jan - Transit 12282015Gates 9-52 comprise the channel of concentration, a logic circuit channel. 9 is focus and 52 is stillness, so this transit supports Saturn’s influence of deliberate thinking, focus and concentration.

Gates 35-36 make up the channel of transitoriness or restless energy. 35 is humility in the presence of change; 36 is crisis and transition. The channel of concentration helps me to accept change brought about by the channel of transitoriness with grace and ease. Life doesn’t always have to be experienced in crisis mode.

The channel of beat, 2-14, gives me the skills necessary to make life easier, again supported by the other two transiting channels. Gate 2 is the keeper of the keys, while gate 14 represents power skills. In other words, 14 makes the money, 2 spends it, with any luck, wisely.

These three channels work in concert to bring a more deliberate focus to the day. It’s so fascinating that the Saturnian influences seem to support that effort. The key to alignment today would be to stay neutral and quietly focused on individual tasks. Stay out of the inevitable chaos of multi-tasking, irrespective of the exhilaration it brings. One thing at a time, and I’ll no doubt accomplish all sorts of things. Given the late hour, that’s actually what happened today.

Until tomorrow…


  • Transiting Saturn in strong opposition (forming, 1.4 degrees) with natal Moon Leading planet of planetary pattern
  • Transiting Saturn in strong sextile (forming, 1.5 degrees) with natal Chiron Focal planet of planetary pattern
  • Transiting Saturn in strong sextile (forming, 1.4 degrees) with natal Mercury Ruler of rising sign

Thursday, 31 Dec 2015

First, let me apologize for the delay in writing. Sometimes life gets in the way and there’s not enough time to write. I’ll try to do better in the future. End of the year stuff and all.

Balanced perspective is in order today, taking a more dispassionate view may be necessary to keep from speaking when silence is the better option. This will support the progress made with relationships that have been problematic of late. Significant, but necessary, changes are on the horizon. Acceptance and allowing should be the focus today to keep derailment at bay.

This notion of a tempered response to situations that come up is supported by bodygram transits today as well. Using intuition when choosing one’s battles is reflected in the Sun’s presentation in Gate 38/Line 1. The Moon supports this as it transits at Gate 6/Line 3, suggesting that involvement in what doesn’t serve us well is counterproductive, and a waste of our resources. Transiting Venus at Gate 34/Line 2 further cautions that the tendency to act with impulse in relationships should be avoided, instead try looking beneath the surface to assess the true nature of things before choosing the right direction.

Slowing things down and taking time to really look at what’s happening in front of me is the best approach today. Allow the wave of emotional energy to pass before making any decisions. Let situations gel a bit before accepting the change that’s presented. It may be that others involved aren’t as committed to change as I am; however, I can’t allow anyone else’s lack of commitment to interfere with my own.

The goal of alignment is always moving forward irrespective of what’s happening around me, focusing solely on my own creative force, ignoring completely the impact of others surrounding me. But that’s really what it comes down to. Derailment happens only when we’re distracted from our own creative focus. Not everything must be born from someone else’s drama.

I’d say that tomorrow is a new day, but it’s not..it’s a new year. So Happy New Year everyone, and I’ll see you tomorrow. I promise.

  • Transiting Sun in strong square (forming, 2.6 degrees) with natal Mars
  • Transiting Venus in strong conjunction (forming, 1.9 degrees) with natal Venus Ruler of sun sign – sun’s ruler
  • Transiting Venus in strong square (fading, 0.4 degrees) with natal Pluto
  • Transiting Sun at Gate 38.1 
  • Transiting Moon at Gate 6.3
  • Transiting Venus at Gate 34.2

transit overlay 12312015Transit 12312015








Friday, 1 Jan 2016

Looks like I survived all the gun fire last night. I’m not sure when New Year’s Eve became about shooting off all the weapons we have, but I guess I missed the memo. I’ve never heard such a thing in my neighborhood. Oh, folks have weapons and all, we do as well, but the noise has picked up over the last couple of years. Now I hear automatic weapons all the time. But last night, my neighborhood sounded like a war zone. The empath in me wanted to duck and cover, the Black Belt and witch however wanted to see what all the fuss was about. The empath won.

Anyway, back to today’s influences. Two transiting channels are active today in my Human Design bodygram. Transitoriness – Channel 35/36 is still in play, reminding me to wait for the right time to respond, allowing impulsivity to pass before acting. As a Generator-type personality with an Emotional Authority, waiting to respond is key to successful interaction with others. This is a tough one for any empath, but for a Generator type it’s a lesson in controlling one’s outbursts. When I know something, I want to say what I know. But it’s necessary to wait for the right time, and for a Generator, I do best when I wait to respond rather than being the initiating force. I can use the same words, but if the timing is wrong, then the outcome is not as I would like. There’s no confusion about this as it presents, because it’s effects are immediate.

But another interesting channel is active for me today. Channel 46-29 or Discovery. This is a channel of either success or failure. Gate 29 reflects perseverance and 46, love of body. I love this channel because it relies on intuitive understanding that the body is the vessel for our physical expression and movement. It’s the true awareness that we’re something other than our bodies and as an empath I feel that.  But it’s also about succeeding where others fail, or vice versa, again with timing key to that success or failure.

Saturn’s influences continue to slow things down for me which makes the timing of both channels easier to observe. When energy is high, like my astro chart indicates, it’s easier to initiate instead of respond which doesn’t typically work out well for this Generator personality. This is particularly critical today with energy amping up with the Sun squaring off with Mars. This makes sense because I really dislike anything that disrupts my flow. Waiting to respond is essential because some restraint may be required to avoid conflict. Pluto transits in today’s bodygram also supports the idea that misunderstanding can occur when proper timing isn’t observed.

One last bit of info though on the meaning behind some of the Human Design numbers. For example, today my Sun is in position 38.1. 38 reflects the Gate of opposition. 1 reflects a line meaning qualification that appears in an I Ching hexagram. Lines 1 through 3 are considered intrapersonal, while lines 4 through 6 are transpersonal. So the interpretation of 38.1 would be to let intuitive awareness guide the way when encountering conflict or opposition, tempering my response. In other words, see the bigger picture of what’s happening and perhaps choose a more compassionate, non-judgmental response.

The gates tell us the overall issue at hand, adding the interaction with one of the six lines of the hexagram for further clarification. When looking at our design keynotes as they’re called, in my case I’m a 6/2 Generator personality. 6/2 indicates the Role Model/Hermit paradigm. 6 is from the transpersonal end of things as the role model personality type, and 2 is the hermit from the intrapersonal side, so these two types are a little at odds. The lines can also be viewed as conscious (lines 4-6) and unconscious (lines 1-3) influences or traits. My overall life theme is expressed in my incarnation cross. It’s the left angled cross of the clarion, so role model makes sense. The left angle indicates that I’m here for the benefit of others instead of focusing upon my own issues. But as an empath and witch, I do struggle with engaging at times, feeling the need for a lot of down time.

So, it’s looking like a good day to take a walk when it warms up a little, 16 degrees is still a little cold, so I’ll wait a bit. It’s a holiday, after all. And then I’ll probably research some more ancestry so I can see who else was burned at the stake or drawn and quartered.

~Blessings to all as we enter 2016..it reduces to 9 you know..a year of completion perhaps?

  • Transiting Saturn in strong sextile (forming, 1.3 degrees) with natal Mars
  • Transiting Sun in strong square (forming, 1.8 degrees) with natal MarsTransiting Venus in strong square (fading, 1.3 degrees) with natal Pluto
  • Transiting Saturn in strong sextile (forming, 1.0 degrees) with natal Mercury Ruler of rising sign
  • Channel 35/36 Transitoriness
  • Channel 46/29 Discovery

Jan - Transit 112016jan transits for 112016